Best Wedge Pillows for 2021 | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Review

There are many reasons to consider sleeping on a Wedge Pillow. They provide great support and relief for many who suffer from sleep apnea, heartburn or prone to snoring.

However, some features are more important than others and it might be difficult finding the best one.

Our team of experts spent hours researching which wedge pillows provide the best relief for each of the above symptoms. We narrowed them down and put them together in our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for the Best Wedge Pillow for 2021.

1. Relax Home Life bed wedge pillow

Relax Home Life bed wedge pillow
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This wedge pillow comes in 4 different sizes and can help with people needing elevation while sleeping. It is also useful in elevating your legs to promote good circulation.


Firm polyurethane base layer — Unlike other wedge pillows, the Relax Home Life brand provides the best support for your back. Stomach, back, and side sleepers can all benefit from using this pillow for the best night’s sleep.

Sleep cool — The removable, machine washable pillow case is soft and helps you stay cool at night. Made out of bamboo viscose material, it provides breathability and is also dust mite resistant.

Easy to remove case — Each order comes with a premium pillow case that is easy to remove. Simply zip it off whenever you need to wash it.

Multipurpose — Use this pillow for activities such as reading, sitting in bed, lounging, watching TV, or using your computer. This can soon become your favorite pillow because it provides comfort and support where it is needed.

Top-rated — Almost 3,000 customers agree that this pillow has it all. With over 4.3 star ratings in durability, comfort, and support there is nothing else quite like this wedge pillow.

The best warranty — Every purchase comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. You have nothing to lose except sleepless nights. You can buy this wedge pillow risk free!

  • 4 different size options
  • Removable pillow case included
  • Firm base layer
  • Only the top layer has memory foam

2. Ebung leg elevation therapy pillow

Ebung leg elevation therapy pillow
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This leg pillow can help reduce swelling, improve your blood circulation, and relieve pain in your back, knees, and hips. In addition to helping you sleep better, this leg elevation pillow also reduces pains experienced from recent surgeries.


Ergonomic design — Let your legs relax with our premium leg elevation pillow. You will never have to readjust a pile of pillows again. This will stay in one place and help you rest easy.

Long lasting — This product features high density foam that is built to last for years. It also retains its shape and contours your legs perfectly.

Many health benefits — Using this leg elevation pillow has helped customers see a reduction in edema and swelling. Along with improved blood circulation, you can experience better spinal alignment as it is used regularly.

Finest support — Over 3,500 customers have rated this leg elevation therapy pillow and it has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating for support. It is robust enough to support your lower legs and also includes 1 inch of memory foam to form to the contours of your shape.

  • Soft and easy to clean
  • Versatile and lightweight pillow
  • Only has a limited 2 year warranty
  • Limited to 1 size option

3. Bekweim curved orthopedic bed pillow

Bekweim curved orthopedic bed wedge pillow
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Enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep with this comfortable, unique wedge pillow. It comes in three different sizes to fit your needs. There are many uses including to help relieve back and neck pain, help you sleep comfortably while pregnant, reduce snoring, and ease the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux.


Exclusive design — Bekweim’s pillow has a curved wedge design, which is the only one seen on this list. It is truly a multi-purpose pillow at its best.

Premium foam — They make their own mix of foam to create the best consistency. This means it is firm but not too stiff and provides comfort without compressing like other pillows.

Multiple sizes — You can choose a small, medium, or extra large pillow depending on your needs. The small is a standard 7.5 inch wedge pillow which is the most common size ordered.

Two pillow covers — Each order comes with two covers that are machine washable, soft, and hypo-allergenic. The inside cover is made of brushed polyester and the main pillow case is made of bamboo which makes it breathable and won’t make you hot and sweaty as you sleep.

  • Rated high in amount of value for money and level of support it offers
  • Unique curved design
  • Order options a little confusing, one says it is a 3 piece set but priced only $10 more than the 7.5 inch pillow
  • Complaints about bad chemical smell in several customer reviews

4. Brentwood Home therapeutic wedge pillow

Brentwood Home therapeutic wedge pillow
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This wedge pillow is designed and manufactured in the United States. It has helped many customers improve their posture, and is perfect for propping up laptops while laying down. When you take it out of the package, it fluffs up to its original size very quickly compared to other wedge pillows on Amazon.


Made with certified foam — This pillow contains certified flexible polyurethane foam. You won’t have to wonder if it is filled with several materials that may not provide the best support. It is environmentally friendly and doesn’t include toxic odors or chemicals like many other brands.

Cover included — Every purchase includes a super soft, stretch knit bamboo pillow case. This will keep your pillow looking nice, and you can easily remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine.

Multiple uses — You can prop up the wedge pillow to sit up straight, use it to elevate your legs, or sleep on it at night.

Helps with several problems — You can use this pillow to reduce acid reflux at night, stop snoring, help improve your breathing, increase circulation in your legs, and alleviate back and neck pain.

  • Made in the USA
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Very lightweight
  • 12 inch size not prime eligible

5. Silverback orthopedic bed pillow

Silverback orthopedic bed wedge pillow
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This wedge pillow is medically designed at the right height recommendations given by doctors. You will get the optimal amount of support and comfort with this pillow. The price offers customers a very competitive proposition compared to its other competitors.


Base and memory foam — This pillow has a base foam height of 5 ½ inches with 2 full inches of memory foam on top. You will feel so relaxed that you won’t be able to sleep without it!

New cooling pillow case — It comes with a bamboo cover which is very breathable and keeps you cool while you sleep. Another bonus is that it is resistant to dust mites.

Can help with multiple symptoms — Customers have seen this pillow help with acid reflux, gerd, heartburn, snoring, allergies, coughing problems, and migraines. The memory foam top also relieves back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Satisfaction Guarantee — They will give you a replacement or full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied. Any returns are accepted for up to 30 days after purchase.

  • High ratings for level of softness
  • Wider than other wedge pillows in comparison
  • Very lightweight at less than 4 pounds
  • Only 1 size option available
  • Pillow cover has a weird smell and needs washing before first use

6. Cushy Form bed wedge pillow

Cushy Form bed wedge pillow
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This wedge pillow gives you 12 inches of height to relieve acid reflux and GERD. It provides great support to your back and shoulders as you sleep. You can also prop it upright to support good posture while you read or watch TV.


Memory foam top — Enjoy a comfortable wedge pillow that gives you just the right amount of support and softness. The memory foam will conform to the contours of your shoulders, neck, and head.

Amazon’s choice — This product is an Amazon’s choice for GERD pillows. There are over 2,500 customer reviews with a 4.3 out of 5 star rating overall.

Improves your health — Customers have experienced a reduction in their heartburn symptoms, improved ability to breath, and sinus relief with the Cushy Form pillow.

Variety of uses — You can prop up this wedge pillow to sit up straight in bed, use it to elevate your legs for better circulation, or sleep elevated on it at night. Enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep in the days ahead.         

  • High ratings for level of support and quality of material
  • Removable cover that is machine washable
  • Limited to 1 size
  • Many reviews stating that the memory foam is somewhat hard at first

7. FitPlus premium memory foam wedge pillow

FitPlus premium memory foam wedge pillow
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This wedge pillow is made of polyurethane foam material as the base with memory foam on top. It has a gentle slope to it that spans 28 inches, which is longer than the average wedge pillows seen on the market.


Premium memory foam topper — Enjoy a comfortable wedge pillow that provides support with 1 ½ inches of memory foam on top. The memory foam will conform to cradle your shoulders, neck, and head as you sleep.

Prime eligible — In areas where it is available, you can order this with Amazon prime membership and get free 1-day delivery.         

Improves overall health — This product says it helps with acid reflux, digestion issues, heartburn, respiratory difficulties, GERD, and snoring. You can rest easy knowing that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night with acid reflux again.

Prevent future health issues — Using this pillow on a regular basis will help prevent orthopedic problems in the future. Its ergonomic design gives your spine, neck, and shoulders added support.          

  • High ratings for support, durability, and comfort
  • Removable cover that is machine washable
  • Budget friendly pricing compared to many other similar products
  • Some mixed customer reviews about the sizing once unpackaged

8. ZOEMO memory foam orthopedic pillow

ZOEMO memory foam orthopedic pillow
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The ZOEMO pillow is innovative and versatile in its design. It comes with 3 detachable pillows that allow you to increase or decrease the incline and features a head rest pillow that can also be used for lumbar support.


3 detachable pillows — This is absolutely the most unique feature of all. You won’t  find this feature on most wedge pillows out there. Having detachable pillows allows you to adjust to a height that suits your needs.

12 in 1 multipurpose design — With the detachable pillows, you can adjust it in 12 different ways including for lumbar support as you sit, provide an incline to rest your legs, or have a place to rest your head while laying down.

Lightweight — This product weighs less than 5 pounds, so customers can easily move it and transport it anywhere. It comes with a handle which makes it simple to carry around. 

5 star ratings — Amazon customers have rated this pillow with 5 stars in both sturdiness and versatility. You can’t get much better than this if it fits your budget.          

  • High ratings for sturdiness and versatility
  • Removable covers that are all machine washable
  • Premium quality soft covers provide maximum comfort
  • Less than 500 customer ratings so far
  • A bit more pricey than most wedge pillows on this list

9. RELAX SUPPORT RS6 whole memory foam adjustable pillow

RELAX SUPPORT RS6 adjustable wedge pillow
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This wedge pillow has 2 sections that can be zipped together or separated depending on your needs. It also includes a free half moon pillow that can be used as a head rest, lumbar support, or even as an ankle rest when you lay down.


Detachable pillows — The two main pillows come zippered together, but you are free to unzip them as needed to adjust the height of your wedge pillow.

Non slip cover — Each pillow comes with a non slip polyester case so you won’t slide down as you sleep on an incline. These also come with zippers to allow you to remove them easily when they need to be washed.         

Best selling — This is an Amazon’s choice product and it is the second most best selling wedge pillow on the platform so far.

One compact package — The unboxing experience is simple and straightforward. Do not use scissors or a knife to cut open the vacuum packed plastic, tear it open by hand and let the pillows sit and reform for a full 24 hours before first use.

  • High ratings for thickness and support
  • Removable polyester covers that are all machine washable
  • Premium memory foam that won’t go flat over time
  • This product is a bit heavier at 7 pounds

10. InteVision foam bed wedge pillow

InteVision foam bed wedge pillow
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This bed wedge pillow also includes a memory foam head rest which can be adjusted in size by removing the insert. The materials include a polyurethane base with a 2 inch memory foam top. There are built in air flow channels between the memory foam and polyurethane layers to help reduce the amount of heat that remains in the pillow as you sleep.


2 inches of memory foam — The memory foam will conform to the contours of your shoulders, neck, and head providing the best comfort and support.

Breathable bamboo covers — Each pillow comes with breathable bamboo covers which allow air circulation to help keep you cool at night.

Prime eligible — In areas where it is available, you can order this with Amazon prime membership and get free 1-day delivery.

Improves your health — This is a pillow you can depend on to help with acid reflux, GERD, heartburn, snoring, allergies, post nasal drip, coughing, breathing problems, migraines, and blood circulation. It can also help relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain and help quicken recoveries after surgery.                       

  • High ratings for quality of material and comfort
  • Only weighs 5 pounds
  • S. patented design
  • Limited 30 day return window

Benefits of Wedge Pillows

These are all reasons you should invest in a wedge pillow. Since they’re moderately firm, they can raise and support your head while you sleep, to alleviate the symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, and heartburn.

A comfortable and uninterrupted sleep allows you to be at your very best the next day. We believe the better your pillow, the higher the quality of rest you’ll be able to enjoy. Wedge pillows not only make a difference at night but during the day while relaxing too.

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, there is still so much more a wedge pillow has to offer.

Helps Relieve Pains

Wedge pillows help you maintain proper spinal alignment, especially if you suffer from lower back, neck, or leg pain. This is because it can support your whole torso and allows for a well-supported lower back. It also allows you to raise your knees, which can ease the pressure in your lower back.

Improve Poor Circulation

As people grow older, more and more circulation problems can arise. This is just one of the reasons why it’s beneficial to use a wedge pillow, especially those that have higher inclines to keep the shoulders and arms relaxed, as well as the knees and legs when placed underneath the feet.

Good for Watching TV or Reading

Those who spend a lot of time reading or watching television often use pillows to prop themselves up. Having a wedge pillow gives you the choice of a comfortable headrest or backrest which is specifically designed for that purpose. It can provide the needed support which regular pillows lack. As wedge pillows are portable, they can be used anywhere, from in bed to the couch to chairs, even while travelling.

Treats Indigestion & prevents Snoring

Eaten a little too much? Bid abdominal pain and acid reflux goodbye! Wedge pillows allow your body to easily digest without any discomfort. As an added tip, doctors recommend that you sleep on your left side. This allows food to process properly while ensuring you’re comfortable and undisturbed during the night.

If you have a sleep or breathing disorder, wedge pillows can ensure greater airflow and less obstruction. This will increase your quality of sleep and leave you feeling well-rested and refreshed the next morning.

Different Types of Wedge Pillows


If you want something fluffy, this pillow will provide you with extreme softness, support, and superior comfort. The feathers inside the pillow are similar to carbon fiber and since they are curled, they serve as a natural spring.

Memory Foam

If the freedom to move around unhindered during the night is of great importance to you, having a memory foam wedge pillow will allow you to easily adjust your position at any time. Whether it’s your head, neck, or shoulders, you can be sure that a restful sleep awaits you in the most natural position, as memory foam is highly accommodating.


In desperate need of something hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant? Latex wedge pillows offer both. Breathable and snug, these wedge pillows are especially suited for those who are prone to excess sweating during the night. Additionally, it provides excellent neck and shoulder support, which reduces cases of cervical stiffness and arm pain.

Shredded Memory Foam

As the name suggests, the memory foam in these pillows is shredded into small pieces for better breathability. While regular memory foam can adjust to any position, shredded memory foam has superior flexibility.


If you’re looking for an economical option, this may be right for you. Polyester wedge pillows are easy to maintain and very durable, however, some people often shy away from polyester because of health concerns due to the chemical compounds used to create this type of material.

How to Shop for the Perfect Wedge Pillow

The right wedge pillow can do wonders, not only for your quality of sleep but for your health too. When choosing a pillow, it’s important to not only look at the price but at the other, more important factors.

How do you know which wedge pillow is right for you? Here is a list of what to look out for when deciding on the perfect wedge pillow.


Although it might seem like wedge pillows only come in one size, there are actually various options available to choose from! What bed will it be used for? Is it for a twin, a queen, or a king-size? The most important thing to check first is the dimension of your bed. Aside from the size of your bed, also take your body size and preference into account. It’s incredibly important that the wedge pillow is big enough to properly support you and meet your needs.

Wedge pillows are further divided by height. Low wedge pillows usually measure between six (6) to eight (8) inches, ideal for battling acid reflux, sleep apnea, and more. Next are the mid-height pillows which usually measure between ten (10) to twelve (12) inches. This height works well in preventing sore muscles, aches, and pains during the day. Last but not the least, tall wedge pillows are about fifteen (15) inches high. These pillows provide good support if you want to read or just simply sit back and watch television.

The size of the pillow also dictates whether or not you can bring it with you when you travel outside the comfort of your own home. Is it foldable? Is it travel-sized or something you can bring to the airport? If you are someone who frequently travels, this is definitely something to consider.


Typical materials are polyurethane foam or memory foam. It’s vital to know the material because it also helps you identify whether or not you’re purchasing a wedge pillow that suits your needs. For example, polyurethane foam acts as a firm support for those who choose to sleep on their back, while memory foam is ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their side, as it easily conforms to your body shape and position.

Polyfoam is usually the more popular choice since it’s much cheaper than memory foam. However, polyfoam pillows have a shorter lifespan than memory foam models. Don’t be discouraged though! Even if they don’t last quite as long, many polyfoam pillows are on par with the quality of memory foam. If you’re on a budget and are desperately in need of a wedge pillow, purchasing a polyfoam one will still be worth it.

The durability is also something you should consider. A good quality wedge pillow can last a long time and is worth the money in the long run, especially if it’s to ensure you enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Oftentimes the warranty is an indication of the quality of a product, which in turn can give you an idea of the lifespan of your pillow.

Another thing worth considering when choosing a material is whether or not you want something breathable or something that doesn’t retain heat. Foam pillows usually tend to trap in the heat which can be bad news for sleepers who prefer the cold. Materials that can help keep you cool during the night are bamboo, polyester, and poly-based synthetic fabrics. Ideally, you should choose a wedge pillow which has a removable cover. That way it can be washed whenever needed.

Last but not least, wedge pillows are available with different surfaces. Flat surfaced pillows are ideal for the head, neck, and shoulder areas. While contoured pillows are made specifically to fit the natural curves of your body, such as the neck and spine. Contoured pillows are also suitable for those who prefer to sleep on their sides.