The Major Difference Between King vs California King Beds

Considering purchasing a new bed, but aren’t sure how to decide between King and California King?

Aside from your sleeping preference, there are several other differences you need to keep in mind. Some are more obvious than others.

Different Size Between King and California King Size Beds

Your bed is a major piece of furniture and you should decide on the right size before you go out shopping. Buying the wrong size bed can cause many different problems.

I will discuss all the differences here for you to consider and help you choose between a King or a California King bed.

There are several differences between a standard King size bed and a California King.

The most important difference between the 2 beds is the size distribution.

A standard king size bed more square compared to a California King. It measures at 76″ x 80″ and has more than enough room for a couple.

The California King measures at 72″ x 84″ which makes it more narrow but taller. It also has more than enough room for 2 people to sleep without accidently bumping into each other.

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