The Best Trundle Beds for 2021 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

1. Zinus Florence Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Zinus Florence Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame SetThe day bed is generally a popular choice amongst masses while buying furniture for a room with limited space. The main reason is the multiple functions it can offer as.

It can be used as a sofa as well as a bed when needed. A daybed has space underneath which can be used as storage.In many cases, the extra space comes with a trundle bed that has wheels and can be pulled out whenever needed.

It fits perfectly in small rooms without making it look packed and crowded. Zinus Florence Twin day bed is a great option when finding a daybed for your house.

It comes with a trundle frame set.. Zinus manufactures furniture by keeping in mind the different needs of masses. It makes innovative, stylish and comfortable beds.

The trundle bed is the best choice for limited spaces instead of a traditional bed as you can drag it out anytime you want. In addition to this, it comes in a variety of sizes hence you can choose according to the space you have.

Zinus is working towards constant evolution by continuously improving the quality of manufactured products. It provides quality furniture pieces in a price range that is affordable for all. The company aims to have a happy and satisfied customer. The company believes that the one furniture piece can not be suitable for everyone.

Therefore it is constantly working towards introducing beds and sofas that different people desire so that the company has something for everyone. Moreover, all the designs are easy to assemble. The Florence twin bed is also one of its innovative designs with premium steel slat support.

The trundle frame gives additional sleeping space and extra seating. The steel frame is simple yet elegant hence it complements a range of decors and not limited to a specific theme.It fits two twin size mattresses. The mattresses are not included in the package with the frame but can be purchased separately from Zinus.

The Zinus mattresses are infused with natural ingredients like green tea, olive oil and charcoal this eliminates harmful phthalates, chemical flame retardants, and formaldehyde.


  • Stylish
  • Multi-functional
  • space-saving design
  • No box springs required
  • Easy to assemble in minutes


  • It comes with a 5-year warranty


The weight of this item is 3 pounds


  • The dimensions of daybed are 77-inch Length X 39 inch Width X 36.7 inch Height
  • The dimensions of trundle bed are 70-inch Length X 38.5 inch Width X 4.2 inch Height

Color and Material:

Zinus Florence day bed is made of metal and it comes in white color

2. Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle FrameIf you have limited space at your office or in your homes. You can take advantage of the tremendous benefits that a trundle bed has to offer. Day beds are designed to function both as a sofa and a bed. The space underneath it is usually used as a trundle bed with wheels.

A daybed can be easily placed in any room as it fits in limited space areas. It is a multifunctional furniture piece that can be used when you are tight on space.

You can place it in studio apartments or your living rooms even if you don’t have an extra guest room for the visitors you won’t have to worry about where your guests will take rest.

Day beds come in a variety of designs that can completely add to the surrounding décor.Zinus Suzanne twin bed and trundle frame set is known for its comfort and space-efficient features.

With this bed, you can get a cozy sleeping space and an additional seating area. The elegant metal and wood frame complements numerous themes.

Zinus started as a company that built tents by Mr. 1979, it has eventually started manufacturing the home furniture and bedding industry.

The company never compromises on quality and doesn’t sacrifice its principles for profit gains.Zinus manufactures bed frames after thorough research on all kinds of sleepers so that it has something to offer to all kinds of customers.

Zinus works towards giving you a peaceful sleep at night by manufacturing high-quality bed frames and mattresses to go with it at your doorsteps.The Zinus Suzanne is a chic and sophisticated bed with a space-saving design that is ideal for rooms with minimal space. It is a sturdy day bed with a trundle bed frame. simple to assemble without any fancy tools. It is solidly built and packaged well for home delivery.

Perfect grip:

Zinus Suzanne twin bed has premium steel slats for the perfect grip. These rust-resistant slats provide high finish and ultimate support to the bed frame.


This product comes with 5 years of warranty period.


The contemporary design of this day bed makes it a popular choice because of the unique combination of materials used in manufacturing. It has both wood and metal in the frame.


  • Product dimensions of day bed are 78-inch length x 39-inch width x 25.8-inch height.
  • The dimensions of trundle bed are 70-inch Length X 38.5 inch Width X 4.2 inch Height


The product weight is 64 pounds.




It is made of premium steel and pine wood.

3. Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed with TrundleA daybed is multi-functional furniture that is used both for sitting and sleeping. It is designed to work as a sofa and is spacious enough to provide the comfort of a bed.

Trundle bed, on the other hand, is a two in one design, with space for two people to sleep. It has an extra sleeping space underneath the sofa seat. Daybeds have a lot of benefits.

Mostly used in the lounge or a guest room, it has a range of applications. It comes in various designs, unique styles and numerous forms that can perfectly fit in all different types of decors.

Trundle bed usually comes in the twin-sized frame however there might be a few exceptions in certain designs. But the twin size frame is mostly recommended and desired as it easily fits in minimal spaces.

The history of trundle beds goes back to Medieval times. The people of that era often included an extra bed underneath their beds, this was done to the maids, servants or personal help nearby.

Novogratz Her Majesty upholstered day bed with trundle can be used as a sofa, a bed or a guest bed thus making it versatile.

Novogratz is a company run by the husband and wife couple, Courtney and Robert Novogratz. They are passionate about art, design, and architecture. Their company aims at developing innovative designs for modern families.

Novogratz designs its products by keeping the versatility of masses in mind. It has something for people with unique tastes. From modern to classic, simple to vintage the designs are sure to make you fall in love with the product.

The Novogratz as a company believes in the importance of details hence they make products by adding unique details that make a furniture piece stand out.The state of the art products by Novogratz are multifunctional, durable and affordable at the same time. These trendy pieces bring elegance and grace to your homes.

Novogratz upholstered day bed stands out amongst others because of the sophisticated design. It makes the room look lavish while providing comfort at the same time. The upholstered beds are usually available in several styles that can fit in your homes whether its traditional, vintage, classic or modern.


This bed features an upholstered backrest covered in elegant diamond-tufted linen this adds to the comfort. Moreover, it gives extra cushioning excellent pressure distribution for back and neck rest.In addition to this, it has stylish wingback arms and tapered brown legs.

This day bed comes with a unique bentwood slat system that allows air to pass freely beneath the mattress. The trundle can be pulled out and it comes with casters that lock in place adding to the strength.The daybed with trundle accommodates two standard twin size mattresses which can be purchased separately. The suitable height for the trundle mattress is 6’


The bed is made with a wooden frame, linen upholstery, and medium density fire boards.

Easy to assemble:

Novogratz Her Majesty Day bed ships in one box and it comes with easy to assemble packaging.


  • Made with a strong wood frame and padded in premium linen this bed is available in multiple colors.
  • It can be purchased in Gray, Blue, Light Green, and Light Pink color.


  • Daybed dimensions: 75.5”L x 43.5”W x 33.5”H.
  • Trundle dimensions: 75”L x 40”W x 11.5”H


Weight limit daybed: 400 lb. Trundle weight limit: 250 lb.

4. DHP Manila Queen Metal Full Size Trundle

DHP Manila Queen Metal Full Size TrundleIf you live in a small house and have limited space, the arrangement of extra sleeping space for guests can be a hassle. The best solution is to look for a multipurpose furniture piece that can fit in minimal space at your home. For this purpose, a day bed is the best choice.

Daybeds are manufactured in various materials. It can be made from wood or metal and upholstery or a combination of two materials. It comes in a variety of designs and styles as well.

However, when you are opting for a furniture piece that is best for a minimal space the standard metal bed frame is a suitable option for several reasons. It is less expensive thus light on the pocket.

It is long-lasting as compared to other materials. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain and can be made in a variety of colors. Most importantly it is safe in case of heat and fire thus making it a secure option.

The DHP Manilla Trundle is a daybed with a metal frame. In a room that will house both adults and children the queen-sized Manilla trundle is a better option.

Dorel Home Products (DHP) works with a mission of providing “Furniture for every lifestyle”.DHP is a division of Dorel Industries Inc. It is a leading manufacturer of home furnishing products. It considers itself to be the small space living expert. Whether you need small space furniture for your office, home, condo or an apartment.

DHP has multifunctional furniture pieces that add value to your living space. DHP has futons, mattresses, standard beds, daybeds, and much more. It is a go-to destination for all small space living furniture.

The company delivers products that excel in design, have a high quality and affordable price. The furniture manufactured by DHP is practical, multi-purpose, stylish, unique and designed with an integrated support system that provides a solid foundation.

It has unique contemporary designs that are appealing to the eyes and consumes limited floor space. This Manilla day bed is a timeless piece to get for yourself if you love having guests over for sleepovers. Just pull out the trundle and let your guests enjoy the comfort of this bed.


It has a metal grill design. The rounded finials give it a Victorian look and a classy finish.

This stylish piece adds a spark to any room with its intricate details. Made of durable metal frame and slats on the day bed provide extra support and added durability. The trundle comes with four easy-glide casters.

Two of the casters can be locked so that the trundle doesn’t move thus adding safety. The frame is solid and it can support a lot of weight.

The daybed with trundle fits two mattresses which have to be purchased separately as the mattresses do not come with the frame. One standard queen size mattress fits on daybed (maximum 8 inches) and for the trundle, a standard full-size mattress is suitable (maximum 6 inches).

Comfort and Durability:

This strong and durable metal frame features supportive slats so you can lay a mattress right on top without needing a box spring thus adding comfort. The open-air frame allows the air ventilation so that it stays fresh for years.


  • Product dimensions of daybed – 84-inch length x 63 inch width x 41. 5-inch height.
  • The dimensions of trundle- 71-inch length x 56. 5-inch width x 3.5-inch height.

Weight Limit:

  • Daybed Weight Limit: 450 lb.
  • Trundle Weight Limit: 225 lb


It ships in one box. the shipping dimensions are 83-inch length x 32-inch width x 4-inch height. It easy to assemble sets up quickly.


The daybed comes in Queen, Full and Twin sizes.


In comes in a variety of colors: Bronze, Gold, Pink, and White.

5. Atlantic Furniture Concord Platform Bed with Trundle

Atlantic Furniture Concord Platform Bed with TrundleA trundle bed is a low bed that is usually under a normal bed or a day bed. It has wheels that are used to pull the trundle out for use.It’s special as it gives two sleeping spaces in one.

It is perfect for a guest room that doubles as a study. You can also put it to cover the extra space in your bedroom or lounge, hence it can be used at various places.

It serves the function of a sofa as well as a bed because of its innovative design that is a fusion of standard bed and a comfortable couch. A trundle comes in a variety of designs.

Atlantic furniture is one of the many manufacturers that makes day beds. Atlantic furniture has over 30 years of experience in the furniture manufactures unique designs with solid hardwood. The company is committed to quality. It supports environmental safety and works with sustainability in mind. The timeless pieces made by this company add an everlasting value to your home.

The Atlantic furniture believes in productions of furniture by using eco- friendly material .the material comes from eco- friendly plantation-grown hardwood. It mostly uses timber from Para rubber tree, plantation-grown mahogany, white birch, and Italian poplar. Bottom of Form

The finishing process adds to the quality and durability it starts with the sanding of each component followed by the application of a wiping filler to microscopically seal the wood pores. Once the filler dries, a wood stain is applied to even the grain and alter the color of the wood.

To build the protective coating a lightly tinted primary sealer is used after this the polishing takes place and finished with a final topcoat that is absorbed into the outer surface of the wood. After curing, a fine abrasive polishing is performed. A secondary sealer, which produces smooth surfaces and uniform wood tone, is applied and finished with a final topcoat.

The products are made by a five-step finishing process. That makes it water and scratch resistant all the government safety regulations are met which ensures safety and sustainability through eco-friendly furnishing.Atlantic furniture concord platform bed is one of the options available to be purchased. This bed comes with an urban trundle one of the best things about this bed is that it has a platform frame.

These platform beds are simple in style thus giving a clean look and fit well in contemporary décor. It brings a fresh change in the room. The platform bed in light of pocket and it eliminates the extra cost of accessories that go with traditional beds.

The platform frame gives perfect support and stability because of the low height of the bed. Above all the space underneath can be used for storage or as a trundle bed. Thus making it multi-functional. It has unique contemporary designs that are appealing to the eyes and consumes limited floor space.

The Platform Beds have a unique dual height slat kit and bed frame support system that eliminates the need for a foundation. Atlantic Furniture Platform Beds can be set in a high position to be used with a mattress only, or a low setting to accommodate for a mattress and foundation set.

With both height settings and the unique dual-height slat kit, thus making these beds the most versatile beds in the market.The concord can be used as both a traditional bed as well as a day bed. It has a chic and symmetrical design that brings elegance to the room


  • The Flat Panel Footboard enhances grace.
  • It is made of solid hardwood which has a non-toxic finish.
  • The material is sustainably sourced.
  • The design is durable and lasts long.
  • It doesn’t come with a mattress and it has to be purchased separately.
  • Above all the trundle can be placed on either side of the bed, hence making it easier to fit anywhere in the room.


The Atlantic Furniture concord platform bed with trundle comes in a variety of colors: Caramel, Espresso, Grey, Walnut, White.


The product has the following dimensions 77 x 55.9 x 16 inches.


  • Item weight is 152 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 148 pounds


It comes in full and twin sizes.

6. Novogratz Tallulah Tufted Daybed and Trundle

Novogratz Tallulah Tufted Daybed and TrundleHaving limited space to live and furnishing it to the best of capacity by finding the right kind of small space furniture can be a hassle. A piece of furniture that can be very useful without making the room crowded is a daybed.

It has versatile functions and looks aesthetically beautiful as well. A beautiful combination of a bed as well as a sofa, the day beds have space-conscious designs.

Usually, a daybed also comes with the trundle bed frame attached to it.The space underneath the seat has an additional bed attached to it which can be pulled out and used whenever needed.

Due to its versatile design, it can be placed anywhere from your lounge to the guest room, home office to an extra study lounge with limited space. It is a cozy option to sit during the day and sleep at night.Though daybeds look like a sofa, but they have extra space. Thus, giving a hybrid style structure and making it a smart solution to tiny space. Novogratz Tallulah tufted daybed comes with trundle.

The Novogratz Tallulah Tufted Daybed and Trundle will beautify your room. This chic daybed has an elegant and royal vintage style with button-tufted details in soft velvet upholstery.The frame is made of solid wood and the back of the sofa has a soft padding. This sophisticated design has additional comfort due to extra padding.The tufted furniture is elegant due to the technique which is used to manufacture it.

It is made by sewing buttons or stitches through cushion or mattress padding This is typically done in a diamond shape. This style has been in demand for centuries and it is still considered a combination of elegance and trend.

From velvet to linen, there are a variety of upholstery materials that look stunning with tufting.Novogratz is founded and owned by a husband and wife duo, Courtney and Robert Novogratz. Their love for art, design, and architecture has led to the production of creative and sophisticated furniture pieces.

Novogratz is experienced in making multifunctional furniture, whether it is futons, day beds, trundles or beds with storage compartments their practical furniture adds grace to the home.

They are elated to have a line of products designed to bring energy and comfort to limited space. Their trendy designs are made while keeping the needs of customers in mind. The furniture is available at an affordable price and it is easy to assemble. From modern to classic, simple to vintage the designs are sure to make you fall in love with the product.


The Novogratz Tallulah Tufted Daybed and Trundle has a classic vintage design. the intricate details make it the center of attention in any kind of décor.

The frame is sturdy and durable as it is made with solid wood with bentwood slats. It fits two twin mattresses which are sold separately. The bentwood slat system provides great ventilation to the mattress.


This design comes in blue, grey and pink colors.


It ships in two boxes and wipes clean with a soft cloth


  • Daybed dimensions: 85.5”L x 48”W x 37”H.
  • Trundle dimensions: 75”L x 40”W x 11.5”H.


  • Daybed weight limit: 400 lb.
  • Trundle weight limit: 250 lb
  • Item weight: 145 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 145 pounds

7. Homelegance Adra Leather Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

Homelegance Adra Leather Upholstered Daybed with TrundleThe daybed with trundle is an amazing product. It is the solution to all the problems that arise with limited space or small homes. If you love to have guests over for sleepover but the space in your house is the problem, a daybed is a perfect choice as it has multiple functions.

It provides seating space during the day and becomes a sleeping bed at night. If attached with trundle it doubles the sleeping space.

Homelegance is an American multinational company with headquarter in Fermont, California. It designs and manufactures wholesale furniture which is best in quality.

The products are available at an economical price. The extensive product list that the company has can fit in any lifestyle. It has something for everyone whether you want something simple for your home or something carved with intricate designs Homelegance has a solution for you.

Homelegance Adra Daybed is modern design that looks chic and stylish in minimal space. It is a PU Leather upholstered daybed in a rich and beautiful dark brown color. PU leather is a coating of Polyurethane on a thin layer of leather.

This coating gives a glossy finish to the leather. It is used on furniture and in apparel. It is less expensive as compared to genuine leather. The coating makes it smooth and thus easier to clean and maintain.

Leather upholstery looks graceful if placed at home or in offices. A leather sofa generally lasts longer than fabric upholstery due to its flexibility and ability to resist tears. It is strong and durable and doesn’t rip easily.

Leather has been in use for centuries even today it remains an important component, especially in upholstery. It is used to manufacture beautiful and luxurious furniture. Leather remains one of the most desirable fabric materials available in the market.


The Adra daybed has PU leather upholstery. It features high quality and easy to clean vinyl finish. Moreover, it has a modern and solid design with a track arm and plush frame. The pullout trundle is sturdy and comfortable.


  • Daybed measures 82 X 41 x 36. 5H.
  • Trundle measures 75. 5 x 40. 25 x 11. 75H


The fabric used for upholstery is PU Leather and it contains, 85% POLYURETHANE, 15% POLYESTER. This daybed comes fully covered in a rich dark brown vinyl.


  • It comes in two boxes.
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The recommended location for assembling the product is indoor


  • Item weight: 141 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 152 pounds


The Adra day bed with trundle fits two twin size mattresses. These are not included in the package and have to be purchased separately.

8. Broyhill Kids Island Full Captain’s Bed with Trundle

Broyhill Kids Island Full Captain's Bed with TrundleTrundle is a versatile piece of furniture. It can be placed in various places at your home or office.

Stork craft manufactures furniture products for kids or teen bedrooms, including changing tables, dressers, mattresses, beds, daybeds and bunk beds from brands like Graco, Thomasville, or Broyhill.

The Broyhill work with a vision of providing furniture that can be the foundation of our home’s comfort. The Focus is to make the home a comfortable place.

Broyhill believes in making designs that are built to last. Over the years, Broyhill has managed to establish itself as a leader in the furniture market. Some of the furniture is more impressive than others.

Kids Marco Island Full Captain’s Bed with Trundle is one of their most notable offerings. It is a very unique design and a full-sized bed with a twin-sized trundle. It can act as an alternative to bunk bed. In addition to the trundle, it also has extra under bed storage.


This bed has an easy-going style. It is built while considering the comfort in mind. The headboard and footboard are constructed out of solid hardwood, with slats, which gives the bed more durability. For more convenience, the trundle can be configured on both the right and left side of the bed. The drawers can also be configured on both sides of the bed. This allows us to position the bed up against a wall on either side of the room.


It is versatile a bed having a 3 in 1 function. It includes a pull-out twin trundle bed with three functioning spacious drawers. The drawers are conveniently located underneath the trundle bed.

Weight Capacity:

This bed is constructed out of the highest quality wood that ensures durability and longevity. The bed frame is capable of holding up to 200 pounds.


  • Trundle Dimensions: 78.1W x 59.5D x 35.5H inches
  • Daybed Dimensions: 81.1W x 43.9D x 35.5H inches


  • It includes Headboard, Footboard, Rails, Trundle, and Drawers.
  • It doesn’t include mattresses.
  • Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s bed is available in three different finishes dove brown, white and espresso.


Every product at Broyhill is made while considering safety and comfort in mind. This bed is safe as it is ASTM Certified and meets CPSC safety standards.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Some people don’t know what trundle beds are. Well they are low beds stored under the primary bed, with wheels, some rise to the height of the main bed to make one big bed. They are good for sleepovers, or even as a storage place.

Benefits of Trundle Beds

There are several benefits of trundle beds. They can be great space savers, very useful for visitors, they come in various styles and they are much safer than a bunk bed. So we are going to talk about all these amazing benefits down below.

Space savers: Trundle beds have the ability to roll out at any time, making them excellent space savers for any type of bedroom. As they are good for sleepovers, by having two people sleep on one bed instead of two beds, which will save up lots of space. They can also be good storage places, which you can store stuff that aren’t used often and free up more space.

Great for guests: Sometimes we get surprise guests, and we need to prepare a bed fast. But not having time to get one ready is a problem, so how can we solve this? By using a trundle bed. You can prepare a bed for guests in minutes with no difficulty. As they are fast and easy to prepare.

Stylish: Trundle beds have different styles. Whether it’s for a girl or boy bedroom, or even for an adult bedroom. As having various styles give more attraction and lots of fun for the kids. They even come in different frames. Such as metal, this is a good choice, because you can paint it whichever color you want to make it suit any bedroom.

And then you got wood, for a nice simple basic style, you can’t paint this type however you wish, but carving it to a different shape is not bad. Last but not least the upholstered type, this type will give you an amazing luxurious style for your bed, which makes it expensive for some of us, but if you got the money go for it.

Safer than bunk beds: As we see trundle beds are low and close to the ground, not like bunk beds. So falling from a trundle bed won’t be as harmful or dangerous as falling from the top of a bunk bed. Other than sleeping in a trundle bed is not as scary as sleeping in a bunk bed for our kids.

And a trundle bed doesn’t have another bed on top of you, which will take away the risk of bumping your head when getting up too fast. Or even the fear of the upper bed collapsing on top of the lower one. Last we got the ladder; trundle beds don’t have ladders, as they are close to the floor. So getting off a trundle bed at night is not risky or dangerous as getting off a bunk bed at night. So all these factors make a trundle bed a lot safer for our kids and us than a bunk bed.

Types of Trundle Beds

Trundle beds come in different types. And because of that we can choose a suitable one for our needs. There are two known types of trundle beds, the pop-up trundles and the drawer trundles. We are going to talk about each one of them in full detail, so you can find out which is better for you.

Pop-up trundle: Getting lots of guest couples or children is kind of problem. Because having one bed for each one of them will take up lots of space. So pop-up trundle beds are perfect for this situation. As they can rise to the same height of the main bed to make one big bed. This will allow both of our guests sleep one the same bed. Plus they aren’t difficult to prepare, you can prepare it in just a matter of minutes.

Drawer trundles: A drawer trundle bed is very helpful and useful for those who have kids. As for having kids means having toys, and not having a place to store them all is a problem, as it will take up lots of the room space. So a drawer trundle bed is the type you need in this situation. You can store toys, blankets, clothes, or any other thing in the trundles drawer with ease, which will save up tons of room space. And let’s not forget it can even become a second bed instead of a drawer. That will save up space by not having two beds.

Types of Mattresses for Trundle Beds

Trundle beds have different types of mattresses. And each mattress has its pros and cons. And we all prefer a different type, as if it was because the price, comfort, firmness, support, or any other reason. So down below I am going to talk about each and every type of mattress, so you can know which is better for you.

Spring mattress: A spring mattress is one of the most popular mattresses nowadays. They come in various firming ranges which allow you to choose between having a firm or soft bed. You can move them with ease as they are not heavy. And they are soft and bouncy compared to other mattresses. But at the same time they don’t last very long. May become squeaky later on, and doesn’t support your spine very good. The prices differ from 700$-1,200$.

Memory foam: A memory foam mattress is a good choice. As it acts as an energy absorbing cushion. It even responds to the pressure of your body by spreading it across the surface of the mattress. And what makes it even more special, it giving support to your spine. That’s for the pros, as for the cons, it’s kind of expensive, and pretty heavy which makes it difficult to move it around. After all memory foam mattress is good to have. The prices of this mattress can be 600$-1,200$.

Open Coil: This type of mattress is one of the most common types, and one of the cheapest too. As they provide a very decent body support due to the firmness it has, and they are light thus easier to move it around. As for the Cons, it’s not as firm or strong as the other mattresses, which after a period of time it can sink in the middle. This type of mattress is price can be found between 100$-500$.

Latex mattresses: Most people don’t even know about this type of mattress, but this type is actually a favorite among experts. As it provides a nice and cool sleep surface, making it easy to change sleeping positions. But some individuals might have allergies to this type, and let’s not forget it can be expensive. As the price of a latex mattress is between 1,500$-2,500$.

Types of Trundle Bed Frames

There are different trundle bed frames. And each frame will differ whether it’s the price range or style and what can you do with them. So I will be talking about each one of them so you can see which you prefer.

Upholstered Frames: First we got the upholstered frame. If you are looking for a luxurious look for your bed, or even a nice looking modern design. The upholstered frame is what you are looking for. This type of frame is one of the most decorative frames you can find out there. But this type is kind of expensive, as the price range is near 100$-500$.

Metal frames: Metal frames are a good type to have. They are easy to adjust whenever needed, give a modern design to the bedroom. You can even paint them so they can match any type of bedroom, if it were a girl or boy bedroom. But they are not that too versatile as a wooden frame is. Their price range is about 100$-200$.

Wooden Frames: Wooden frames are one of the most common frames used these days. It’s very easy and simple to put together, and they have that versatility in them. You can’t really paint them whenever you want to, but they come in lots of different designs to choose from. You may even be able to carve it to a specific design. Prices for a wooden frame will be between 100$-300$.

What to look for when Buying a Trundle Bed

Mattress type: As we mentioned before there are several types of mattresses for trundle beds. So picking the right one is very important for your relaxation, health, income. As we have the spring mattresses, memory foam, open coil, latex and a lot more. So if we want to compare between two types of mattresses, we will find lots of differences between them. And each has their pros and cons’, so picking the right mattress is very important.

Available trundle bed sizes: There are many sizes for a trundle bed; you got the twin, twin XL, full and queen size trundle beds. So before buying one you got to know where and who it’s going to be for. Because you don’t want to buy a queen size trundle bed a child. Nor do you want to buy it too big that won’t allow it to fit in the place you want it to go. So knowing the size of the trundle bed before buying is pretty important and helpful to know.

Price range: Trundle beds vary between their prices. Knowing your budget will help you find the perfect trundle bed for you. Trundle bed prices vary from 200$-1000$. They are not that cheap, so knowing how much the trundle you want to buy costs is a helpful factor.

Frames: Trundle beds have different types of frames. Knowing the type of frame you will get is important. As if you don’t want to buy a wooden frame if you get a lot of moisture in your house, because that will ruin the whole frame. And having a metal frame might be dangerous for kids, as they may bump into to it while playing and get harmed. So double check before buying the frame or it might go to waste.