Top 17 Best Bed Sheets in 2018 – Ultimate Guide

Many people spend a lot of time researching the best mattresses to buy, but forget how important it is to find the best bed sheets possible too.

We have all experienced lack of sleep due to rough sheets and “Sweet Dreams” that comes from sleeping heavenly soft & comfortable bed sheets.

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Before you go shopping for bed sheets, you’ll want to read up and educate yourself to be able to choose the very best sheets for your budget.

We all know Egyptian cotton is often used to make some of the most superior sheets money can buy. The best cotton sheets are the ones made with “long-threaded” or “extra-long” cotton fibers.

Egyptian cotton is known for being grown along the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. The region is famous for producing the most breathable, silky-soft and absorbent cotton sheets.

What to Consider When Shopping for Cotton Bed Sheets in 2018

Fabric Weave

After you’ve decided on purchasing a new set of sheets, you’ll need to consider the weave of the fabrics the sheets are made from. The weave of your new bed sheets will judge how soft they feel against your body.

A good comparison is between Sateen and Percale weave. Percale weave will give you a crisper and cooler feeling set of bed sheets. Sateen provides a softer and more luxurious feeling to the bed sheets, but also “sleep hotter” and can be “slippery”.

Deciding on the best cotton sheets will differ between one person and the other. It all depends on personal preference.

Thread Count

The next thing you want to consider is the Thread Count of your bed sheets. Thread count is the amount of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of your bed sheets.

The general rule of thumb is, the higher the thread count, the softer the bed sheets are. The best bed sheets not only have a higher TC, but they also cost more money.

I don’t advise you to use thread count (alone) to judge the quality of bed sheets. Some companies use false information on their labels and manufacturing methods that increase the thread count without improving quality.

During your search for the perfect set of bed sheets, you’ll notice most of them come with a TC between 200 and over 1000. Some of the best Egyptian cotton sheets only have a TC of about 400. That doesn’t mean they’re inferior or “Cheap bed sheets”.

It all depends on the quality of the fabric and cotton threads used to make the bed sheets. The best sheets aren’t always the most expensive sheets or have the highest TC.

Most Egyptian cotton sheets are perfect with a TC between 400 and 800. If you buy a higher end set of sheets, you’ll still feel a lot of comfort, even with a TC of 200.

Browse our reviews to determine which set of bed sheets are best for your needs and comfort level.

Mattress Size

When searching for the best cotton sheets, you’ll also want to consider the size of your mattress.

Buying the wrong size bed sheets online can be frustrating, especially when you find out after trying them on.

Some mattresses are longer or deeper (taller) than average. This is due to pillow-top mattresses and older model beds. A good fitted-bed sheet, will be able to stretch far enough to make up for the difference in size.

But you’re better off measuring you’re mattress and comparing it to the bed sheets size before buying.


Having a budget when shopping for bed sheets is also an excellent idea for many reasons.

In case you’re not able to afford the best Egyptian cotton set of sheets, you will still be able to find some that will fit into your budget. Our reviews below show you the price range of the sheets to help you narrow down the perfect set for you.

Main Types of Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

The best type of modern bed sheets are Egyptian cotton sheets. They hand pick the “finest cotton” grown in Egypt to make the highest quality sheets available.

Egyptian cotton sheets are used by Celebrities, Royalty & the best hotels in the world, and you can too.

The unique long-fiber cotton from Egypt are also known as ELS or Egyptian-Long-Stapled cotton. This special cotton is very pliable and can be woven into extremely fine and soft fabric.

The best Egyptian cotton sheets are very durable and can last for decades. They get softer and softer with time and are an excellent investment and make for a very special gift idea.

The different types of Cotton Sheet Weaves

  • Egyptian Cotton: Softest – Most Durable
  • Standard Cotton Sheets: Basic Cotton Weave
  • Percale Weave: Crisp – Clean Finish
  • Sateen Sheets: Silky – Shiny
  • Pinpoint: Average Softness
  • Twill: Wrinkle Resistant – Easy to Care for

Tips on Buying the Perfect Set of Bed Sheets

Egyptian Cotton is the most popular type of sheets you can find online or in stores. You want to be careful not to fall for fake or “Imitation Egyptian cotton sheets”.

Here are some tips to help you buy the perfect set of Real Egyptian sheets.

Only Contain 100% Cotton

There are many different types of cotton blends used to make sheets. For the best sheets, always verify they ONLY contain 100% Egyptian cotton. This will ensure for the softest and purest bed sheets.

You should avoid lower quality sheets that contain synthetic fibers like Polyester. These synthetic fibers reduce the cost of the sheets and can make them less soft, hotter and less durable.

So always look for “100% Cotton” on the label and avoid any synthetic blends.

Quality of the Cotton

Like I mentioned before, the best sheets are made with the highest handpicked Egyptian cotton. This will ensure the durability and quality.

Cotton with a longer “Staple Length” provides better comfort and durability compared to shorter ESL.

Single-Ply Ring Spun Yarn

The finest bed sheets are made of really fine “Single-Ply” yarn that’s been “Ring Spun”. The method of ring spinning, produces the finest and most delicate yarn.

This will make sure that you’re getting the actual benefits of a higher Thread Count and not just paying extra for a big number.

Plied vs Single-Ply Yarn

So what’s the difference between Plied and Single-Plied yarn? Other than plied yarn being less expensive, it’s also lower quality.

Companies use a method to spin multiple threads of yarn together to save time and money. This “Plied” yarn is cheaper and isn’t as soft as a single-ply yarn.
If you have a 1000TC set of sheets made from “4x Plied yarn”, this actually means they are only 250TC.

The Strength of the Percale Weave

The durability of your bed sheets will depend on how strong the percale weave is. A percale weave comes in either plain or twill pattern.

The stronger the percale weave, the longer your sheets will last and the amount of pilling they produce. Pilling appears as small balls sticking out of cotton fabrics after they’ve been washed and are a sign of wear and tear.

A lot of companies use a weaker percale weave to save money. It’s known as a “Sateen weave” and consists of four threads woven together. This produces a weaker weave and goes hand and hand with “plied yarn” to produce higher TC sheets at lower prices.

Sateen is very popular for being silky smooth, extremely soft, affordable and luxurious for many. All these great benefits of sateen sheets, are short lived and you’ll have to replace them every few years.

Avoid Chemicals and Dyed Bed Sheets

Manufacturers use different types of bleaches and dyes to achieve certain shades and different color sheets. The best bed sheets use natural colors and dyes to avoid harmful chemicals that contain formaldehyde.

The type of sheets that contain the most amount of harmful chemicals are “printed sheets”. Bed sheets with printed pictures and patterns are harsh to the touch and have a chemical odor to them when you first buy them.

Difference in the Small Details

Sometimes the small details make the difference between the best bed sheets and the runner up.

For example, the fitted-sheets always have an elastic band on the corners to help hold it down to the mattress. The “small difference” is some companies will put the elastic “All Around” the sheets and not only in the corners.

Quality of the Stitching

Another small difference that sets the competition apart is the quality of the stitching.

The highest quality bed sheets will have a greater amount of seams stitched within every inch. You can expect to find between 10 to 12 seems per inch, compared with 5 to 7 seams with cheaper bed sheets and pillow cases.

Top 15 Best Cotton Bed Sheets in 2018

Picture Name Main Features Expert Rating Link
1. eLuxurySupply Highest Rating | Single-Ply Sateen Weave | Editors Choice 4.7 Stars
2. Comfy Sheets Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton | 1000 TC | Great Value 4.5 Stars
3. Bluemoon Homes 1000TC | 100% Egyptian Cotton | Italian Finish 4.5 Stars
4. AwesomeBedding Fits Deep Mattress | 600 TC 4.4 Stars
5. Boll & Branch GoTs Certified | Organic Cotton 4.4 Stars
6. Chateau Home Collection Egyptian Cotton | 800 TC 4.4 Stars
7. SGI Bedding 100% Egyptian Cotton | 1000 TC 4.4 Stars
8. Thomas Gene All-Around Elastic | 100% Egyptian Cotton 4.3 Stars
9. Royal Hotel 1000 TC | Great Value Bed Sheets 4.2 Stars
10. Threadmill Home Linen 100% Extra-Long Staple Cotton | 800 TC 4.2 Stars
11. Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton | 1000 TC 4.2 Stars
12. Thread Spread 4PC Bed Sheet Set | 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton 4.2 Stars
13. Kotton Culture 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton | Great Value 4.1 Stars
14. Superior 650 TC | 100% Egyptian Cotton | 5PC Bed Sheet Set 4.1 Stars
15. Urban Hut 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton | 4 PC Bed Sheet Set 4.1 Stars

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