Sheex Performance Sheets | TrySheex Review & Buying guide

When I was shopping for cooling sheets last summer, I came across the performance sheets by Sheex on Amazon. They were within my budget but I wanted to find out more before splurging on them. So, I searched online for some Sheex reviews and more information, but couldn’t find much.

If you’re looking to try Sheex performance sheets, but have some questions or concerns, we’ve got you covered!

This article goes through a full review of the original Sheex performance sheets. We describe all the great features and benefits to expect when you get your own set. You’ll also find answers to common questions that will help you with your buying decision.

That’s not all! Because at Bedding-Directory, we believe that “Not All Sheets Are Created Equally”. So we also put together a list of the Pros and Cons in order to help you decide if Trysheex is right for you.

Introduction to Sheex Sheets

athletic girl using sheex sheetsYou can thank Michelle Brooke and Susan Walvius for inventing Sheex sheets.

They are 2 college basketball coaches, who coached at USC. The idea came after wanting the same feeling their high-end performance clothes gave them, while sleeping. They wanted sheets that made them cool and wicked away moisture, while they slept.

Sheex performance sheets use the same material that high-performance clothing consists of. Companies like Under Armour and Nike, use a blend of spandex and polyester to make their award winning performance gear. Sheex Inc. has a similar blend of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex to make their sheets.

The special polyester/spandex microfiber blend allows for very cool bed sheets that are also stretchy and flexible. They also have 18-inch deep pockets, thus allowing them to fit on a larger variety of mattress sizes even when using a mattress topper.

Pros of Sheex Performance Sheets

Performance sheets have a lot of benefits to offer, and you definitely want to know them before you decide to try Sheex or not.

Cooling: The main benefit that makes Sheex performance sheets so popular, is their ability to keep you cool while you sleep. If you’re a Hot Sleeper, these trysheex are perfect for you. They absorb 50% more heat from your body, compared to percale cotton sheets.

Moisture Absorbing: Sweating in your sleep is a very common complaint many of us share. You don’t have to be athletic to sweat in your sleep, your sheets might be to blame. Sheex bedding wick-away moisture very much like the clothes athletes wear.

Soft and Breathable: Sheex makes their fabrics from polyester and spandex. One of the benefits to using synthetic fabrics is the ability to adjust and tweak several features. This includes the level of softness and how breathable they are.

Durability: Another benefit of Sheex bed sheets is their extreme durability. They use the same type of fabric athletic clothing contains. This doesn’t mean you should play sports in your sheets, but it will help with their longevity.

Cons of Sheets by Sheex

Not everyone has the same taste in bed sheets. So for some, these sheets can become a thing of nightmares, while providing sweet dreams for others. Find out which group you fall into for the real life experiences people have with Sheex performance sheets.

Prefer Natural Fabrics: If you’re more of a fan of standard cotton sheets, then Sheex aren’t for you. They aren’t made with bamboo viscose, cotton or contain any natural fabrics at all, rather polyester and spandex.

Like to Sleep HOT: These are cooling sheets! So if you prefer to sleep warm and Hot, then you want to avoid buying these performance sheets. They wouldn’t improve your sleep as much and might have a negative affect.

Have Sensitive Skin: If you suffer from dry patches on your skin, or prefer silky sheets, you should avoid buying Sheex. They have a tendency to irritate dry skin and feel scratchy compared to cotton.

Not Within Your Budget: You might have noticed, that every type of higher-performance product, comes with a higher-price tag! We’ve found that buying Sheex sheets from Amazon gave us the best price. That’s thanks to the high competition from other bed sheet brands.

How to Wash Sheex Sheets

First of all, you should always follow the care instruction that you get with your sheets. These sheets won’t shrink but can get deformed if you wash them in extremely hot water. With that said, here are some additional tips you can follow to extend the life of your TrySheex sheets.

  1. Wash Your Sheets Separately. Washing Sheex sheets with clothing can damage them. A zipper from a pair of jeans can snag the threads and cause them to come apart.
  2. Avoid Direct Sunlight. This goes for colored sheets and fabrics. The sun can actually bleach the dye off of fabrics. It’s a great way to get your whites-whiter, but it will ruin colors.
  3. Less is More! Use only the minimum amount of detergent when washing your sheets. Using too much leaves residue embedded deep between the fibers. Thus causing it to loose it’s breathe-ability and making it less stretchy.

Answers to the Most Common Questions

Sheex sheets haven’t been around for very long and finding answers to common questions is tough. For that reason, we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions along with the answers.

girl asking if sheex sheets are worth itAre Sheex Sheets Good?
Sheex Inc. makes some of the best cooling sheets available on Amazon. If you like to sleep cool and dry, these are perfect for you. They provide the same cooling benefits of high-end Egyptian cotton sheets.

What Fabric is Sheex?
Sheex uses a an innovative high-performance fabric that is 87% Microfiber Polyester and 13% Spandex. It’s the same material found in many high-end athletic clothing. You can compare its fabric with “Dri-Fit” by Nike or “Heat Gear” by Under Armour.

Are Sheex Sheets Microfiber?
Unlike natural microfiber sheets, such as cotton, Sheex uses a blend of Microfiber Polyester and Spandex to make their bed sheets.

Are Sheex Sheets Cooler than Bamboo?
These performance sheets are great at cooling and keeping you dry while you sleep. Only the best bamboo sheets can compete with their cooling ability.

Do Sheex Sheets Really Work?
We all have different sleep habits and prefer different types of sheets. If you’re looking for sheets to improve your sleep and keep you cool and dry, these are perfect for you. And in case you change your mind, you’re able to return the sheets within 30-days for a full refund from Amazon.

Do Sheex Sheets Last Long?
When it comes to durability, I prefer to go natural. Natural fabrics, like Egyptian cotton, get better with age. Unlike synthetics that will wear-out a little with every wash. But check out our guide for tips to extend the life of your Sheex sheets.

How do they keep you cool?
Sheex powers their sheets with their own “SleepFit” technology. This innovative fabric is unique and ahead of its time. They’re proven to be 50% better at keeping you cooler than the average cotton sheet. Their sheets absorb body heat and moisture from sweat, then evaporating it away from you.


In conclusion, all you have to do is sit back and think about all of those sweaty nights of sleep you have had in your life and realize that Sheex bedding will keep you cool all night, every night. No longer will you be tossing and turning at night to find the cool part of the sheets, because every part of the Sheex bed sheet is cool, always!

You can find Sheex sheets on Amazon in all available colors and sizes as well as other retailers of sheets. Just keep in mind that these sheets were made by a couple of basketball coaches that understand what it takes to feel cool and comfortable when it is needed. Sweating in your sleep will be an afterthought.