The 10 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets for 2021 – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

There are many types of Egyptian Cotton Sheets to choose from and doing some research can help you narrow down the best ones for you.

However, nobody wants to spend hours researching different guides and sites trying to find the perfect sheets. For that reason, our Team-of-Experts have put together this Ultimate Guide to make finding the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets fast and simple!

You can jump to our Easy-to-Read Comparison Chart which focuses on the Main Features or Dive Deep into our Comprehensive Reviews which include all the details about each product.

Here is the ultimate guide to help you find the perfect sheets made with Egyptian cotton. Our goal is to help you all the reasons that make them better than standard cotton sheets, as well as to answer your most common questions about them too.

Below you’ll find our easy-to-read comparison chart featuring all the best selling Egyptian Cotton Sheets for 2021.

Before you go shopping for bed sheets, you’ll want to read up and educate yourself to be able to choose the very best sheets for your budget.

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets for 2021

Our chart below displays all the best selling and highest rated Egyptian cotton sheets for 2021. You can use the chart below to compare the main benefits and expert ratings between them all.​​​

PictureProduct NameMain FeaturesLink
Pure Parima Tan Giza Sheets IconPure Parima Yalda
100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets
  • Editor’s Choice!
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • OEKO-TEX Certified
  • Sateen Weave
Check Price Photos & Review
Pinzon Egyptian Cotton SheetsPinzon- Egyptian Cotton Sateen
Hotel Stitch Sheet Set
  • Runner-Up!
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Two-Ply Sateen Weave
Check Price Photos & Review
SGI Bedding Luxury Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton SheetsSGI Bedding- Luxury Soft
100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • 600 Thread Count
  • 1k+ Positive Reviews
Check Price Photos & Review
Thread Spread Egyptian Cotton SheetsThread Spread-
100% Soft Egyptian Cotton Sheets
  • 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton
  • Extra Deep Pockets
  • 3k+ Positive Reviews
Check Price Photos & Review
Thomas Gene Egyptian Cotton Bed SheetsThomas Gene-
Genuine Egyptian Cotton
Bed Sheets
  • Genuine Egyptian Cotton
  • 1000 Thread Count
  • Silky Sateen Weave
Check Price Photos & Review
Audley Home Egyptian Cotton SheetsAudley Home-
Long Staple Egyptian
Cotton Sheets
  • Long Staple Egyptian Cotton
  • 1000 Thread Count
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
Check Price Photos & Review
Comfy Sheets Egyptian Cotton BeddingComfy Sheets-
Genuine Egyptian Cotton
Bed Sheets
  • 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton
  • Luxurious Linen
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
Check Price Photos & Review
Malouf Genuine Egyptian Cotton Sheets100% Genuine
Egyptian Cotton Sheets
by Malouf
  • Long Staple Egyptian Cotton
  • Double Satin Stitch
  • 600 Thread Count
Check Price Photos & Review
Tribeca Living Percale Egyptian Cotton Sheets100% Percale
Egyptian Cotton Sheets
by Tribeca Living
  • Percale Weave Egyptian Cotton
  • Single-Ply Yarn
  • 350 Thread Count
Check Price Photos & Review
Mayfair Linen Long Staple Egyptian Cotton SheetsMayfair Linen-
Long Staple
Egyptian Cotton Sheets
  • Long Staple Egyptian Cotton
  • 800 Thread Count
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
Check Price Photos & Review

Reviews of the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Many people spend a lot of time researching the best mattress to buy, but don’t put as much time researching to find the best bed sheets. Even though having a great mattress can provide better sleep, with rough and harsh sheets it can still be a nightmare.

Below you will find expert reviews of our featured sheets in the chart above. Our reviews will surely help you in deciding on the perfect set of Egyptian cotton sheets you can find on Amazon. You will also find the pros and cons of each of the sheets along with a picture and direct link to the best price available.

1. Yalda 100% Giza Cotton by Pure Parima “Editor’s Choice”

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Click to See on Pure Parima

The Best Egyptian Cotton sheets on our list are the Yalda Giza sheets by Pure Parima!

Pure Parima sources 100% Certified Giza Cotton for their bedding, which is very difficult to find.

The giza cotton used is softer and more luxurious than standard Egyptian Cotton. You will definitely notice a difference in quality compared to other brands in our our reviews.

Pure Parima uses a double-stitched hem for strength and durability. This added care ensures their sheets last for many more years compared to single hem stitching.

These sheets are exclusively available on Pure Parima’s website and can be delivered anywhere in the country within a few days.

  • 100% ELS Giza Cotton
  • Sustainable and Naturally Sourced
  • Breathable
  • Easy to Care for
  • Double Stitched Hem for Durability
  • Sold exclusively on their site

2. Pinzon- Egyptian Cotton Sateen Hotel Stitch Sheet Set

Pinzon 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet
Click to see more pictures and the best price on Amazon

These Egyptian cotton sheets by Pinzon are some of the highest rated sheets on Amazon. They are extremely soft and luxurious and follow the OEKO-TEX standard which ensures you’re getting high quality hypoallergenic sheets. Made with 100% Egyptian cotton, these sheets will provide comfort and softness for years.

The flat sheet and pillowcases feature 6-inch hems with 2 decorative bands of stitching which makes them a very stylish and popular choice. The rest of the sheet set has a 2-ply weave which adds strength and durability.

Another great feature of these Egyptian cotton sheets are the elastic on the fitted sheets, which goes all the way around instead of just the corners. This will ensure they stay on the mattress better. The sheets are only available in white, but you can choose different colors for the decorative bands.

Cleaning these sheets is easy and straightforward. You can use bleach on the white, but be sure to keep it away from the colored stitching.

  • Very High Ratings on Amazon
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Two-Ply Weave for Strength and Durability
  • Double Stylish Colored Bands
  • Simple and Modern Design
  • All-around Elastic, Fitted Sheet
  • OEKO-TEX Certified
  • Not available in twin size
  • Only available in white

3. SGI Bedding- Luxury Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

SGI Bedding- Luxury Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Click to see more pictures and the best price on Amazon

Another one of the best Egyptian cotton sheets we’ve found on Amazon is by SGI. These sheets are very reliable and SGI has been making the highest quality Egyptian cotton sheets for over 20 years.

The SGI Egyptian cotton sheets come in 15 different colors to choose for and are available in 10 different sizes. The wide selection of sizes and colors makes these the perfect sheets for any size bed and look great in any bedroom decor.

SGI uses 100% Egyptian cotton to make these sheets which provides superior softness and comfort compared to regular cotton. The pockets are extra deep to fit thicker mattresses better and will still fit normal size mattresses as well.

Finally SGI donates a portion of the proceeds from these sheets to charities that help provide bedding for children in need.

  • 4.3 Star Rating on Amazon
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Available in Many Colors and Sizes
  • Simple and Modern Design
  • Extra Deep Pockets
  • Portion of the Proceeds goes to Charity
  • Fitted sheet only has elastic on the corners

4. Thread Spread- True Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton

Thread Spread True Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton
Click to see more pictures and the best price on Amazon

Next on our list of the “Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets on Amazon” are from Thread Spread. The “Thread Spread” company only uses authentic Egyptian cotton to make their sheets. Their high quality products and great customer service has earned them over 3.4k positive reviews on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a higher-end Egyptian cotton sheets set, these are perfect for you. They have an amazingly high thread count of 1000TC! This makes them extra soft and comfy when you sleep in them.

The pillowcases have a 4-inch hem for a cleaner and more luxurious look. The sheet set benefits from being anti-pilling, breathable and fade resistant. You can choose from 19 different colors and 4 different sizes. The pockets on the fitted sheet are extra deep and can fit mattresses up-to 18″.

With a higher thread count, comes a higher price tag. These 1000 TC Egyptian cotton sheets go for a bit more than others, but the luxurious feel makes them well worth it.

  • Over 3.4k Positive Reviews
  • 100% Authentic Egyptian Cotton
  • Super Soft 1000 Thread Count
  • Available in 19 Colors
  • Modern Hotel Look and Feel
  • 4-inch Hem on Pillowcases
  • Only available in queen size and up

5. Thomas Gene- 100% Genuine Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Thomas Gene 100% Genuine Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
Click to see more pictures and the best price on Amazon

Another high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set on our list is by Thomas Gene. The Thomas Gene company makes Egyptian cotton sheets good enough for 5-star luxury hotels.

These are a very high-end and extremely well made bed sheets. The 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton makes them incredibly soft and luxurious. Their extra deep pockets will fit mattresses up-to 18-inches in height. You only have the option to purchase them in either Queen or King size and can only choose from White or Charcoal colors.

Another great feature you only find in the best made Egyptian cotton sheets is the all-around 360-degree elastic. Not many companies go the extra mile to provide that and it makes a big difference in making the bed less often.

To conclude, if you’re looking for a 5-star hotel quality and luxurious bed sheets, these are perfect for you.

  • 5-Star Luxury Hotel Sheets
  • 100% Authentic Egyptian Cotton
  • Super Soft 1000 Thread Count
  • Extra Deep 18-inch Pockets
  • 360-Degree All-Around Elastic
  • Only available in queen & king size
  • Only available in white or charcoal color

6. Audley Home- Long Staple Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Audley Home Long Staple Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Click to see more pictures and the best price on Amazon

Audley Home makes several long staple Egyptian cotton sheet sets with different thread counts. Our review is based on the 1000 TC version in Queen size.

The first thing you’ll notice is how much softer the long staple Egyptian cotton makes them compared to other sheets with the same thread count. They also have a “marrow stitch hem” which gives them extra durability and added style.

The sheets are OEKO-TEX certified and Audley home provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are only available in the following 3 different bed sizes: Queen, King and California King. You can choose from 10 different solid colors, depending on availability.

Sheets made with long staple Egyptian cotton are more breathable and cooler which makes them great for hotter climates. If you like stylish sheets, you’ll love the marrow stitch hem which outlines the sheets for a very classy and modern look.

  • Long Staple Egyptian Cotton
  • 1000 Thread Count
  • Marrow Stitch Hem
  • Extra Deep 18-inch Pockets
  • Wrinkle and Fade Resistant
  • Not available in twin or full

7. Comfy Sheets- Genuine Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Comfy Sheets Genuine Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
Click to see more pictures and the best price on Amazon

Comfy Sheets backs there products with a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee. They make many different bedding products, but we will be reviewing the 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in King size.

The first thing we noticed about these sheets were they were much lighter than other Egyptian cotton sheets with the same thread count. Comfy Sleep assured us they were what we paid for, 1000 thread count. They are soft and comfortable but for the price, we expected more.

They are available in Queen, King, California King and Split-King bed sizes. You also have 11 colors to choose from on Amazon.

One thing I really didn’t like about these sheets was the wrinkling. If you see wrinkles in Egyptian cotton bedding, it’s a good sign of lower quality threads. So keep that in mind if you decide to give these sheets a try.

  • 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton
  • Extra-Thick Full Length Elastic
  • Extra Deep 18-inch Pockets
  • Not available in twin or full
  • Sheets wrinkled after first wash
  • Lighter than expected

8. Malouf- 100% Genuine Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Malouf 100% Genuine Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Click to see more pictures and the best price on Amazon

Malouf makes several different types of bed sheets. They make some of the best bamboo sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets and Rayon as well. This review is for the King size Egyptian cotton sheets on Amazon.

The sheets are really heavy for only being 600TC. This is due to the type of fabric they use to make their sheets, long-staple. Their Egyptian cotton bed sheets are available in a ton of different bed sizes, including Crib and Twin size all the way up to Split California King!

You can order these sheets on Amazon and choose from 6 different colors. They come in a nice looking box that makes them ideal for gifting and you can store them back in the box. The corners of these sheets fit mattresses 6-inches to 22-inches deep.

Amazon doesn’t list the warranty details, so we had to contact Malouf directly for that info. According to them, they cover their Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases for 90 days for normal wear and defects.

  • High Quality Double Stitching
  • 600 TC Egyptian Cotton
  • Tons of Bed Sizes Available
  • Makes a Great Gift Idea
  • Fits Mattresses up to 22-inches
  • Warranty not listed on Amazon

9. Tribeca Living- 100% Percale Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Tribeca Living 100% Percale Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Click to see more pictures and the best price on Amazon

Tribeca Living makes some of the best egyptian cotton percale sheets we’ve tested so far. Our review is based on the Queen size percale Egyptian cotton bed sheet set available on Amazon.

Even though they are only 350 thread count, you’ll notice they are more crisp and smoother compared to other egyptian cotton bedding. That’s due to the percale cotton used in place of traditional Egyptian cotton.

These percale Egyptian cotton sheets are available on Amazon in Twin, Twin X-Large, Full, Queen, King and California King. You can choose from 6 different colors that best match your bedroom decor.

Compared to the other sheets in our review, they are priced fairly low and give you great value for the price. Percale sheets tend to outlast other types of cotton bed sheets. Like all of the high quality Egyptian cotton sheets, they will get softer and smoother after each use.

  • Extremely Smooth and Soft
  • 350 TC Percale Egyptian Cotton
  • All-Around Elastic
  • Available in 6 Bed Sizes
  • Gets Better with Every Wash
  • Warranty not listed on Amazon
  • Will be wrinkly and stiff at first

10. Mayfair Linen- Long Staple Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Mayfair Linen Long Staple Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Click to see more pictures and the best price on Amazon

Another one of the best long-staple Egyptian cotton sheets are made by Mayfair Linen. We tested out the queen size Egyptian cotton sheets in our review and we were amazed at the value we got.

The sheets have over 3.5k positive reviews on Amazon and all love the feel and quality of the long staple cotton. Mayfair Linen also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you buy them on Amazon.

The sheets are available in 7 different bed sizes and you can choose from 20 different colors. But the brighter colors tend to bleed and fade with frequent washes. You can avoid this by choosing a neutral color like beige, white or ivory if it matches your bedroom decor.

The best feature we enjoyed from the 800 thread count version of these sheets was their breathability. They’re not a match for breathable bamboo sheets, but they were very cooling compared to other cotton bedding.

  • Long Staple Egyptian Cotton
  • 800 Thread Count Sheets
  • All-Around Elastic
  • Available in 7 Different Bed Sizes
  • 20 Different Colors to Choose From
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Bright colors might fade
  • Will be stiff at first

The Best Features of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

We all know Egyptian cotton is often used to make some of the most superior sheets money can buy. Only the finest Egyptian cotton sheets are made with “long-threaded” or “extra-long” cotton fibers.

Egyptian cotton is known for being grown along the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. The region is famous for producing the most breathable, silky-soft and absorbent cotton sheets.

Fabric Weave: After you’ve decided on purchasing a new set of sheets, you’ll need to consider the weave of the fabrics the sheets are made from. The weave of your new bed sheets will judge how soft they feel against your body.

A good comparison is between Sateen and Percale weave. Percale weave will give you a crisper and cooler feeling set of bed sheets. Sateen provides a softer and more luxurious feeling to the bed sheets, but also “sleep hotter” and can be “slippery”.

Deciding on the best cotton sheets will differ between one person and the other. It all depends on personal preference.

Thread Count: Second, you should not compromise on the thread count of your sheets. This is not to say that you need a super fine percale bedding set for your bed, but you should at least go for a higher quality material. Thread count is the amount of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of your bed sheets.

The general rule of thumb is, the higher the thread count, the softer the bed sheets are. Higher-end Egyptian cotton sheets not only have a higher TC, but they also cost more money.

I don’t advise you to use thread count (alone) to judge the quality of bed sheets. Some companies use false information on their labels and manufacturing methods that increase the thread count without improving quality.

During your search for the perfect set of bed sheets, you’ll notice most of them come with a TC between 200 and over 1000. Some of the best Egyptian cotton sheets only have a TC of about 400. That doesn’t mean they’re inferior or “Cheap bed sheets”. It all depends on the quality of the fabric and cotton threads used to make the bed sheets. The best sheets aren’t always the most expensive sheets or have the highest TC.

The thread count of most Egyptian cotton sheets ranges from 600 and higher. Most Egyptian cotton sheets are perfect with a TC between 400 and 800. Regular cotton sheets will have a thread count between 180 and higher, which is fine for most people.

Browse our easy-to-read chart to determine which set of bed sheets are best for your needs and comfort level.

Correct Size for your Bed: When you’re looking to replace your bed sheets, you’ll also want to consider the size of your mattress. Buying the wrong size sheets online can be frustrating, especially when you find out after trying them on.

Some mattresses are longer or deeper (taller) than average. This is due to pillow-top mattresses and older model beds. A good fitted-bed sheet, will be able to stretch far enough to make up for the difference in size. When you buy the bottom, fitted sheet for your bed, you should make sure that your mattress is completely covered by the fittings.

Before you do any shopping you should take the measurements of your bed. This includes not only the rectangular dimensions, but you should also measure the thickness of your mattress or mattresses.

Keep within your Budget: Having a budget when shopping for Egyptian cotton bed sheets is also an excellent idea for many reasons. In case you’re not able to afford the most expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, you’ll still be able to find some that will fit into your budget. Our easy-to-read comparison chart shows you the price range of the sheets to help you narrow down the perfect set for you.

Choose the Perfect Style for your Bedroom: Another important thing is the look and style of the new sheets your buying. Egyptian cotton sheets last much longer than other types of cotton sheets, and you want to be 100% sure with the style of your sheets since it’s going to be quite a while before you need to replace them.

If you think the new sheets you purchased don’t fit into the bedroom decor, return them or exchange them before it’s too late. Egyptian cotton sheets are a great investment if you spend some time and follow the steps in this guide.

Different Types of Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

There are 6 main types of cotton sheets available to choose from. The best type of cotton sheets are Egyptian cotton sheets. The cotton is hand picked the “finest cotton” grown in Egypt to make the highest quality sheets available.

Egyptian cotton sheets are favorites among celebrities, royalty & the best hotels in the world also cover their beds in Egyptian cotton. Online retailers have made buying egyptian cotton sheets easier and cheaper than ever before.

The unique, long-fiber cotton from Egypt are also known as ELS or Egyptian-Long-Staple cotton. This special cotton is very pliable and can be woven into extremely fine and soft fabric to make some of the best sheets today.

The highest quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets are very durable and can last for decades. They get softer and softer over time and are an excellent investment and make for a very special gift idea.

The 6 types of Cotton Sheets found today

  1. Egyptian Cotton: Softest – Most Durable
  2. Standard Cotton Sheets: Basic Cotton Weave
  3. Percale Weave: Crisp – Clean Finish
  4. Sateen Sheets: Silky – Shiny
  5. Pinpoint: Average Softness
  6. Twill: Wrinkle Resistant – Easy to Care for

These 6 types are the most popular cotton bed sheets found today. Each type has different benefits that make them more perfect for certain be types. For instance, Egyptian cotton sheets are best for larger beds like Queen and King, while Sateen sheets are best for full size beds.

Insertion Weaves & Picks: The weave chosen for your Egyptian cotton sheets has an important effect on the finished fabric. Why is single pick insertion superior? Fabric insertion are the vertical yarns hemmed by the horizontal yarns. If it’s done 1 yarn at time = single pick insertion, 2 yarns = 2 pick insertion.

The higher the insertion number, the faster the weave is produced, the lower the quality of the fabric. This is why 300 single pick insertion sheet sets feel and wear better than 600 count, 4 insertion sheet sets. Do not confuse insertions with ply, it is not the same thing. The 2-ply, or 3-ply refers to the yarn being used in weaving, not how it is woven.

As you look at the label for bed sheets, it’s always better to select the ones showing yarn percentages. For example, 100% Egyptian cotton or 60/40 cotton, polyester blend. Otherwise they may only have a small percentage of the actual yarn content.

Plied vs Single-Ply Yarn: The finest bed sheets are made of really fine “Single-Ply” yarn that’s been “Ring Spun”. The method of ring spinning, produces the finest and most delicate yarn.

This will make sure that you’re getting the actual benefits of a higher Thread Count and not just paying extra for a big number.

So what’s the difference between “plied-yarn” and Single-Plied yarn? Other than plied yarn being less expensive, it’s also lower quality.

Companies use a method to spin multiple threads of yarn together to save time and money. This “Plied” yarn is cheaper and isn’t as soft as a single-ply yarn.
If you have a 1000TC set of sheets made from “4x Plied yarn”, this actually means they are only 250TC.

Percale Weave: The durability of your cotton bed sheets will depend on how strong the percale weave is. A percale weave comes in either plain or twill pattern.

The stronger the percale weave, the longer your sheets will last and the amount of pilling they produce. Pilling appears as small balls sticking out of cotton fabrics after they’ve been washed and are a sign of wear and tear.

A lot of companies use a weaker percale weave to save money. It’s known as a “Sateen weave” and consists of four threads woven together. This produces a weaker weave and goes hand and hand with “plied yarn” to produce higher TC sheets at lower prices.

Sateen is very popular for being silky smooth, extremely soft, affordable and luxurious for many. All these great benefits of sateen sheets, are short lived and you’ll have to replace them every few years.

Tips on Buying the Perfect Set of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian Cotton sheets are the most popular type of bed sheets you can find online or in stores. Be careful not to fall for “fake Egyptian cotton sheets” and follow the tips below to find genuine Egyptian cotton sheets and bedding.

Below are 8 tips to help you buy the perfect set of Real Egyptian sheets.

Only Made with 100% Egyptian Cotton: There are many different types of cotton blends used to make sheets. For the best sheets, always verify they ONLY contain 100% Egyptian cotton. This will ensure for the softest and purest bed sheets.

You should avoid lower quality sheets that contain synthetic fibers like Polyester. These synthetic fibers reduce the cost of the sheets and can make them less soft, hotter and less durable.

So always look for “100% Cotton” on the label and avoid any synthetic blends.

Quality of the Egyptian Cotton: Like I mentioned before, the best sheets are made with the highest handpicked Egyptian cotton. This will ensure the durability and quality.

Cotton with a longer “Staple Length” provides better comfort and durability compared to shorter ESL.

Avoid Chemical Dyes: Manufacturers use different types of bleaches and dyes to achieve certain shades and different color Egyptian cotton sheets. The highest quality sheets use natural colors and dyes to avoid harmful chemicals that contain formaldehyde.

The type of sheets that contain the most amount of harmful chemicals are “printed sheets”. Bed sheets with printed pictures and patterns are harsh to the touch and have a chemical odor to them when you first buy them.

Difference in the Small Details: Sometimes the small details make the difference between the best bed sheets and the runner up.

For example, the fitted-sheets always have an elastic band on the corners to help hold it down to the mattress. The “small difference” is some companies will put the elastic “All Around” the sheets and not only in the corners.

Quality of the Stitching: Another small difference that sets the competition apart is the quality of the stitching.

The highest quality bed sheets will have a greater amount of seams stitched within every inch. You can expect to find between 10 to 12 seems per inch, compared with 5 to 7 seams with cheaper bed sheets and pillow cases.

How to Save More on Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Shop at Major Retailers: The main thing you can do to find cheap Egyptian cotton sheets is to shop at major retailers. Online stores such as Amazon and other sites often have sales on the best Egyptian cotton bed sheets. You should always factor the cost of shipping into the price and keep an eye out for free shipping with Prime.

Another effective money saving strategy is to look for discounts on bedding. If you take your time and shop around, eventually you will find sheets that you like at a sale price. Also, some retailers offer coupons from time to time that you should take advantage of.

Be Patient & Wait for Sales: You should take your time when buying new sheets for your bed, unless it’s an emergency. The old sheets will do until you find a good price on the best sheets within your budget.

Also, if you’ve found the perfect set of sheets, consider buying more than one set of the same sheets. This allows you to have a spare set and replacement without changing your bedroom decor.

Many companies also change the styles and quality of their products. If you go out to buy another of your favorite bed sheets, you might get disappointed.

Discount Egyptian Cotton Sheets can be a Great Value: Don’t be afraid of the word “discount”. These days everything and anything can be discounted. When Egyptian cotton bed sheets go on sale or go on clearance, you should take advantage of the great deal.

Even the best companies run sales and discounts on their products. A sale doesn’t mean it’s lower quality or damaged. In fact it can be something as simple as changing their packaging.

Ask any discount shopper and they’ll tell you of all the great deals that can be found if you take the time to look for them.

Take Advantage of Overstocked Inventory: Major manufacturers and designers discount clothing, accessories, and bedding as well. This can be due to having overstock in their inventory. By discounting the prices on overstock items, they move products faster to make room for new designs and merchandise. It’s a win-win for both of you, they move more products while you save money!

Why pay full price for bedding when you can find great quality linens and sheets at discount prices. Discount bed sheet sets allows you to stretch your dollar and spend the savings on other fun things.

You can have fun finding great bed sheets to update your bedroom with online shopping site like Amazon. Plus you’ll be able to find other accessories to finish off a complete bedroom makeover. And by shopping discount, you will be able to pull this off with a moderate budget.

Don’t Break the Bank: High-end bed sheets are a luxury and not a necessity! Treat yourself without breaking the bank and always look for discounts and wait for sales. Give clearance bedding, linens, and sheets a look before paying full price. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Items that aren’t essential can be skimped on to save money without lowering the quality. For example, the material that the sheets are made of does not need to be the finest silk or satin. The best Egyptian cotton sheets can feel as soft and luxurious as silk and cashmere.

Genuine Egyptian cotton bed sheets can last for a very long time. Think of them as an investment and try to buy the highest quality within your budget.

Benefits of Bed Sheets Made with Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton sheet sets are just like good wine, they get better and better with age! But what makes them so desirable? Is it because Egyptian cotton is an imported product, adding an air of mystery? Is it because Egyptian cotton reminds us of the age of Cleopatra? Or perhaps it’s because it’s more expensive symbolizing that it must be better?

Millions of consumers are finding out the fact that Egyptian cotton sheet sets are like a fine wine. They get better and better with age, making them an excellent investment. Whichever Egyptian cotton sheets you go with, you’ll be thrilled with the elegance and softness compared to plain cotton.

  • Egyptian cotton fibers are longer (higher quality)
  • Egyptian cotton gets softer and softer with each washing
  • It’s capable of high thread count fabric weaves
  • The Egyptian cotton plant creates strong, durable fabrics

Long Fibers: Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile River Valley of Egypt. The natural conditions there are perfect for producing an exceptionally long-staple cotton. This translates into the best fibers for spinning into yarns. Fibers from an Egyptian cotton plant can be 1.25 to 2 inches in length.

Pima cotton, a good long-fiber cotton grown in the Southwestern United States, is a mere 7/8 inch in length. Deep south cotton is even shorter than that!

Softness: When intertwining strands for yarn, long-staple cotton has fewer connection points. Making for a greater percentage of area in the natural softness of the cotton.

Another great reason Egyptian cotton benefits over other types of cotton is durability. Each time it gets washed, it becomes softer and softer than before. Like a good wine, Egyptian cotton becomes better with age.

Strength & Durability: Egyptian cotton yarn is smaller in diameter than regular cotton. This is because there is a higher amount of continuous fibers that’s used to create the yarn. The high number of threads per square inch makes the fabric incredibly strong.

A high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set, can last for decades when washed with care. Aim to always wash your sheets with warm/cold water and tumble dry on low settings.

High Thread Count: Smaller yarns means companies can fit a higher number of threads per square inch. Traditional weave refers to a 1 over 1 weaving making the yarns into strong fabric. But this method limits the thread count to only 400TC.

Sateen weaving is what creates that silky, shiny satin-like finish. That’s because the light reflects off the floating yarns of the 4 over 1 weaving process. Higher thread count sheet sets, such as 1000 threads per inch can be woven with this method.

Video on How Egyptian Cotton is Made

Here’s a video describing how Egyptian cotton is made.