The Best Mattresses for Toddlers in 2020 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Every parent out there wants their toddler to get the best sleep possible, but don’t know where to start. The first thing to consider is replacing their mattress with one designed for toddlers and kids.

Recent research shows that most toddlers are not getting enough sleep. For proper growth, experts recommend toddlers sleep for at least 12 to 14 hours each day. And the most common cause of lack of sleep in toddlers, is the wrong type of mattress.

When looking for a mattress for your toddler, you need to consider a few different factors compared to a standard adult mattress. A standard mattress is designed to support larger bodies and more weight. On the other hand, a toddler mattress is designed to support the body weight of kids and small children. This is just one example of the different factors to look for in a toddlers mattress.

In this article, we go over all the other features to look for when shopping for the best mattress for your toddler. You will also find comprehensive reviews of the best selling mattresses for kids.

What Our Experts Say

In the section below, our Team-of-Experts put together reviews for the best selling and most popular mattresses for toddlers. We included everything you need to know about each toddler’s mattress including available sizes, dimensions, warranty, materials and more!

1. Graco Crib and Toddler Mattress “Best Overall”

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Peaceful undisturbed sleep is as important for infants as it is for adults, for the development and growth of your child. One of the factors that contribute to getting sound sleep is a quality mattress for your child’s crib. The Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress is the best choice for your baby.

This mattress is ideal not only for newborns but also for infants and toddlers. Graco has been providing services as a recognized baby product company for over 60 years now. The company is dedicated to making parenting easy by manufacturing good quality, easy to operate products. The mattresses built by Graco are innovative, safe and durable.

Graco premium foam crib mattress has plenty of Great Features!

This mattress is made with easy to fit dimensions. With 52 inches length, 27.6 inches width and 5 inches height, it is designed to fit a standard full- size crib and toddler bed. It provides ideal firmness for children.

The Graco premium mattress is manufactured by using an anti-static and anti-microbial material that saves the body from harmful pollutants. It is lead-free that makes it safe from damage caused by chemicals. Moreover, the core made of high- quality breathable foam maximizes airflow. In addition to this, the cover is 100% polyester thus making it a comfortable choice for infants.

All the materials used in manufacturing the foam as well as the cover are high quality therefore the mattress is hypoallergenic and saves your child against allergens.

The water-resistant lining of the Graco premium crib mattress keeps the baby dry and provides a cozy sleep environment.

As the foam is breathable therefore it doesn’t carry any extra weight. It comes compressed in a lightweight, easy to carry box. This adds convenience to the whole package.

The mattress is expandable and comes compressed in a packaged box. For maximum performance, it is best to unroll it within two weeks of purchase. This allows for full expansion in comfortable room temperature settings.

Easy to Clean:
The cover made of 100% polyester is easy to wash. Gently unzip the outer cover and hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent or use the delicate cycle for machine wash. Line dry the cover and avoid placing in the dryer to retain the quality.

Warranty: The mattress comes with 6 years warranty.

Graco Mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified, this makes them free of prohibited phthalates, lead, and mercury. Moreover, they meet all applicable ASTM International, CPSC, and federal flammability standards

This particular mattress has been Awarded the 2020 Women’s Choice Award for 9 out of 10 Customer Recommended Crib & Toddler Mattress.

2. Milliard “Best Memory Foam Toddler Mattress”

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A mattress is used to give comfort and support while sleeping. Parents spend hours to pick a perfect crib and best mattress for baby, but another thing that can add to the comfort of your baby is the mattress topper. It is a thin pad, an additional comfort layer that lies on top of the mattress to refresh and alter the mattress surface.

Mattress toppers are used for various reasons, if an old mattress losses cushioning support or a new mattress is too firm or too soft, the topper can solve the issue. It comes in various materials such as memory, latex, natural down and feather, and synthetic fiber filling.

Milliard 2-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Crib/Toddler Bed Mattress Topper is one of the best options available. It comes with a removable waterproof non-slip cover made of 65 percent cotton. Since it’s a waterproof model, it keeps your child dry all night. This mattress topper is durable and easy to carry as its lightweight.

The Milliard mattress topper is made of memory foam. Memory foam has a special significance as it ‘memorizes’ natural body shape and maintains that shape while you sleep. A gel memory foam absorbs the heat of your body to makes the gel more liquid. Thus the gel memory foams can reduce the heating effect that is usually associated with memory foams.

This topper measures. 51.5″ x 27″ x 2″ and it perfectly fits a full-size crib.

Safety Instructions:
It is not suitable for infants and toddlers that cannot turn over from a face-down position.

The milliards mattress topper is expandable and for the optimal functioning, it is best to allow 24 to 48 hours for the foam to expand after opening.

Thickness and Density:
It is constructed of 2-inch-thick, deluxe, 100% memory foam with the finest quality material having 2.5 lb. density, therefore, it is safe to say that the topper can last for years without losing shape.

The ventilation holes are carefully added to the topper to increase aeration while your child sleeps.The foam has an open-cell structure to aid in the ventilation process. This process assists in keeping your child from suffocating. In addition to this, it prevents overheating by increasing airflow.

Certifications: It is CertiPUR-US certified and meets all the regulations required for the child’s safety.

The entire topper comes in a hypoallergenic cover to secure against bacteria, pollutants, and allergens. It is PBA free and provides a comfortable and safe environment for your child to sleep

3. Dream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress

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For all the new parents who are preparing for the arrival of their little bundle of joy, the most crucial thing to do is to get a good mattress that is best for the baby’s safety, health and growth. A comfortable mattress ensures that the baby gets a good night’s sleep.

There are two basic options to choose from while shopping in the crib mattress market. Foam mattress or coil mattress. Foam mattresses are more affordable but less durable as they lose shape with time and need replacement. However, the coil mattresses stay firm for a long time. Nevertheless, both types of mattresses have their pros and cons.

Dream on me Playard mattress is one of the finest options available to buy. Dream on me, which started as a small retail store in New Jersey has become a household brand name that provides quality baby care products. It manufactures a wide range of products in various categories. It is known for its innovative, safe, easy to use and portable products. Parents recommend this brand because of the quality, safety, affordability, and trust that it has developed over the years.


This mattress is manufactured with quality materials. It is 10% vinyl and 90% foam. The vinyl cover is added for durability and extends the life of the foam mattress. It is produced by the workmanship in the USA.


Dream on me Playard mattress is 3” thick and easily fits almost all play yards. It comes with a waterproof cover which is easy to clean and maintain. The cover is anti-bacterial and prevents the formulation of molds, stains, odors and other pollutants. It is hypoallergenic and saves against allergens.


Dream on me products are safe and durable that is why this mattress meets federal flammability standards, it passes all Flammability tests (16 CFR 1632 /1633) without the use of flame retardants. Besides, it also passes phthalate, lead and toxicity tests. It is GreenGuard gold certified for low chemical emissions. It comes with a 30-day warranty.


The dimensions of mattress are: 37.5″ L x 25.5″ W x 3″ H


This product is intended to be used for babies from 6 months and up. While using this mattress, make sure that there is no gap between the corners of the mattress and the sidewalls of the play yard.

This mattress is not recommended to be used. on the top level of the Play yard in its bassinet position. Lastly, as a safety measure, all the foreign items and objects which don’t belong in a play yard should be kept out of it including pillows, quilts, cushions, and comforters.

Play Yard recommendations

Dream On Me playard mattress is best for use with several “Play Yards” including the

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard, Chicco Lullaby LX Playard, Baby Trend Nursery Center, Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Automatic Folding Feet and Chicco Lullaby LX Playard.

4. Little One’s Pad Pack N Play Crib Mattress Cover 

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Mattress covers are used to protect the mattresses, prolong life and increase durability. A good mattress cover provides comfort, convenience, and safety. A good quality crib mattress cover should last a long time. Little One’s Pad pack n play crib mattress cover is specifically designed for the pack n play crib mattress. The soft top cover of this mattress is designed to bring comfort to the child while sleeping. Although it is made for pack and play crib mattress it can also fit most baby portable cribs, play yards and foldable mattresses as well.


The mattress covers that use cheap material are made of thin threads and they fade and wear out after a few washes, however, the little one’s pad mattress cover is made of strong threads, it has a protected waterproof lining which gives extra strength. The cover is soft and doesn’t shrink even after washing several times.


This mattress cover holds its shape and doesn’t get lumpy or loose. It has an elastic skirt all around that ensures a perfect fit and smooth finish. It fits almost all different mattresses. The dimension of the mattress cover is 27-inch length x 39-inch width x 5-inch height.

Perfect fit

The 5-inch elastic skirt around this cover makes it a perfect fit for most Pack ‘N Play, Mini Crib or Portable Mattresses. It fits mattresses with the thickness that ranges from 1 inch to 5 inches. The best pack and play mattresses that this cover fits have following dimensions 25.5″ X 37.5″, 24″ X 38″ or similar sizes


It comes with a lifetime and money-back guarantee.


It is made with the finest material that makes it a premium quality mattress. It is perfect for baby’s soft and sensitive skin. The waterproof top is made from quilted peach microfibers. Therefore, it absorbs any liquid instantly and provides a dry surface to the baby. This lining provides an extra protective layer to the mattress. It doesn’t rip or leak even after hundreds of wash/dry cycles. Moreover, the cover doesn’t pile up and remains firm.


It is manufactured with strong and durable stitching. The shape remains intact and the elastic skirt doesn’t lose its elasticity easily. This cover is manufactured with 4 layers that give extra protection and added comfort.

– The first layer is a soft quilted peach microfiber.

– The second layer consists of an absorbent poly cluster fiber filling.

– The third layer is made of the waterproof lining that prevents any leakage. The waterproof lining is made of Polyurethane (TPU). In addition to this, it is Vinyl/PVC-Free, Phthalate-Free, Lead-Free and BPA free thus increasing the quality and safety.

– The fourth layer is an exclusive coating for the waterproof lining that helps to strengthen it. This coating also makes it a heat protectant as well.


The four layers of the cover make it safer for the babies. Little One’s Pad found the right amount of filling after working closely with multiple chiropractors and pediatricians. As a result of hours of research, it came up with a cover that is safe and provides much-needed comfort at the same time. The right padding ensures that the baby gets healthy growth of the spine and prevent the risk of suffocation. In addition to this, the cover is hypoallergenic as well and protects against contaminants.

Easy care 

The mattress cover is machine washable and easy to care for. It has dryer safe protective waterproof lining that helps the cover retain its quality even after multiple wash cycles. For the best results, it should be washed on gentle settings with cold water. To avoid damage to waterproof lining it has to be dried on low or medium temperature.

5. Dream On Me Spring Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress

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Parenthood is rewarding as well as an exhausting adventure at the same time. You want the best for your baby and hundreds of options available in the market make you confused. Just like any baby care item selecting a bed mattress is also done with care.

Dream on me is a complete baby care solution from bassinets to cribs, walkers to beds, cradle to baby mattresses, you name the product and dream on me has multiple options for you which are affordable and accessible. Dream on me spring crib and toddler bed mattress ensure safe and cozy sleep environment for the baby. Manufactured to provide maximum comfort, this hygienic and easy to maintain option is made of springs instead of foam, it also has border wires to keep edges firm. A spring mattress lasts longer than foam mattresses as it doesn’t lose its shape easily.


The spring toddler bed mattress comes in a dreamy twilight print. It is lightweight, made of 80 interwoven, heat tempered coils which further gives firm foundation and supreme support.

The coils have protective polyurethane foam wrap on each side. The foam layer is insulating and gives a lavish sleeping surface. It has an anti-bacterial waterproof cover which has two hypoallergenic layers. These layers provide added comfort and support and prevent molds, stains and other allergy-causing pollutants. The waterproof cover makes it easy to clean. Furthermore, the mattress has airflow pockets that keep it fresh by allowing ventilation. This mattress fits all standard size cribs and toddler beds and lasts for years to use.

Quality and safety

The dream on me spring mattress meets Federal Flammability Standard 16-CFR 1633. Just like all Dream on Me mattresses, it is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified for a healthy indoor environment, with PBA free material it is safe for the baby and ensures minimum chemical emission. Dream On Me is also free from lead and phthalates and it comes with a 30-day warranty


  • Size of the mattress is: 52-inch length X 27-inch width X 6-inch height
  • The thickness of the mattress is 5”
  • The weight of the dream on me spring mattress is 12 pounds.

6. Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

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Safety first has been in the baby care industry for over 30 years. It manufactures products while keeping in mind the safety of babies. Parents trust this brand because of the range of safe and secure products it offers. All the products are innovative and made to keep the baby safe and comfortable. Safety first offers several crib mattresses that are lightweight, offer proper support and have all the needs of your child in mind.

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress is best for baby and toddler. If properly taken care of, it is most likely to last quite a few years. With safety first, parents feel a lot better knowing that the products are manufactured by a company that has the safety of children in mind while producing baby care items. The safety-first mattresses give proper support that is ideal for a crib mattress. The firm and supportive mattresses decrease Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risk as the firmness prevents suffocation. The Heavenly dream crib mattress has various features:


It is lightweight, easy to carry and durable.


It is manufactured by using a high-density thermo-bonded fiber core that provides firm support. On the other hand, the outer cover is 100% Vinyl and it can be removed easily. This mattress is Assembled in Canada while keeping all the standards in mind.


Safety 1st heavenly dreams mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty.


This mattress has pretty good edge support. It is well constructed and tightly stitched with all seams intact. Tight seams prevent the choking hazard thus adding to the safety of babies.


The sturdy cover is easy to remove, tear-resistant and waterproof. Moreover, it also resists stains, leaks, and odors. In addition to this. the cover is very easy to wipe clean.

Green Guard Certified

The everyday chemical exposure in people usually happens through the air we breathe. Be it in our homes, at offices, schools or any other indoor environment, we are exposed to chemical pollutants in one way or the other. The airborne chemicals are commonly known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These VOCs are commonly found in indoor environments at a very high level. The green guard gold certification makes sure that a product has a lower level of VOC emission to ensure that the product is safe for an indoor environment like home and schools. The GREENGUARD Certified heavenly dreams mattress is certified according to the healthcare standards.


The waterproof vinyl cover is hypoallergenic and it is built to last. It saves against allergens, pollutants, and other contaminants.


In addition to the Green Guard certificate, this mattress also meets federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 thus making it a safe choice for the wellbeing of your baby.


The dimension of the mattress is 52-inch length x 27.5-inch width x 5-inch height. Moreover, it has a weight limit of 50 lb. For ideal results, it is best to, rotate the mattress every 2-3 months and change its side.


Due to its safety features the Safety 1st has received the Women’s Choice Award as an America’s Most Recommended brand for Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress.

7. Waterproof Fitted Quilted Crib

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For most parents purchasing a mattress while preparing for the arrival of a baby is the most significant thing. Buying the perfect mattress for the baby’s crib or toddler bed is very important as it assists in providing a good night’s sleep. However, most people undermine the importance of a mattress pad. Not only does a mattress pad facilitate in increasing the life of the mattress. It is beneficial in many other ways as well.

A mattress pad generally adds a level of extra padding to the mattress and it is not generally waterproof. For this reason, the covers are used to add comfort to the mattress pad. Perspiration is the main cause of the damage that wears down a mattress or pad therefore it can be prevented by using a good waterproof cover.

Mattress pad covers are thin and waterproof, this makes the pads more durable. The cover adds comfort by making it more firm it helps in keeping the mattresses pad clean and sanitary.

The American Baby Company is a baby care product manufacturer. It offers a wide range of products. It has a complete line of baby bedding with trendy prints and quality material. The waterproof fitted quilted crib and toddler protective pad cover is available to protect the pads.


The mattress pad cover is made of 100% polyester top and bottom with the waterproof middle layer. The middle layer is quilted with soft and breathable polyester for absorbency. The back layer is made with knitted polyester which is laminated to make it waterproof by using breathable TPU film to protect the mattress. It is made of extra soft material thus eliminating noise made from crinkling sounds.


It measures 28″ x 52″ x 9″ and fits many cribs and toddler beds.

Easy to clean

As the cover is waterproof, thus it is easy to remove and clean. It is machine washable and dryable.

Deep pockets

The Deep pockets with elastic all around add value to the cover. It perfectly fits a standard crib and fits up to 6 “ mattress. The elastic ensures that the cover fits firmly.


It has an embossed quilt-like pattern that gives perfect texture and finish.


It is available in following sizes as well

  • Mini Crib 24″ X 38″ Flat)
  • Bassinet 15″ X 33″ (Flat)
  • Cradle 18″ X 36″ (Flat)
  • Twin Size 39″ X 75″ (Flat)
  • Multi-Use Pad 18″ X 27″ (Flat)
  • Multi-Use Pad 27″ X 36″ (Flat)

8. Milliard Hypoallergenic Baby Crib Mattress

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As a parent choosing the right crib mattress can be very tiresome and confusing. An organic crib mattress can cost an arm and a leg, however, there are affordable options available in the market as well. Milliards is a growing name in the industry that has been making affordable bedding since 2009. It has made its mark in the foldable bed arena however it is still in a growing phase when it comes to a memory foam mattress. It’s also gaining popularity amongst masses for various reasons.

Milliard hypoallergenic baby crib or toddler bed mattress is one of the many options to choose from for a baby crib or toddler bed. It is suitable both for crib and toddler bed because of its firmness. This mattress has various features


The Milliard Crib Mattress is made with a unique blend of foam. This has been done to create the perfect combination of comfort, luxury, and firmness which is suitable for babies and toddlers. The foam is 5 inches thick. Moreover, it is high density, luxurious and superior polyurethane foam. In addition to this, it is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. This makes the mattress resistant to allergens, contaminants, bacteria, dust mites and mold. It is designed for proper weight distribution thus reducing tossing and turning. To add another layer of stiffness and to increase the firmness, milliard has added thick polyester cover. The extra firmness protects against suffocation.

Color and print

The milliard crib mattress comes in gray color with polka dots print

Removable cover

The mattress cover is made from polyester and the backside of waterproof cover is made of inflammable material thermoplastic polyurethane from the bottom. It is easily removable, this makes it convenient to change and clean the cover


The removable cover is waterproof and this encasement protects the mattress from stains and leaks. The cover is made of a material that is easy to clean and it doesn’t crinkle while the baby sleeps.


The standard foam crib mattress is made to fit any standard size crib or toddler bed without gaps. The mattress measures 27.5″x52″x4.75″. It ships packaged in a cardboard box, compressed and rolled. For optimum results it is best to let it fully expand before using, this can take up to 72 hours.


Milliard meets or exceeds every single U.S. requirement for beddings and baby mattresses. The products are frequently observed, examined and analyzed to ensure that they meet high standards. In addition to this, it has a fiberglass encasement on the inside of the mattress cover which meets federal fire safety requirements in a safe, non-toxic way.


CertiPUR-US is a certification process that makes sure that consumers purchase safe foam products. The mattresses, furniture, and home furnishings which contain flexible polyurethane foam and has been tested frequently, the products are certified for the following features.

  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • No formaldehyde
  • Free from ozone depleters
  • No heavy metals and prohibited phthalates.

CertiPUR ensures that the indoor air quality has minimum chemical emission. The milliard crib mattress is Certi-Pur certified thus making it safe to use.

Ventilation Holes

The polka dot printed mattress cover is waterproof on the top and sides, It, however, allows heat and air to ventilate from the bottom.

9. Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N’ Play Mattress Topper

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A mattress topper usually sits on top of the mattress. It is used to provide some extra support that can prolong a mattress’s life. It works by reducing pressure on the springs of mattress if the mattress has coils, in case of foam mattress it helps in delaying sagging. For optimum results, if you combine regular flipping by changing sides of the mattress along with a mattress topper, it will last longer and provide full support.

Milliard offers a completely comfortable sleep environment to your baby by providing bedding products and accessories that are of high quality. Milliard’s mattress toppers are one of the highly preferred products. Milliard Tri-fold Pack N’ Play mattress stopper is the best option available for playards.


Help your baby to sleep in comfort by replacing the mattresses that usually come with Pack and Play. Milliard Pack N’ Play mattress topper is the best replacement for these thin and hard mattresses which are uncomfortable and unsafe. Milliard mattress topper is made from the best quality and high-density foam. This mattress topper provides the perfect balance between stable support and cozy comfort.

Easy fold

Milliards mattress topper is easily foldable. It comes in the tri-fold design.

Waterproof cover.

In addition to foldable design, it also comes with a waterproof cover. This cover is made of a top-quality polyester that is both waterproof and easily washable. It eliminates the hassle of keeping the mattress clean. Furthermore, the waterproof mattress encasement protects the mattress topper from leaks, stains, and spills. The cover is quiet and eliminates the crinkling noise. In addition to this, it is also hypoallergenic and eliminates the risk of allergies caused by various impurities.


Your child’s safety matters the most and milliard keeps it in mind while manufacturing its products. The Pack n Play mattress topper is CertiPUR certified and complies with all U.S safety regulations. CertiPUR certificate ensures maximum safety and comfort thus making a product suitable for babies as well as the toddlers.


A fiberglass encasement is used on the inside of the mattress cover to make it meet all federal fire safety requirements in a proper non-toxic way.


This topper measures 38 inch Length x 26 inch Width x 1.5inch Height. The rounded corners make it perfect for universal fit. For maximum results, it is best to allow 24 to 48 hours for the foam to expand after opening.


The milliard pack n play mattress has maximum portability. It can be folded and carried anywhere easily in a bag. Even without a playard it can be used perfectly as toddler sleeping or playing mat.

Carry Case

The tri-fold mattress comes with a bonus carry bag for free. This compact bag makes it convenient to store as well as travel. In addition to using in the playards you can also lay down the mattress topper over hard floors so that the child enjoys and plays on a smooth surface without bumps or bruises, you can also take it on picnics as a safe, clean place for your baby to lie.

Toddler Mattress Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

toddlers jumping on their new mattressA comfortable night’s sleep is as-important for toddlers as it is for adults.

The quality of sleep has a significant impact on the health and well-being of growing kids. The type of mattress you choose for you toddler plays a big role in this.

Research shows that the quality of sleep your toddler gets can affect many factors of their development. This includes Attention, Behavior, Learning, Memory, Emotional Regulation, Quality of Life, Mental and their Physical Health.

We want our toddlers to benefit sited above but at times due to limited knowledge, many end up not achieving this. You don’t need to be a medical professional to understand the basics that your child needs to have proper sleep.

One of the key factors that every parent should always consider while selecting the best beddings for their kids is the type of mattress. But unfortunately, many parents don’t know what to look for in a mattress for their kids. With hundreds of brands out there marketing their mattresses, it becomes even more difficult to make the right choice.

In today’s article, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about choosing the best mattress for your toddler. After reading this, making the right choice of mattress for your toddler should be easy.

Below you will find an explanation of every factor to consider when searching for the best mattress for your little child.

Finding the Right Toddler Mattress Type and Size

Finding the Right Toddler Mattress Type and SizeIf you already own a toddler bed, you must first consider its type and measurements before determining the right mattress to buy.

The type of toddler bed you have will mainly affect the size of mattress you are to buy. As you head to the mall or Amazon to buy a mattress, you should make a note of its exact measurements. This will help avoid either buying an oversized or undersized toddler mattress.

However, if you don’t have a bed and you are not yet sure of the size of mattress you need, I recommend buying the mattress first. This is because buying a bed first will limit your choices while buying the mattress. So, buy the mattress and then the bed.

What’s the Best Size Mattress for a Toddler?

The mattress size you choose depends on the size of bed you have and how long you’ll want your toddler to use it. If you don’t have a bed yet, you’ll want to make sure to buy one that will fit your toddler as they grow.

If you intend to have your kid sleep on the same mattress for more than 5 years, then you should look for a larger size mattress that accommodates them as they grow. Below are the most common sizes of mattresses for toddlers:

Crib Mattress Dimensions 28” x 52”

Twin Mattress Dimensions: 38” x 75”

Twin XL Mattress Dimensions: 38” x 80”

The best size mattress for toddlers is definitely a Twin size Mattress. It provides comfort for every stage of their childhood and even in their teen years. You only need to replace it once they get close to 6 feet tall. At that point, a Twin XL mattress will be better.

However if you plan on replacing or donating the mattress after a few years, then a crib mattress should be fine. Crib mattresses are smaller and cheaper and come in fun shapes and designs.

What’s the Best Type of Mattress for a Toddler?

Whats the Best Type of Mattress for a ToddlerThere are several types of mattresses that are good for your toddler. Below is an explanation of the best options you can find available in today’s market.

Innerspring Mattress: This type of mattress has been around the longest and mainly found in retail stores. The advantage it has is that it traps less heat as compared to other types of mattresses. This makes it suitable for toddlers whose temperatures often go high during the night.

The average lifespan of innerspring mattresses is around 7 years. So, depending on how well you take care of it, this number can either go up or down.

Memory Foam Mattress: This type of mattress is more portable than innerspring ones. It’s offered by many of the bed-in-a-box companies online.

A memory foam mattress consists of a layered foam with each layer designed to serve a different purpose. An important point to note is that layer foam mattresses Can Not Be Washed! So, if you choose to buy one you should cover it with a mattress protector to prevent stains.

The lifespan of a memory foam mattress is about 10 years. Some companies provide an even longer warranty as well. This gives it an edge over an innerspring mattress, especially if you intend to use it for a long time.

Hybrid Mattress: This combines a feel of both the memory foam and the innerspring mattresses. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of both, this should be your obvious choice.

Hybrid mattresses provide luxury and help with back pain, which may not be suitable for a toddler’s bed. You’ll also end-up paying more money as compared to the above two choices. The average lifespan of a hybrid mattress is also about 10 years.

Latex Mattress: This type of mattress is firmer than memory foam and also has a lot more bounce to it. A bouncier mattress can be an issue because as your child grows up. They tend to be more playful and this kind of mattress makes it a lot easier for the kid to bounce off the mattress.

Latex mattresses come in two types; Natural Latex and Synthetic Latex. For a toddler, I would totally recommend going for the natural option since it is eco friendly and free of harmful chemicals.

You can expect a latex mattress to last between 5-7 years.

Best Material for a Toddler Mattress

Today, you can find a few toddler mattresses made of organic and green materials and many that are not so eco friendly. As a parent who wants their kid to have the best health, the choice here should be obvious. You should go green!

Eco friendly toddler mattresses are free from Harmful Chemicals such as Polyurethane, VOCs or Fumes and Heavy Metals. These chemicals may affect your toddlers health in the short and long term.

It’s also a good idea to get a hypoallergenic mattress for toddlers with allergies. Latex is more natural and hypoallergenic than memory foam, but costs a bit more as well.

How Much Does a Toddler Mattress Cost?

When shopping for a new mattress for your toddler, it’s a good idea to set a budget for yourself. A budget will help you narrow down the choices even more and find the perfect one.

For example, a twin size toddler mattress can start from as low as $80 and as much as $1000 or even higher! Crib mattresses on the other hand will cost you between $60 to $500.

You shouldn’t always go for the cheapest. Some cheaper mattresses wear out sooner than expected. Replacing them may turn out to be more expensive then spending a bit more for better quality.

So even if you don’t have a big budget, you should aim at getting a relatively good mattress for your child. To get a mattress of good quality that can last up to 10 years, set a budget of around $200 to $350.

You should now have a budget in mind and know the size of mattress you need, the next step is deciding which other features to look for.

What’s the Best Firmness for a Toddler Mattress?

Whats the Best Firmness for a Toddler MattressToddlers are picky and throw a fit regardless what you give them, the same goes for their bedding. A toddlers mattress shouldn’t be too soft or too firm. It should be somewhere in the middle so not to affect their quality of sleep.

Sleeping position is one of the most ignored factors when buying a mattress for your kid. But as a parent, you need to monitor how your kid sleeps at night and what position is most comfortable in. This way you will be able to know the best mattress that suits their sleeping habits.

You have heard the myth that a good mattress needs to be firm to improve your posture. In recent years, research shows that a softer mattress can help your spine retain its natural curvature while your sleeping.

So, choosing a mattress that is both soft and firm will provide your toddler with the best sleep.

Mattress softness is measured by using the Indentation Deflection Load (IDL). The lower the IDL, the softer the mattress. A mattress with an IDL of around 31 is the perfect firmness for a toddler. Anything higher will too firm and may be uncomfortable for their small bodies hence affecting their quality of sleep. Most mattresses have their IDL listed on their sales page.

Are Toddler Mattresses Heavy?

Toddler size mattresses are smaller and thinner than adult ones. This may not be much of a factor, unless you intend to move your toddler’s mattress often.

If your toddler keeps changing rooms or you plan on moving soon, having a lightweight mattress will come in handy.

However, you shouldn’t sacrifice any important aspects of the mattress for weight. Softness and Material Type have a greater impact of the child’s quality of sleep compared to its weight.

Why Does My Toddler Mattress Have a Strong Smell?

That strong smell that comes from a new mattress immediately after opening it, is known as Off Gassing.

This smell is even stronger in mattresses that have a lot of chemical content in them. This shouldn’t be determining factor which mattress to buy for your toddler, but it is something you should be aware of.

We recommend at least leaving the mattress open for about 2 to 3 days before your toddler starts sleeping on it. This will prevent the odor soaking into their clothing and lingering around them.

How Long Do Toddler Mattresses Last?

How Long Do Toddler Mattresses LastWhen deciding which on the best mattress to buy for your kid, one of the key factors that should influence your choice is durability.

If you intend to let your child sleep on the same mattress till their teens, then you want one that will last them for at least 10 years.

Some companies provide warranties that range from 3 to 5 years and even 10 years. However others go a step further and provide a Lifetime Warranty, as long as you own the mattress.

Are Toddler Mattresses Waterproof?

It’s common for kids to have unexpected nighttime accidents on their mattress. Looking for a waterproof mattress or one that is washable can help keep it fresh and stain-free.

A waterproof mattress helps prevent any liquids to get into the inner parts of the mattress.

Some mattresses are already waterproof when purchased, but if you happen to buy one that is not, you can use a mattress protector instead.

A waterproof kids mattress will last longer than one that isn’t. You may pay more for buying a mattress that’s waterproof, but in the long run you’ll appreciate the decision.

Can I Wash a Toddler’s Mattress?

No matter what mattress you buy, at some point it will get dirty and develop stains. So once in a while you will have to wash the mattress to ensure your baby is sleeping on a clean bed.

Washable mattresses make it easier to clean and care for and ensure your child is sleeping in a clean environment.

If your child has allergies it even gives you more reason to get a mattress that is washable. It allows you to wash it more often to avoid any chances of your child’s body reacting to accumulating dust.


To conclude, it’s quite clear that you must do your homework when shopping for the best mattress for your toddler. You can go over the points we mentioned in our article for help finding the perfect one.

Amongst all the factors that we mentioned above, there are those that really need critical attention. The most important being; mattress size, softness/firmness, your budget and the type of material used to make the toddler mattress. These 4 have a direct impact on the comfort your toddler will get from the mattress.

I strongly believe that after fully reading this article, the task of choosing the best mattress for your toddler should now be quite easy since you’ll be making the decisions from an informed point of view.

Remember the choices you make for your child today will have a significant impact of their growth and general health as they grow. So, show your son/daughter some love by buying for them a mattress that will give them maximum comfort that they badly need at that tender age.