Pirate Bed Sheets And Comforters

Ship Ahoy, Matey! Here’s our guide to Pirate Bed Sheets and Comforters.

Before Johnny Depp came onto the scene, no one would have thought of pirates as humorous, or cute (more so without the makeup) or as a theme for a bedroom.

Pirate bed sheets and comforters are as popular as the tale of Davy Jones’ locker.

Kids Love Pirate Bed Sheet Sets

Pirate bedding can make any scurvy dog love being in their cabin with all hands on deck. Going to bed under their pirate themed sheets will transport them on a seafaring adventure to exotics lands and take them on the search for lost treasure.

Create A Whole Pirate Theme

Start the bedroom makeover with a distressed wall treatment. Either sponge-painting the walls for the desired effect or if you are artistic, paint a mural on the wall that will be behind the bed.

Use nautical themed accessories to hang from the walls. Give the window treatment a tattered look by using a gauzy material from your fabric store and “aging” it.

If you can find an old trunk from a second hand store or from someone’s attic, use that at the foot of the bed. And a pirate’s cabin is not complete without the Jolly Roger, the pirate flag. Hang it proudly from the ceiling to make sure that all who enter beware.

With the comforter and bed sheets in the pirate theme, the room is done. Or the sheets could be used to make a fort for pirates to camp under.

Pirates, like cowboys and space rangers, have found new popularity. Your favorite pirate will enjoy being the captain of this ship. So ahoy, me hearties and weigh anchor! This will be a room to enjoy for many, many moons.