The 5 Best Duvet Inserts for 2021 | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Buying a duvet insert or comforter online, is a great way to save time and money. Another benefit of shopping online is the huge amount of duvet styles and sizes you get to choose from. However, if you’re not familiar with the common terms related to duvets inserts, you can find yourself struggling with returns and exchanges.

For that reason, we put together the Ultimate Guide to help ensure you find the Best Duvet Insert, the first time!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Duvets and Comforters for any budget. We have an Easy-to-Read Comparison Chart, so you can compare the best features.

We also included Expert Reviews of the best selling duvet inserts on Amazon. Here you will find available sizes, dimensions, color options, fill-type and more!

Finally, you’ll find answers to all the common questions about duvet inserts in our FAQ section. Feel free to use the links below to quickly jump to any section

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Introduction to Duvet Inserts (Comforters)

Buying a new duvet is an investment, and with so many different brands and styles out there, learning a little bit about duvets and down bedding can help you find the best duvet insert that is perfect for your bedroom.

When searching for the best duvet, you’ll run into many related terms such as “Duvet”, “Comforter”, “Duvet Inserts” and “Duvet Comforters”, which all actually mean the same thing. These terms are pretty familiar to us and don’t need to much explaining.

However, the following terms are also related to buying a duvet and might not be as familiar to you…

  • Duvet Covers
  • Box stitching
  • Channel Construction
  • Baffle and Gusset
  • Fill Weight
  • Fill Power

Definition: A Duvet cover or Duvet Insert or Duvet or sometimes Comforter, these terms are often confusing to buyers who just want to warm up their nights and sleep cozily. Often most of these terms are used interchangeably but actually are different from each other.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about down bedding fabrics, down fill and down comforter construction.

Now if we talk about comforters, you would find many sellers using this name interchangeably with duvets. So, it does get really difficult to decide what you are actually going to buy.

Best Duvet Insert Comparison Chart

To start, you will find our easy-to-read comparison chart of the best-selling duvet inserts available on Amazon. You can compare the main features and ratings of each comforter to help you find the perfect one for your budget.

PhotoProduct NameMain FeaturesLink
Chart Icon of the All-Season Down Comforter by LinenspaLinenspa
Quilted Duvet Insert
  • Best Overall Duvet Insert!
  • Over 9.6k Positive Reviews
  • Hypoallergenic Down Fill
  • 3-Year US Warranty
Photos &
Full Review
Chart icon of the Utopia Bedding Down Alternative ComforterUtopia Bedding
Alternative Down Comforter
  • Best Alternative Down Fill!
  • All Season Comforter
  • Box Stitching
  • Machine Washable
Photos &
Full Review
Close up of the Rosecose Goose Down Duvet InsertRosecose
Goose Down Duvet Insert
  • Best Goose Down Fill!
  • 750 Fill Power
  • 1200 Thread Count Shell
  • 100% Goose Down Fill
Photos &
Full Review
Icon of the Equinox All-Season Goose Down Duvet InsertEquinox
All-Season Comforter
  • Best All-Season Duvet Insert!
  • Over 2.9k Positive Reviews
  • 100% Brushed Microfiber
  • Siliconized Gel Fill
Photos &
Full Review
Chart Icon of the All Season Comforter by Comfy BeddingComfy Bedding
Pinch Pleat Comforter
  • Best Duvet Insert Under $100!
  • Hypoallergenic Fill
  • All-Season Comfort
  • Brushed Microfiber Shell
Photos &
Full Review

Full Expert Reviews of the Top 5 Duvet Inserts for 2021

Duvet Expert ReviewsIn this section we will be reviewing the featured duvets and comforters mentioned in our comparison chart above. We hand picked each comforter and determined they are currently the best for 2021. We included all the Pros and Cons along with all the information available about each product.

I understand how frustrating it can be to return anything purchased online. This is especially true for larger and heavier items, like a thick duvet. For that reason I gathered all the relevant product details to make sure you find the perfect duvet insert, the first time!

1. Linenspa “Best Overall Duvet Insert”

Close up of the All-Season Down Comforter by Linenspa
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Linenspa comforter duvet insert is made up of 100% polyester (shell) and 100% polyester fiber (fill). The duvet is manufactured and produced by Linenspa Company. The company is a privately owned goods dealer that provides bedding products such as bed sheets, duvets, mattresses, pillows, and protectors. The company is located in Arizona (Scottsdale), the United States of America. Linenspa has an approximate of 41 employees and generates about 4.9 million dollars in revenue.

The company operates as a trademark branch of Malouf Fine Linens; it exists as one of Malouf’s retailer shops. Linenspa offers a 3-year warranty on its products in case the customer is not satisfied with the duvets bought. The company strives to provide the best and quality goods and services to its consumers. Linenspa should be your number one choice at all times.

Linenspa duvet covers are ultra-soft and hypoallergenic. The softness is as a result of the 100% microfiber fill. The duvet’s characteristics make it the best alternative for people that are vulnerable to allergens and sensitivities. The duvet cover is designed in such a way that makes it usable throughout all seasons. The duvet is comfortable and cozy even during the hot season; it does not have an odor or sharp quills. Isn’t that fascinating?

Do not hassle over the ornamentation of your bedroom. Linenspa duvet insert has a reversible design that enables you to change it into a duvet cover or flip it over thus altering the appearance of your bedroom instantly. The numerous colors available make it easier for you to modify the look of your bedroom to your desired appearance. The duvet is available in white, cloudy sky, charcoal/ stone, grey, navy (graphite), and mocha colors.

The duvet has eight loops as opposed to the usual four since it has side loops and sewn corners. The care mechanism for Linenspa duvet insert is easy; the duvet can be machine washed. The duvet cover dries quickly under low heat. The microfiber is stitched to prevent the fill from shifted thus ensuring that the duvet lasts longer.

Linenspa comforter comes in eight different sizes; Twin, Twin XL, California King, Full, King, Queen, Oversized King, and Oversized Queen. Linenspa comforter duvet should be your first choice duvet.

  • Best Overall Duvet Insert
  • Ultra-soft and hypoallergenic
  • Sewn corners and side loops make it durable
  • Available in eight different sizes
  • Reversible design
  • All-season comfortable
  • Limited colors

2. Utopia Bedding “Best Alternative Down Fill”

Close up of the Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter
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Utopia duvet insert has a fabric content of 100% polyester and a super microfiber filling that is anti-allergic and anti-microbial. The duvet covers are produced and sold by Utopia Bedding Company.

Utopia Bedding Company is the ultimate comfort provider. For a perfect night’s sleep, discover the quality products from Utopia. The company manufactures the best duvet covers using modern day technologies.

Utopia Bedding has numerous branches in the United States of America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South Australia; it is a global service provider. They provide a 30-day full refund warranty if the customer is not contented with the product.

The duvet has a 3D hollow siliconized fiber filling which ensures that dust mites and mold spores do not disturb your beauty sleep. The fiber is sanitized during its processing to remove foams such as dirt, oil, and dust. This duvet is the best option for people suffering from allergies. The duvet cover can swiftly be removed and washed any time you want to. The reversible design enables you to change the look of your bedroom without redecorating completely.

The comforter duvet insert has a quilted box stitch that keeps the fill in place; the fill does not shift unnecessarily. The piped edges of the duvet are sturdy thus increasing the durability of the cover. The density of the comforter duvet is 350 GSM; it depicts a perfect balance of comfort and warmth. The duvet is designed to keep you fresh during summer and warm during winter. Generally, the duvet insert is fluffy, cozy and comfortable. The features of this comforter duvet are too good such that you might just oversleep and be late for work.

The duvet is machine washable on delicate or gentle settings and the rinsing done twice using cold water. The detergent should be all natural to avoid stripping the Down. The duvet is then dried using a large dryer under low temperatures. This comforter duvet takes about 2-3 hours to dry to ensure that there is no mold growth. The duvet is available in white, gray and navy colors. This provides a variety of options for customers. The comforter duvet also comes in varied sizes; Twin, King and Queen Sizes. Get yourself a Utopia comforter duvet and you will not be disappointed.

  • High Quality
  • Machine washable
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable
  • Strong stitching and piped edges make it durable
  • Anti-allergen and anti-microbial
  • Limited sizes available; Twin, King and Queen sizes only
  • Available in three colors only

3. Rosecose “Best Goose Down Duvet Insert”

Comparison Chart Icon up of the Rosecose Goose Down Duvet Insert
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Rosecose comforter duvet insert consists of 100% cotton fabric. The duvet is manufactured by ROSCOSE Company. The company has a variety of products and is the best place to shop for a comforter duvet. Who would not want to get a set of an affordably luxurious duvet cover? Rosecose has everyone’s interests at heart; that is why this duvet is produced. The company also offers quality goods and services to its customers.

The duvet is soft and comfortable as it is filled with a goose down. The filling ensures that the duvet insert remains comfortable all night thus guaranteeing you a beauty night’s rest. Everyone loves a relaxing sleep; Rosecose duvet guarantees that you get the comfy sleep you deserve all night long. The fill is also uniformly distributed; this is because the duvet has a sewn through design.

This duvet insert is extraordinarily fluffy and warm. The duvet is designed to be used during the warm and cold seasons. You can save the time used to clean Rosecose duvet as it requires at least a 3-year cleaning plan. However, it can also be dry-cleaned thus making it easy to maintain.

The duvet is anti-allergen; this makes it the best choice for allergic people. This duvet cover is designed to resist dust and dirt that might want to disturb your sleep. The hypoallergenic feature ensures that those who are affected by allergens do not suffer from watery eyes or runny noses.

This duvet cover is available in four colors; white, gray, black grid, and navy colors. The presence of varied colors makes it possible for you to decorate your bedroom. Who does not want a beautiful look in the bedroom? You can get a set of Rosecose duvet in the color you desire. The duvet insert is also available in three sizes; Twin, Queen, and King Sizes. The King size is a 106 by 90 inches duvet while the Queen is 90 by 90 inches.

For someone who desires to be comfortable and healthy, Rosecose comforter duvet has got you covered. Get yourself a set of the duvet from Amazon or the company’s website at a quality worth-it price.

  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft, comfortable and luxurious
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% High quality
  • Available in limited colors and sizes
  • Goose down is expensive

4. Equinox “Best All-Season Duvet Insert”

Close up of the Equinox All-Season Goose Down Duvet Insert
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To get a sound sleep, one needs the utmost comfortable bedding from the bed sheets, the pillows to a soft duvet. The market is flooded with various varieties in terms of quality, size, and prices thus making it difficult for one to choose what to buy.

This product, made of 100% microfiber that ensures compactness as they are tightly knitted together does not heat the person using it compared to most duvets. The fact that it easy to clean (including the white one) gives it an edge over other traditional duvets. Moreover, it is both hand wash and machine wash friendly after which it could be aired to dry or tumble dry.

Most duvets after the first washing will always fill up certain pockets as some are left empty. So, the Equinox All Season has a square style of stitching which ensure even distribution per square and the knitting on the edges prevents filling of pockets when shifting. This duvet is hypoallergenic making it suitable for people with allergies from allergens like dust and other bacteria; its softness makes it a zero skin irritant.

This duvet is light hence not a weigh down on the body. Also, it is easy to store as it comes with a zip protective case. Furthermore, this duvet has corner tabs that ensure it stays in place when it is spread thereby giving the bed a unique and neat look.

This bedding comes in three sizes, the twin, queen, and king. This luxurious comforter comes in three colors; complete white, charcoal grey/ white meaning that the sides have different colors and navy blue/charcoal grey.

For comfort through all the seasons, the Equinox duvet comforter is the best. It is also universally usable as it contains hypoallergenic features making it suitable for people with allergy sensitivity. This is the right comforter for people looking for both comfort and the safety of their health.

  • Made of fiber that is used to fill the duvet making it have a fluffy feel
  • Light and does not weigh the body down because of its fill power
  • Square stitching with piped edges that prevent filling up when shifting
  • Hypoallergenic thus suitable for people with allergies
  • Soft and can be used for all seasons
  • Only available in three sizes

5. Comfy Bedding “Best Duvet Insert Under $100”

Close up of the All Season Comforter by Comfy Bedding
Click to See on Amazon

When looking for the best comforter, other than comfort for relaxing sleep time, beauty also matters. When the bedding is spread on your bed, how does it complement your room color, design, and taste? A duvet comforter should not only be comfortable but should also act as an interior decor for your bedroom; this makes the Pintuck Style Double Needle Durable Stitching the best choice.

The Comfy Bedding Duvet Insert is about texture, and bedroom decor once spread on the bed. This product is made of fabric enhancing its hypoallergenic features. This duvets hypoallergenic feature makes it usable by people with sensitive skin and with allergies as it prevents the spread of allergens such as dust.

This duvet comforter bedding comes with two pillowcases and a comforter made with hypoallergenic polyester. In addition, it has a Pintuck and texture pattern that enhances its beauty. This duvet is machine wash friendly but only in cold water and gentle cycle. When it comes to drying, tumble drying is recommended but in low temperature. It also irons free.

This comforter has a spiral filling which has more advantages compared to the straight filling. This spiral ensures the storage of air which keeps the duvet breathable, more comfortable and warm as air is a poor conductor of heat, this filling also guarantees flexibility and durability after the first wash; this is unlike the straight filling which is less flexible, cheaper, flat, and easily shifts after the first wash.

The polyester material ensures all season required warmth, comfort, and loftiness. This comforter comes in four sizes the full, queen, king and California king. It is available in fourteen colors, black, beige, gray, burgundy, chocolate, light blue, light grey, navy blue, pink plum, purple, etc.

To every product, there lie cons, but the pros outweigh the cons. This comforter may be expensive, but the features make it worth every single penny. It is not only luxuriously comfortable but also a decor when on the bed and durable.

  • Made of hypoallergenic material making it suitable for sensitive people
  • Durable
  • Does not require ironing
  • Gives warmth through every season
  • Not only comfortable but also a decor to the bedroom because of the pattern.
  • Delicate when it comes to washing

Duvet Insert Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Duvet Insert Ultimate Buyers GuideIn this section, our Team of Experts have put together the most comprehensive guide to help you find the best duvet insert for your bed.

Before you go out and spend your money on a duvet insert, there are several important points you Must Keep in Mind!

To start, you should know what you need to buy! Do you need a Duvet Insert or should you get a Duvet Cover?

Since this is the most common question people have when shopping online for a duvet, we will start by explaining what each one is.

What is a Duvet Insert?:

A “Duvet Insert” is the main part of the comforter and contains the stuffing (Down Filling). You should buy the best-quality duvet insert for your needs and think of it as an investment.

There are several different types of duvet (Comforters). I’ll explain below what you should look for to help you decide which duvet insert will be best for you.

What is a Duvet Cover?:

A “Duvet Cover” is exactly what it sounds like, a beautiful cover for your precious duvet. Owning several duvet covers allows you to change the style of your duvets by switching covers according to your mood.

The main reason for buying a duvet cover, also known as a comforter cover, is that it protects your comforter.

Down bedding is an investment! The highest-quality comforter or duvet can last for more than a decade. However, down bedding is very heavy and doesn’t wash easily.

A duvet cover will protect your bedding from spills, stains and normal wear and tear. Also if you want a different look of your bedding, changing your duvet cover is cheaper than buying a new Duvet Insert.

Different Types of Duvet Fillings

The best duvet inserts are filled with down. But not everyone wants to invest in a down comforter and some might be allergic to “Down”.

The types of filling you’ll find in duvet inserts are:

  • Natural Filling (Down Filling)
  • Synthetic (Down Alternative) Filling
  • Blended Filling

Natural Filling (Down Filling): Down-filled duvets are made from the soft under-feathers of geese or ducks. The filling is actual Down (under-feathers) from Ducks, Geese or a blend of both.  Down feathers provide the best insulation and padding while being softer than synthetic-filled duvets or comforters.

The down feathers in bedding help trap small air pockets. This provides a thermal barrier for great insulation and warmth without added weight. For the highest quality and best insulation, look for a comforter (Duvet) made with a natural All-Down Filling (Pure Down).

Hypoallergenic Down Filling: If you want the comfort of “Down Duvets” but are allergic to down, you should consider a Hypoallergenic Down filling:

  • Some hypoallergenic down bedding, features down that has been specially cleaned to eliminate allergy causing agents.
  • Other hypoallergenic down bedding contains down-alternative fills, which can range from normal synthetic fills to natural filaments taken from milkweed plants.

If these options still don’t fit your needs, you should consider buying a Synthetic-filled duvet instead.

Synthetic (Down Alternative) Filling: As the name suggests, it is the alternative to the natural down. It is man made with synthetic or polyester fibers. These are widely preferred because these are hypoallergenic which means while some people might be allergic to the natural down from duck or geese, these duvets don’t have those allergens to irritate your hypersensitivity.

There are some more variants to these which come in cotton or wool-filled duvets. These alternatives are cheaper than pure down but are bit on heavier side. Also, insulation of pure down duvet inserts is much more than that of down alternatives duvet inserts.

Fill power of Duvet Inserts

The Fill power tells you how much Down coves the “cubic-inch” area in the duvet insert. Down quality, expressed in terms of fill power, which is the volume of one ounce of down, varies between different down comforters.

Down comforters containing high fill-power down aren’t necessarily warmer than other duvets, but they are often lighter and fluffier because high fill-power down expands more than low fill-power down.

Fill Weight of Duvet Inserts

The “Quantity and Density” of down that’s inside the duvet insert is considered the “Fill Weight”. The measurement of the fill weight is always in ounces.

Duvet inserts with higher fill power will have less fill weight. It will be considered warm and light. Higher fill-weight doesn’t refer to the actual weight of down in the duvet,it’s just the opposite.

Box Stitch vs Channel Construction

Box-Construction- It’s basically the sewing of the fabric in large grid patterns that keep the filling in place and prevent it from bunching up in the corners.

(Box Stitch) duvets have seams that run in straight lines that form a criss-cross pattern. This makes your duvet insert look like a checkerboard of down-filled pockets.

Channel Construction- Duvets with channel construction have seams that run in straight lines to each other from the top of the duvet to the bottom.

These channels allow the “Down Filling” to move to different parts of the duvet. If your feet get extra cold or if you prefer different amounts of fill, channel construction lets you shift more down to the bottom of the comforter or to one side or the other.

Box construction is the most common construction because it keeps the fill firmly in place. However, some people like the versatility offered by channel construction.

“Gusset” Duvet Insert

Gusset is a more advanced way constructing your duvet insert. The walls inside the duvet are made of fabric making it thicker and fluffier.

Gusset duvets take more time and material to construct, making them more expensive than the previous duvet types.

Thread Count

We all know that fabric is made of threads. So it becomes a misconception that the more is thread count the better is material. But, that is not true. The quality of thread and the kind of weave used are more reliable factors to assess its quality. The weave are also of different kinds like plain, twill, oxford etc. but we don’t need to get into that discussion.

Based on the type of filling inside the duvet, the duvets can be classified as down duvet inserts and down alternative duvets. Let’s see what they are in detail.

Consider everything and then you can easily pick from our top choices given below.

Shopping for a single duvet may not seem like a complex matter as when you’re shopping for a new car or even the clothes that you wear. With cars and clothes, you probably take time to make sure that they feel right for you and what you need to do in case they don’t.

Shopping for the best duvet insert or any other kind of bedding should never be an exception to common sense. Don’t treat it as just as item you’ll plop on the top of your bed and not caring whether it will suit you or not. When shopping for a single duvet, you should at the very least tell yourself, “I want the best duvet that will be comfortable for me and at the best price I can possibly get.”

Duvet Insert Buying Tips

Tips to Finding the Best Duvet Insert

The main feature of duvet inserts is the flexibility of style. You only need to buy the very best duvet insert and use “Duvet Covers” to easily change its look. With a duvet cover, you won’t even need a bed sheet on top of it.

Duvet inserts (Comforters) should “Only be professionally dry-cleaned”. Using a cover for your duvet, allows you to simply wash the cover at home avoid taking the complete duvet to a dry cleaner.

Keep in mind that not all duvet inserts (Comforters) serve the same purpose. Some are meant for colder weather while other duvets are best for warmer nights.

There are many different terms when it comes to buying duvets. You should take a few minutes and get familiar with these terms to help you find the right duvet for your needs.

The first thing you should do is do some comparison shopping online. This doesn’t mean that you are bound to buy the single duvet online. Many prefer to buy it from a bedding department in a store. However, this shouldn’t deter you from still shopping online, comparing items from one store to the other and looking for the best price. A good place to start looking is Here, you’ll be offered a wealth of resources where you can compare the inventory and price between one place and another.

Furthermore, many sites you’ll be referred to include customer reviews which can help you decide if it’s worth investing your money at a particular site that may not be rated well. The reviews are not only about the items themselves but also about their experiences with the vendor. This leads to the next matter to keep in mind when shopping.

The reputation of the vendor is very important. First and foremost, you want to make sure that you are getting what you want to get and not be misled. If, for example, you come across an item at a store that tells you “Complete duvet set at 50% off”, you should always make sure that you’re going to get the duvet included in the set. It may only include a duvet cover and some bedding such as shams and linens, but no duvet.

If you are shopping at the store, check inside the package if you need to or have a salesperson open it for you to check if what you need is in there. If purchasing online, check with their customer service department if the single duvet you want is what you’re expecting if it’s not noted on the website itself.

Finally, check and make sure the store (online or in-person) has a return policy where you can return the item for cash or store credit if the single duvet is not up to your standards.Duvet Insert FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked many questions regarding all types of bedding. However, in this section we will only focus on the most common questions related to comforters and duvet inserts. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions you may have as well, we’d love to hear from you!

What is the Difference Between a Comforter and Duvet Insert?

Comforters and duvets are actually the same, except for a couple of differences.

Difference #1: Comforters come inside a stylish cover while most duvets are uncovered and just plain-white. In this case, you will need a seperate duvet-cover to protect it or change it’s look.

Difference #2: Comforters come in “multi-piece sets”, which include pillowcases and fitted-sheets, while duvet-inserts are sold separately.

What’s the Best Fill Power for a Duvet Insert?

An average duvet uses 600 to 700 fill-power down, with luxury duvets featuring fill powers up to 900 and low-end duvets using fills that are below 600.

If you’re looking for the best duvet insert for summer, a “Fill Power” below 400 will be perfect. Duvets with a fill power above 400 are best for cooler climates.

For maximum warmth, you’ll want to buy a duvet insert with a “Fill Power” that ranges from 600 and above.

While high fill-power means high price, 800 fill-power down isn’t necessarily better than 550 fill-power down. If you like duvets that feel dense, then you’ll probably enjoy a duvet filled with low fill-power down.