The 5 Warmest Bed Sheets for 2020 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Winter is upon us and it’s the perfect time to change back to a warmer set of bed sheets. That’s right! There are specially designed bed sheets that provide better warmth during the colder nights.

Many of us buy bed sheets according to their color or fabric type to match a certain decor. However, you should also consider having a set of sheets you use on your bed according to the changing seasons.

In fact, most sheets provide a cooling effect to help with night sweats and Hot Summer nights. But if you’re looking for sheets that provide extra warmth during the winter, we got you covered!

Our team of experts has put together the Ultimate Guide and Reviews of the Warmest Bed Sheets for Winter. Our Goal is to help you in your buying decision and make sure you get the best sheets for warmth this winter.

The 5 Warmest Bed Sheets for 2020 – Comparison Chart

Below is our comparison chart of the warmest sheets on Amazon. We included the most important features to help with your buying decision. You will also find links to read our full reviews and list of Pros & Cons for each product.

PhotoNameMain FeaturesLink
Stone & Beam
Plaid Flannel Sheets
  • Warmest Overall!
  • 100% Imported Cotton
  • OEKO-Tex Certified
  • Reusable Drawstring Bag
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Great Bay
Turkish Cotton
  • Warmest Turkish Cotton!
  • 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Soft Lightweight Warmth
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Bare Home
Flannel Sheets
  • Warmest Flannel Sheets!
  • Double Brushed Flannel
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • 30 Night Sleep Trial
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Supima Cotton Sheets
  • Warmest Supima Cotton!
  • 100% Supima Cotton
  • OEKO-Tex Certified
  • Made in the USA
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Pinzon Signature
Velvet Cotton Sheets
  • Warmest Velvet Sheets!
  • 100% Imported Cotton
  • Double-Napped Finish
  • Warm Velvety Feel
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Warmest Bed Sheets Comprehensive Reviews

This section is where you will find all the details of the warming sheets we mentioned above. We included everything you need to know about them including the available sheet sizes, colors, how they feel and where to buy them. That’s not all! We also included a list of all the Pros & Cons that makes these the best sheets for this winter.

1. Stone & Beam “Overall Warmest Sheets”

Stone & Beam Rustic 100% Cotton Plaid Flannel Bed Sheet Set
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This bedsheet is a production of the Portuguese company – Lameirinho. The Coelho Lima Family owns the company. It has been 68 years since the inception of this company. It is a leading European company that has endeavored in the creation of Home Textiles. Their products are usually produced in 100% cotton and sometimes with a little touch of fibers and blends.

The softness of the fabrics used in making the bedding gives Lameirinho and edge in the market. Continued research and trends evaluation influence the production since each market in the current world provide a specific demand to satisfy the need of each customer.

The Stone and Beam Flannel Bed Sheets consist of 100% cotton which makes them comfortable and soft on the skin. The sheets are breathable thus ensures sound sleep as air flows freely to your body preventing night sweats. Also, this prevents breakouts and makes it hypoallergenic.

These sheets come with an incredibly soft flannel – a soft fabric – making these comfortable bed sheets. Furthermore, they are the perfect choice for cold winter weather since it keeps you warm.

The Stone and Beam Flannel Bed Sheets is machine wash friendly, gentle cycle with tumble low dry and it is wrinkle-free. On purchase, these sheets in a set that has a: fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The sets are in different colors for one to pick that which complements the home décor.

The colors include seven varieties; that is, Black & White, Blue & Green, Ivory and Cream, Red & Black, and, Grey & Red. The flannel bed sheets come in different sizes fulfilling your needs depending on the size of your bed. These sizes include; full, queen, king, twin, twin XLand, California king.

Despite all these qualities, the sheets are pocket-friendly compared to other brands with same quality.

  • Very affordable compared to other brands
  • Hypoallergenic thus suitable for those with allergies
  • Machine wash friendly
  • Made of soft fabric making it comfortable
  • Warm therefore ideal for a cold winter weather
  • Flannel sheets suffer from pilling which others may consider ugly

Generally, the Stone and Beam flannel bed sheets are what one needs in the cold winter weather. The features that come with these warn sheets make them a good bargain for anyone willing to purchase a set. The benefits including the color range to the sizes, these warm sheets blend in with any home décor.

2. Great Bay Home “Warmest Turkish Cotton Sheets”

Great Bay Home Extra Soft Windowpane 100% Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheet
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Great Bay Home manufactures the Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheet. The company deals with home accessories like blankets, bedsheets, and towels. The company is a family-owned enterprise that grew from curtain stores in the 1970s.

Great Bay Home has a money-back guarantee within thirty days in case one is not pleased by the purchase made. It also has a warranty of three years for accessories that are not 100% satisfying. The guarantee ensures that people replace Great Bay Home’s product if they wear out within three years.

Products manufactured by Great Bay Home have to be certified by OEKO-TEX and WRAP to enhance the sale of quality products in the market. The company strives to abide by commercial and ethical standards.

Turkish Flannel is 100% cotton, breathable, cozy, gentle, lightweight, and soft. The sheets are premium, top quality, and the price is affordable. Despite the soft hand feel, the sheets are durable to last multiple washes for years. The sheet keeps one warm during the coldest of nights. It has a 150GSM fabric that is well-suited for all seasons. The sheet is fade-resistant, pill-resistant, machine washable, shrink resistant, and wrinkle resistant.

The fabric also ensures that one keeps warm and stays cozy without getting too hot. The breathability, flexibility, and softness ensure that one gets maximum sleep comfort. Turkish cotton flannel sheets are incredibly luxurious and high quality, versatile, and multi-purpose.

A set of this product includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases (one pillowcase for the Twin size). The sheet has deep pockets that are capable of fitting up to 17-inch deep mattresses. The sheets are elasticized to accommodate the mattresses.

There are several colors and sizes available to fit everyone’s taste. There are six available sizes: King, California King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Twin XL.

The available colors are: Buffalo Check – Grey, Buffalo Check – Navy, Windowpane – Navy/White, Enchanted Woods – Blue, Enchanted Woods – Grey, Navy Polar Bears, Plaid- Grey, Plaid – Taupe, Pups in the Snow, Reindeer, Rustic Bear, Toile – Blush Pink, Toile – Grey, Toile – Taupe, and Windowpane White/Grey.

  • Affordable prices
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy care and wash
  • Numerous colors to suit everyone’s home
  • Not hypoallergenic

Conclusion: Turkish Flannel Cotton Sheet is the best choice for someone who wants a cozy, soft, and luxurious, but affordable sheet.

3. Bare Home “Warmest Cotton Flannel Sheets”

Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set 100% Cotton, Velvety
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Bare Home is a company dedicated to the creation of super quality and comfortable bed sheets at an affordable price. They aim to promote a luxurious feel at home amongst its customers. To strengthen their relationship, the company has endeavored to create super quality sheets to meet the desires of the customers as well as the changing market trends.

These sheets consist of 100% brushed cotton to ensure softness making these very comfortable sheets with a gentle and soft feel on the skin. The softness and coziness have made these warm sheets popular amongst customers.

They include a luxury set that comes with, 2 Twin XL deep pocket fitted sheets, this enables smooth spread as well as ensuring that the sheet stays on place for it’s a perfect fit for any mattress. Also, the set comes with one king flat sheet, two pillowcases.

In gaining maximum comfort, these warm sheets are the most ideal. The sheets are extra soft, cozy, and double-brushed flannel cotton; these sheets provide a gentle feel on the skin.  Nighttime sleep in these warm sheets will leave you refreshed and energized in the morning. The double brushing process increases the Bare Home Flannel Sheets’ durability while enhancing its quality. These warm bed sheets have zero toxins or chemicals so no need to worry about any chemical skin reactions.

These sheets are machine wash friendly. Also, it dries quickly with tumble low dry. The quality of the fabric is wrinkle-free; this means that one does not have to worry about ironing which is strenuous and expensive.

Since variety is crucial and each buyer has a unique preference for the color they would like on their beds that block so well with their interior home décor, these sheets come in 11 different colors, white, red, grey, dark blue, sand, ivory, light blue, taupe, light grey, aqua, and coronet blue.

One need not worry about the size of their bed nor whether these particular sheets would fit for they come in 7 different sizes for any bed. These sizes include: the twin XL, twin, full, full XL, queen, king and split king.

  • Maximum comfort
  • High quality
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Machine Wash friendly
  • Affordable
  • Piling

It is without a doubt that this warm sheet has features, conditions and benefits that make it worth every penny one spends in a purchase.

4. Casper Sleep “Warmest Supima Cotton Sheets”

Casper Sleep Soft and Durable Supima Cotton Sheet Set
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Casper Sleep is the company that manufactures this product which was founded on April 22, 2014 by Gabe Flateman, Jeff Chapin, Neil Parikh, Philip Krim, and T. Luke Sherwin.

The company has its base in the United States. Casper Sleep is a private e-commerce company; it sells products needed for sleep (dog mattresses, mattresses, pillows, and sheets) online. Casper’s headquarters are in New York City; it has several showrooms in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

The company serves Austria, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and United States. At the inception of the company in 2014, sheets were not part of their products until November 2015.

The sheets are 100% cotton, and they include one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The sheet has a Staple Supima Cotton which is extra-long and four times stronger than the average in the industry. The cotton is also considered to be one of the finest in the world.

Another benefit of these sheets is they won’t pill or wear thin; it gets softer after every wash. The sheet has a breathable weave (percale weave). Percale weave is lightweight, lasts longer, and breathes better than other designs. It also consists of a one-over-one pattern that ensures one gets a fresh and crisp, comfortable sleep for nights on end.

The sheet consists of 400 two-ply threads which are the ideal thread count. The threads enhance a perfect balance of breathability, softness, and strength. High thread counts do not ensure high quality of the sheet; it is not possible to cut corners when it comes to cotton. For that reason, Casper Sleep Sheets remain a person’s best choice. 100% Supima Cotton from California is the sheet’s original design and material for construction. The sheets are OEKO-TEX certified.

Casper Sleep Sheets come in several colors and sizes. The colors are white, cream, grey/slate, navy/azure, sky/azure, and white/slate. The sizes are California King, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, and Full.

  • No pills or wearing thin
  • Percale breathable weave
  • A perfect balance of breathability, softness, and strength
  • Staple Supima Cotton that is four times stronger
  • Not hypoallergenic

Conclusion: Casper Sleep Sheets are the ideal sheets for someone looking for soft and durable, but affordable sheets. The sheets are four times stronger and 35% longer than other sheets; it means that they are even softer than other sheets.

5. Pinzon Signature “Warmest Velvet Sheets”

Pinzon Signature Cotton Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet
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Pinzon Inc. manufactures the Pinzon Signature Velvet Flannel Sheet. The company is one of Amazon’s private labels. After the discovery that new and unique brands ensure the success of products, Amazon launched a new private label (Pinzon). Vicente Yanez Pinzon inspired the name of this product in 2009 hence the label “Pinzon.” Pinzon has a collection of linens online.

The company has grown beyond Amazon’s line of private-label brands. They are based on Amazon’s research on how and why people are buying. Amazon uses data collected and intel to ensure that Pinzon stays in high gear.

Pinzon sheets are imported from Portugal and consists of 100% Cotton. The Queen set consists of one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two standard-size pillowcases.

The velvet flannel consists of a breathable weave that ensures a luxurious and warm sleep. The finishing on both sides is double-napped, has a flannel weight of 190 grams, and an ultra-velvety feel.

They have a 4 inch hem on the flat sheet and pillowcases for a modern look. The combing process is time-consuming since the fibers have to be lined up straight to ensure that they are perfectly parallel. The process ensures that the sheets are compact and stronger.

As far as the sizes and dimensions, measurements of the sheets are 60 by 80 inches for fitted sheets (fits up to 17-inch thick mattresses), 90 by 108 inches for flat sheets, and 20 by 30 inches for the pillowcases. The sheets conform with the standards on OEKO-TEX. This ensures they align with environmental and safety standards of the independent certification system.

You can order the Pizon Signature sheets in Aubergine, Chamois, Cream, Floral Amethyst, Floral Graphite, Floral Smoky Blue, Graphite, Italian Roast, Smokey Blue, Thyme Green, and White.

However they are only available in Queen, King, and California King.

  • Breathable weave, luxurious softness, and stylish prints
  • 100% combing process that ensures more compact yarn and stronger sheets
  • A 190-Gram flannel weight that provides both durability and supple softness
  • Easy to care for and wash (machine washable and dryable)
  • Limited sizes available

Conclusion: Despite the limit in sizes, the pros still outweigh the cons. Pinzon Signature Flannel Sheet remains a person’s best choice for a cheap, but a luxurious sheet.

Ultimate Guide to the Warmest Bed Sheets

Some bed sheets keep you warm and cosy better than others. This is due to several factors that you need to consider when looking to buy new sheets for winter and cold weather.

We have done all the research and put together this comprehensive guide to ensure you find the perfect sheets you’ve been dreaming of. To start, we will go through the different factors that makes some sheets better at keeping you warmer than others.

Below are the different types of fabrics that are great for cold winter nights.

man covered in warm flannel sheetsFlannel Cotton: This is the most popular type of fabric used in making warm sheets. You can find it in either standard flannel or even made from organic cotton flannel for a more eco-friendly option. The main benefit is the rough texture it has against your skin. The friction will cause heat as the sheets rub against your skin and make you warmer. Unlike a smooth finish, it is better at trapping the heat our bodies produce while we sleep.

Wool: This is another classic type of fabric used to make warm bed sheets. Wool has been used as a fabric for warm clothing and sheets as far back as history goes. It acts as great insulator and doesn’t lose much heat while sleeping in it. However, wool fabric sheets are not easy to care for and will have to be sent to the dry cleaner when needed.

Cashmere: Cashmere is a thicker fabric and mainly used to make blankets. So you won’t find many bed sheets made from Cashmere. It does however, hold heat very well and has the most luxurious feel from all the other fabrics we compared. Of course it’s also going to be priced much higher as well.

Bamboo: Bamboo fabrics are known to be temperature regulating. They are great at keeping you cool in the summer and store heat during the cold winter nights. Sheets made from bamboo fabrics are very luxurious feeling as well. They are smooth as silk and soft as cashmere, without the hefty price tag. You can find reviews of the best bamboo sheets in our article here.

Velvet: The final type of fabric that adds warmth to you as you sleep is Velvet. The term velvet actually describes the texture of the fabrics and isn’t the material your sheets are made from. Velvet sheets get their warmth from the fabric which is always a blend of cotton and synthetic fabric.

Other Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Warmest Sheets

picture of a set of warm velvet sheets and pillow coverWe went through the different types of fabrics to keep you warm, next we will discuss other factors to keep an eye out for as well.

Fabric Thickness: This is the first detail that determines how much warmth your sheets will provide. The thicker the bed sheets, the warmer they are. That’s due to the insulating effect thicker fabrics produce. The heat escaping from your body will have a harder time getting passed thicker material.

Insulating Material: Another factor to consider is the material used for insulation. Some blankets and bed sheets have multiple layers of fabric for insulation. This ranges from natural insulators such as goose down or synthetic materials like nylon and polyester.

Sheet Pattern: There’s nothing wrong with buying bed sheets that match a certain decorating style. That can also be true when shopping for sheets that provide warmth during the winter months. Having sheets printed with a “Cosy Fire” pattern or a checkered flannel one can also make them feel more cosy.

Electric Blanket: Finally, using an electric blanket will definitely provide warmth in the winter, but at what cost? I felt I had to include it as an option, but I don’t advise in using them for several reasons. Mainly due to the fact electric warming blankets can be very dangerous and cause some degree of burns if they malfunction.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

When doing our research, we came across many common questions people had about bed sheets that keep you warm. Below, you will find answers to those questions and more!

You can also contact us or leave a message in the comment section if you have other questions we missed or didn’t cover here. We would love to hear from you!

What are the Best Sheets to Keep you Warm?

Sheets made with Flannel Cotton provide the best warmth during cold nights. The rough flannel fabric causes friction against your body and produces heat as you toss and turn in bed. My personal favorite sheets for warmth are these by Pinzon. They combine the 3 factors to look for in warm sheets: Flannel, Velvet & Weight.


To conclude, we went over the best types of fabrics for the warmest sheets and compared the different products in our reviews. We also provided some other factors that can add additional warmth to your bed during cold weather.

After reading our Ultimate Guide, you should stop dreaming of the perfect sheets to buy this winter and start sleeping them tonight.

Here’s a 30-Day Free Trial to Amazon Prime to help your dream sheets get to you faster, with 2-Day Free Shipping on many qualifying products.

See you in the Summer! Where we also go through the Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers!