What is a Hybrid Mattress?

When shopping for a new mattress, you will need to decide between coil or memory foam. They each have features and benefits that make them different from each other.

But what if I told you there is a mattress that combines the benefits of both types? This Frankenstein of a mattress is known as a Hybrid Mattress!

Today we will provide a thorough answer to the commonly asked question; “What is a Hybrid Mattress?”.

Answer to What is a Hybrid MattressThe goal is to provide you with all the details and guidance to help you decide if a Hybrid Mattress is right for you. We will accomplish this by explaining everything regarding Hybrid Mattresses and their Benefits in the article below.

You will find comparisons between the 3 types of mattresses and details of the qualities they share. We also included a Q&A Section with answers to the most commonly asked questions about hybrids.

Here’s our Ultimate Guide to the Best Metal Bed Frames for Hybrid Mattresses!

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

The mattresses you find online are either made with memory foam or springs. Both have their unique features and benefits.

Hybrid mattresses are half memory foam and half inner-coils or springs.

Companies design hybrid mattresses to mask the coils but have the same type of bounce. They achieve this by adding multiple layers of memory foam that are infused with gel Over the Inner-Coils. The layers are thick enough to make it impossible to feel the coils while you sleep on it.

That is why they are considered “Hybrid Mattresses“. Due to the fact they are a mixture of the two different types of mattresses.

Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

Since mattresses are so important in the quality of our lives, it’s worth learning about their different types.

You might not know, but your mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your entire house. It is where you lay your head at night, and the location of your nightly reset.

Your mattress is where you wake up in the morning feeling ready to take on the day.

There are many things about your mattress that will determine whether it is the right one for you to take home. There are also a ton of information to sort through.

A hybrid mattress takes the best of both worlds and combines their benefits into one.

Hybrid Mattress vs Memory FoamBelow you will find the features of Spring Mattresses as well as Memory Foam Mattresses that are also found in Hybrid ones.

Traditional Spring / Coil Mattress

Traditional spring mattresses provide the highest amount of support and firmness. You’re limited in where you can buy a spring mattress and shipping is not as easy as a mattress-in-a-box.

Spring mattresses use encased inner-coils or pocket springs that won’t cave-in and will last for many years.

The springs and coils add extra support for back aches and proper alignment of the spine. You can add a bamboo mattress topper to conform to your body and get even more comfort.

Spring Coil mattresses allow for better and more organic airflow while you sleep. This feature makes them the Perfect Mattress for Hot Sleepers. You can always get a set of cooling sheets for an even cooler night’s sleep.

Memory Foam / Latex Mattress

Comparing a hybrid and memory foam mattress side-by-side, you will hardly be able to tell them apart. They share many of the same benefits and provide the same amount of comfort. However, hybrid mattresses have inner-coils and springs, hidden within.

One of the shared benefits of a hybrid and memory foam mattress is the ability to keep you cool and dry at night.

If you are a Hot Sleeper, consider getting a Hybrid mattress that’s infused with cooling-gel.

You can also purchase a separate mattress topper for adding the cooling layer in the future.

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses “Contour to the shape of your body” and provide support for your back and spine. You can customize the thickness of the foam if you prefer a more firm mattress.

You can buy foam mattresses in all bed sizes and even custom shapes. But due to the inner-coils, this option isn’t available with all hybrid ones.

Latex and hybrid mattresses are both available in local stores and online shopping sites like Amazon. They can be shipped in a box and sellers provide very flexible return policies.

Since they come compressed, foam mattresses and hybrid ones are both very easy to setup and maneuver.

If you are a person who tends to run hot while you sleep, then you are going to want to try and find a mattress that is made from a cool material and maintains a lot of breathability.

How to Find the Perfect Hybrid Mattress

So you made up your mind and decided to purchase a Hybrid mattress vs memory foam. Sure they cost a bit more, but the benefits are well worth it!

It’s time to decide on the features you want to look for in the perfect mattress. You might have to sacrifice some features in place of others. So knowing which ones are more important is crucial.

Latex vs Memory Foam

The first choice you will need to make is to decide on the type of foam. The materials used to make the hybrid mattress have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep.

You can find Hybrid Mattresses made with either Latex or standard Memory foam. Both types will have inner-springs and coils within them, so no need to worry about that.

Thickness and Firmness

The firmness of a Hybrid Mattress is the next feature that impacts its comfort level. You will be able to choose from different thicknesses depending on your preference. The thicker the mattress, the more firm it will be.

Hybrid Mattress FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Hybrid mattresses haven’t been around as long as memory foam or spring ones, there are many questions that still need answers.

Below, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Hybrid Mattresses.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Feel free to leave a comment on our facebook page and one of our Experts will research it and add it to our list.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Good for Back Aches?

The type of mattress you sleep on impacts your entire body. So if you suffer from body aches and pains, make sure you get the correct type of mattress that targets those areas.

Is a Gel-Infused Hybrid Mattress Better for Muscle Aches?

Memory or gel foam mattresses are good options when dealing with any muscle or joint pain. If you suffer from muscle aches while you sleep, the gel-layer can absorb heat from trouble areas.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Cooler than Memory Foam?

You can find specific mattresses that are better at cooling than others. Some mattresses will have a layer of memory foam that’s infused with cooling-gel to absorb heat while you sleep.


To conclude, a hybrid mattress is a combination of memory foam and spring mattresses in one. They share several features and benefits from both types, and have many similarities. But the added cost may not be worth it to some when comparing them side-by-side.

Since new versions of hybrid mattresses frequently appear online and in local stores, our Team of Experts will follow-up and update the article as needed.