Simple Solutions to Common Sleeping Problems

Sleeping problems can throw life completely out of gear – ask an insomniac if you do not believe this. You’re fatigued, irritable and edgy most of the time. Such attitudes can make others around you nervous and ill-at-ease in your presence. Sleeplessness has a major impact even on your professional life.

Sleeping disorders like snoring, insomnia and sleep apnea can also trigger many issues. These issues can affect both the mind and the body if left untreated.

If you’re suffering from lack of sleep, You may be asking yourself: Are sleeping problems common?

The rate of sleeplessness plaguing modern society, is increasing at an alarming rate. The pressures of daily living and relationship problems play havoc with many people’s lives.

Common Sleep Problems

While many of the modern-day stresses can’t be avoided, few of us have the capacity to cope with them. This results in tensions building up and the first impact of such anxiety-filled existence focuses on sleep.

The causes of sleeplessness are many. The most important ones could be:

  • Tendency to worry too much over issues like money, health, job, etc.
  • Sedentary lifestyle with zero or minimal physical activity.
  • Irresponsible consumption of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, etc.
  • After-effect of some medications.
  • Certain disease conditions
  • …and many more

The good news is that cure for insomnia and other types of sleep disorders are available. At times when the severity of insomnia is low, you can get relief by making some simple lifestyle changes…

  • Like giving up alcohol
  • doing physical exercise
  • weight loss
  • practicing deep breathing
  • mind-relaxation exercises like yoga

Tips to Sleep Better at Night

We all need to sleep no matter what age, gender or social class. The rich needs as much sleep as the poor. But when sleep plays hide and seek every night, you get desperate.

You look for quick-fixes and might end up taking some over-the-counter sleeping pills. OTC sleeping pills may do more damage than good, physically and mentally.

While sleeping-pills are a great option in helping you fall asleep. After some time, your body might get dependent on them, and you might find it hard to go to bed without a sleeping pill.

You can avoid habit-forming medications by following some of these simple sleeping tips.

Examples of Simple Sleeping Tips may include…

  • Avoiding stimulants
  • Avoid Antidepressants
  • Taking a hot bath before bed
  • Getting a relaxing massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Relaxing Audio Therapy

Possible Causes of Insomnia and Difficulty Sleeping

The key to finding the right cure for sleeplessness is to get to the cause of the problem. For example, if snoring is causing you loss of sleep, your focus should be to cure the snoring problem.

Replacing your bed sheets and pillows with more comfortable ones is a simple step which can have a huge impact. Removing distractions from your bedroom is also a quick tip anyone can do for a better night’s sleep.

Trying To Get Sleep? Try the Natural Sleep Aids

As mentioned earlier, the over-the-counter sleeping pills, though popular, may not be the ideal sleep therapy for long term use. Most of these pills contain harmful and harsh chemicals that eventually damage the heart and have negative effects on the central nervous system.

If you were given a choice between natural sleep aids and synthetic products, which ones would you go for? Unfortunately, many sufferers of sleeping problems are not even aware of the existence of such natural sleep inducers. For example, did you know that herbs like the Valerian root or kava have excellent calmative and nerve-soothing properties?

Over and above being non-addictive, they also help in improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Many people have received considerable relief from consuming melatonin supplements. Melatonin is a hormone, produced by the brain that promotes sleep.

A word of caution when using natural sleep aids: consult a doctor before consumption; read labeling instructions for correct dosage. Even though they are natural, over dosage could be hazardous to health.

Of course one of the most effective and sure-shot natural remedies for sleeplessness is to make the right lifestyle choices, or to put it more correctly, change some lifestyle decisions which are robbing you of sleep. These include giving up alcohol and the use of antidepressants, etc; including reasonable amounts of physical activity on a regular basis, changing sleeping postures, inculcating a relaxed mind before going to bed, and so on.

Interestingly, you could also use some sleeping strips made from 100% natural ingredients. These edible strips quickly dissolve in the mouth and calm the mind and the body.

Sleeping Pills – What If They Are Natural?

Most sleeping pills available as over-the-counter sleep aids have earned a bad name mainly because of the inevitable misuse and abuse. However, you could also get sleeping pills made from 100% natural ingredients!

Made from extracts made of Griffonia tree seeds, a natural produce of West Africa, Melatrol is the brand name of such a natural sleeping pill. It works by increasing the levels of serotonin, the sleep producing hormone and can regulate sleeping quality and quantity by calming the nerves and bring down stress.

Sleep Aids When Snoring Is the Reason for Sleeplessness

Needless to mention there have been commendable amount of research that has already gone into the field of finding newer and more convenient sleeping aids, when snoring is the root cause of sleeplessness.

Today snoring-related sleeplessness can be treated by using a plethora of devices and measures, most of which have proved effective even in the most stubborn of all cases of insomnia.

Here are some brief highlights of sleeping aids that you could try for assured results:

  • When excessive mucus in the nasal passage causes snoring and subsequent sleeplessness, nasal strips placed across the nose are effective.
  • Specially designed anti snore pillows are very popular and a simple step to take for fast relief. The pillow typically provides the correct alignment of the head, neck and spine while the person is sleeping.
  • Nasal dilators have the same working principle as nasal strips. Though a bit more expensive than strips, such dilators assure instant relief from snoring, and can induce sleep quicker.
  • When obstruction in the throat is the cause of snoring, using sprays could provide the right solution. Ease of use and availability make this sleeping device a popular choice.


We have covered many different methods to help with common sleep problems. Of course not all methods provide the same level of relief and you may have to try multiple methods the get the a better night’s sleep.

You could get more information about such simple sleeping aids plus devices like headgears, mouthpieces and masks by searching for: Good Night Sleep Techniques; Other Natural Sleep Aids; Sleep Facts; Sleep Pillows; and Sleeping pills.