The 12 Best Baby Pillows for 2020 | Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Every parent wants to provide their newborn baby with the most comfortable sleep possible. It all starts with buying them the best baby pillow and perfect crib bedding.

Is a baby wedge pillow better than a concave one?

Should you get a memory foam baby pillow or a cotton filled one?

These are just a few of the questions parents face when looking to buy a pillow for their baby or toddler. With several different types of baby pillows to choose from, parents need help deciding on the perfect one to get.

That’s the reason our Team of Experts put together the Ultimate Guide to the Best Baby Pillows for 2020!

In our guide, you will find all the information you need for shopping online or in-stores for baby and toddler pillows. We included a list of the best selling baby pillows on Amazon in an Easy-to-Read Comparison Chart with quick links to product pages.

We also included Expert Reviews for anyone looking for more details on the products we mentioned in our guide. There you will find all their Pros and Cons along with actual photos, available sizes and color options to help narrow down your choices.

Finally, we included a section with Easy Baby Pillow Care Tips and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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The 12 Best Pillows for Babies and Toddlers

To start, we put together a Comparison Chart of the best pillows for babies and toddlers. You can compare their important features and quickly decide on the perfect one for your child.

You can also jump to our Expert Reviews for each of the baby pillows mentioned in our chart. There you will find more information and comprehensive details along with actual photos.

PhotoNameMain FeaturesLink
Organic Cotton Baby Pillow
by John N Tree
  • Best Overall!
  • 100% Natural Organic Cotton
  • Fun Animal Designs
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Check Price Photos & Review
Newborn Breathable Pillow
by WelLifes
  • Best for Newborn!
  • Organic Cotton Fabric
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Risk Free Guarantee
Check Price Photos & Review
Baby Toddler Pillow
by Celeep
  • Best for Travel!
  • 100% Soft Cotton
  • HypoAllergenic
  • Machine Washable
Check Price Photos & Review
Baby Toddler Pillow
by Sable
  • Best for Toddler!
  • Oeko-Tex Certified
  • Bio-Based Fiber
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Check Price Photos & Review
Memory Foam Baby Pillow
by Lianxin
  • Best for Strollers!
  • Ideal for Ages 0-2 Years
  • Washable Pillowcase
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
Check Price Photos & Review
Head Shaping Baby Pillow
by Hidetex
  • Best Head Shaping!
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Memory Foam
  • Plenty of Colors
Check Price Photos & Review
Baby Head Shaping Pillow
by EasyLife185
  • Best Anti-Flat Head!
  • For Ages 0-3 Years
  • 3D Groove Design
  • Premium Memory Foam
Check Price Photos & Review
Newborn Flat Head Pillow
by Bebo Beba
  • Amazon’s Choice!
  • Prevents Flat Head
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Check Price Photos & Review
Baby Head Support Pillow
by Babymoov
  • Best Head Support!
  • Baby Head Support
  • Pressure Distribution
  • Available in 2 Shapes
Check Price Photos & Review
Baby Wedge Pillow
by ModTickles
  • Best Wedge Pillow!
  • Helps Baby with GERD
  • Incline Wedge
  • Free Swaddle Blanket
Check Price Photos & Review
Memory Foam Infant Pillow
by Clevamama
  • Best Memory Foam!
  • ClevaFoam Technology
  • For Babies 0-12 Months
  • Washable Pillowcase
Check Price Photos & Review

Expert Reviews of the Best Baby Pillows for 2020

In the sections below, you will find our Expert Reviews of the Best Pillows for Babies and Toddlers. We included all the information to help you find the perfect pillow for your toddler or infant. We also included the Pros and Cons of each baby pillow to make comparing their features easier as well.

Can’t find your favorite brand? Let us know in the comment section below. We are always updating our Charts and Reviews with new products and information.

1. John N Tree “Best Overall Baby Pillow”

John N Tree Organic Cotton Baby Pillow
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John N Tree Organic is an establishment based in Korea with over 10 years of experience in developing and manufacturing. This business exports newborn, baby, and children’s products all around the world.

Just recently they have expanded to produce organic cotton baby dolls, bedding, adult items and more. They believe that communities are sustained when maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Their main focus is to develop products that are eco friendly. The emphasis is placed on individuals’ health where they strive to eliminate toxic and damaging chemicals in the product and throughout the process.

All of their products are certified organic and follow strict fair trade guidelines. All the local organizations that donate their time and supplies are treated with respect and safety. They also donate money to environmental and societal causes.

The John N Tree baby protective pillow is shaped like a cloud lamb. Sold in 34 different colors, this pillow is made of organic breathable cottons without any harmful dyes or bleaches.

The design is comfortable and functional for a soft newborn baby’s head. This pillow prevents flat head syndrome with double sided cotton giving the head enough support.

This pillow is recommended to be hand washed and air dried. The pillow is very gentle and should not be treated roughly or with too much heat.

Rated Amazon’s choice for baby pillows, John N Tree also believes that you will love this pillow too. If you are not satisfied, they offer a full refund.

  • Organic soft cotton material without dyes
  • Available in many colors
  • Double layers of cotton for extra support
  • Cannot be treated or washed too roughly

2. Baby Pillow for Newborn by WelLifes

Newborn Pillow by WelLifes
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WelLifes specializes in baby products for all ages. This baby pillow is designed for newborns with a 3D air mesh net to allow for better airflow. This fabric also provides as a defense against the common occurrence of flat head syndrome.

This product comes in 15 different colors. The floral patterns mixed with baby deer make for a beautiful addition to any nursery or to be carried out and around in public.

The notable 3D air mesh is this pillows defining feature. This keeps cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. The baby’s head will be kept at a comfortable temperature no matter the season.

The pillow is filled with hypoallergenic 3D air mesh stuffing and bonded with sponge to reinforce the sides and create cushioning.

This pillow is made with 100% organic cotton with organic international certifications from the Global Textile Standard and the OE100 organic farming certification. It measures approximately 13×9 inches.

WelLife has provided comfortable support to parents and children, changing the way parenting is done. They believe in empowering, supporting, and caring for both mothers and children around the world.

WelLife wants to ensure that you are getting the best value possible. Their team will respond to any questions or concerns with their products and will give a 100% money back refund.

  • Provides 360 degree comfort and support to the baby’s head
  • Made with 3D Air mesh
  • Hypoallergenic and good for all skin types
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • The neck area on the pillow can be too high for some surfaces

3. Celeep Baby Toddler Pillow

Baby Toddler Pillow by Celeep
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Celeep is a baby product line by Equinox Int and fulfilled by Amazon. Rated Amazon’s choice for travel pillows for kids, this baby pillow is versatile, going from the bedroom to on long car trips.

The Celeep pillow is perfect for babies and toddlers. It’s ultra-soft with a 100% soft cotton cover and a 7D hollow siliconized microfiber filling. This pillow provides premium comfort and meets the baby’s needs. There is a nice amount of fluff for the baby to sleep peacefully, preventing any possible neck or head problems.

This product is also recommended by chiropractors all around. The Celeep Baby Pillow contains the best amount of stuffing to cradle the head and neck. The vertebrae will remain stabilized and intact. Flat head syndrome occurs when a baby’s head is rested on a flat surface for too long. This product has enough cushion to prevent those terrifying moments from happening.

These pillows come in a set of 2. The sizing is 13×18 inches, allowing for a range of babies and small children to use it. They are mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant, in addition to being 100% hypoallergenic.

Taking care of these pillows is a breeze with machine washable capabilities. Once stained or dirtied, simply place them in the washer with cold water and tumble dry on low or air dry.

Celeep pillows are covered with a 30 day satisfaction or money back guaranteed. Avoid overpaying with this set of 2 and try this pillow set for free.

  • Set of 2 pillows
  • Chiropractor approved
  • Dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant
  • Microfiber soft filling
  • Pillowcase is thin

4. Sable Baby Toddler Pillow

Sable Organic Pillow for Babies and Toddlers
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Sable is a mattress and pillow company, aiming to provide the best support and comfort. Their visionary mission is to introduce new levels of soft and smooth.

They want to pamper their customers with premium quality home essentials at an affordable price and a relaxing customer service experience. Starting from the minute the product is ordered, this product will last forever with their lifetime guarantee.

From richly textured blankets, to supportive yet silky soft pillows, to deeply relaxing massaging devices – they provide everything you need to achieve the most comfortable and warm ambiance for the home.

Sable is rated Amazon’s choice for pillows for babies with its breathable natural fibers keeping warmth in to prevent colds. In the case of night sweats, this pillow dries quickly.

This pillow is made up of 100% organic cotton class 1 certified. The fibers inside retain their shape and texture after countless sleeps. There is a double layer of cotton padding to offer comfort and support to the young one’s head.

This pillow stays as good as new, even after multiple washes. It is lightweight and water resistant, perfect for at home or on the go. Sable backs up their product by offering a lifetime guarantee.

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to take care of with machine washing
  • Fibers maintain their shape and texture for ultimate comfort
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Could use a little more filling and firmness for support

5. Malomme Infant Pillow

Infant Head Shaping Pillow by Malomme
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Malomme pillows is a line of sleeping comfort from DayDayShop and fulfilled by Amazon. This pillow is fresh and fun for babies of all genders with 3 different colors: blue, pink, and gender neutral gray.

This pillow has a velvet surface which is smooth and gentle to baby soft skin. There is air mesh construction at the back with cooling effects to draw the heat away and prevent moisture from gathering around the child’s head.

The cushioning is perfect for any baby, with a firm yet bouncy filling. The infant’s head will be aligned with its spine to prevent any harmful or uncomfortable angles. This pillow has a compact shape that makes it optimum for travel and carrying around.

Not only can it be used in the house, but also in the crib, stroller, bassinet, or car. The stars are a fun and simple pattern, sure to delight any expecting mother for a baby shower gift. This is also 100% machine washable and dryer safe.

The shape and firmness remains intact after a few good washes. The Malomme baby pillow is 100% risk free and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The Malomme customer service team will respond and do their best to meet your requests.

  • Best for traveling
  • Fits in a bassinet, bag, or stroller
  • Concave Center
  • Velvet smooth and supportive
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • More expensive than other baby pillows

6. Baby Pillow Memory Foam by Lianxnin

Memory Foam Baby Pillow by Lianxin
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Lianxnin is a very basic memory foam pillow designed to give your baby the comfort and support it needs as it develops and grows. This company has been recommended by chiropractors as the ideal sized pillow for small kids ages 0 to 2 years old.

This product is 17.71 x 10.43 inches long. It is also usable for bed swinging stroller crib cradles. The pillow case is made of organic high quality cotton and a sturdy memory foam cushion. It must be noted that memory foam should avoid getting wet. The pillowcase is to be removed and washed separately. The outside liner is removable, with a hand stitched zipper preventing the baby from getting scratched.

The Lianxnin memory foam pillows are designed to help baby’s head development. Newborns have soft skulls as their posterior cerebral ventricle is not fully closed.

Any sleep longer than 16 hours leads to head deformity and could remain visible in the future and should be avoided.

The M shaped baby pillow surface design makes the neck curvature more stable. The baby’s shoulders and neck will develop healthily during sleep.

As a 3D slow rebound pillow, the baby will be able to find a natural and comfortable sleeping position. The memory foam is porous and allows for breathability.

  • Breathable memory foam
  • Hand stitched zipper will not scratch the baby
  • Soft yet firm
  • M shaped pillow surface protects the neck and allows the shoulders to relax
  • Different firmness across the pillow

7. Hidetex Baby Pillow

Head Shaping Baby Pillow by Hidetex
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Hidetex is one company specializing in baby products where high quality is the culture of their company. Their baby pillow, designed for a newborn baby is made of soft memory foam with head and neck support.

People love the adorable bear shape for newborns with its head shaping capabilities and 360 support. No matter what sleeping position the baby is in, its head will remain stabilized and centered.

This pillow is available in three different color options. With both female, male, and gender neutral colors, Hidetex offers it in pink, blue, and yellow.

This pillow provides relief for babies with sensitive skin whose heads are easily irritated at certain pressure points. It is very practical and can be used when rocking the baby to sleep or just in its bassinet.

Children’s products do get dirty easily and need to be cleaned more frequently than others. Hidetex advises that it is cleaned once every 3 days.

It is also proven to reduce hair loss as the soft material reduces friction as the baby tosses its head around. This pillow is also noted to prevent flat heads, not fix them.

  • Adorable kid friendly design
  • 360 supportive headrest and support
  • High quality materials to keep the baby’s spine in the correct alignment
  • Excellent pressure distribution and body adaptation
  • Prevents flat heads but does not fix them

8. Infant Head Shaping Pillow by EasyLife185

EasyLife185 Baby Pillow
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EasyLife185 makes the most adorable pillows for toddlers with a fun design; you can choose between fish or deer. This pillow has little fish, stars, and small ocean plants all over it. Little kids are sure to love pointing at the different colors.

This product is made of 100% organic cotton and feather fiber filler. It makes the best toddler first pillow and measures at 13×18 inches. There is about 6 ounces of feather fiber filling to provide the proper neck alignment for kids ages 2-5 years old.

This pillow has a natural height of approximately 6 inches and will compress down a few inches when slept on. It’s 100% hypoallergenic and machine washable with a removable pillow cover.

This pillow isn’t just for toddler beds, its supportive and lightweight design makes it great as a comforting reminder of home when on the go. Pillows or anything stuffed always give children a sense of security. They feel better in a safe environment and in turn, have a better sleep.

EasyLife provides a 100% money back guarantee on this product for 30 days after its received.

  • Toddler friendly designs
  • Feather fibers provide for good support
  • Travel friendly for a sense of security and comfort
  • Makes a great gift
  • Sleep quality was just as good as any other pillow

9. Bebo Beba Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Bebo Beba Flat Head Pillow
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Bebo beba believes that there is nothing better than the sight of a baby smiling. Hearing a burst of laughter coming from a little one makes any previous stress fall away.

Bebo Beba is driven to make happy babies from creating products that help them grow to be healthy. It all started with a hygienic battery operated nose cleaner. Parents loved it so much that they knew they couldn’t stop there.

From there came a more expansive product line aligned with their mission of relief, comfort, and happiness. Every single Bebo Beba product is rigorously tested for safety. They even kid-test all of their products to make sure they bring a smile to each little face.

Made with premium materials, the Bebo Beba pillow is made with memory foam that’s covered with 100% soft, organic and breathable cotton. It comes in 2 colors: light gray and white for a gender neutral look.

The Bebo Beba pillow is the solution to prevent flat head syndrome. Approved by pediatricians, this product is designed to distribute the pressure evenly over the skull while the baby lies in their back to help the baby develop the proper head shape.

This pillow is portable and easy to use in a wide variety of places from the crib to the bed, to the car seat, or stroller. The inside of made of soft and gentle memory foam perfect for babies from age 0+.

  • Pediatrician recommended
  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Soft and gentle memory foam
  • Easy to transport
  • Perfect for a baby shower gift
  • Too small for some heads
  • Babies have moved off it when they sleep

10. Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support

Baby Head Shaping Pillow by Babymoov
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BabyMoov creates a whole new world in the line of baby products driven by parental input. Formed in 1988, Babymoov creates products to simplify and enhance the lives of parents.

This company seeks to provide reliable and well-designed products that stay up to date with evolving modern technologies. Run by dads, staying close to parents has been a top priority. Knowing what the audience wants is key to any business success.

Trust is the must have factor in baby equipment. Babymoov offers lifetime warranty on all its products and free returns.

The Babymoov lovenest baby head supporter is a heart shaped cocoon that surrounds and supports the head. Designed to prevent postural abnormality, the patented design distributes the pressure evenly over the skull while letting babies move their heads around freely.

This pillow comes in 2 styles: the love nest and the love nest plus, as well as 6 different colors. This product is recommended from birth and is able to be placed in a bassinet, swing, bounce, baby gym, or stroller.

The love nest is easy to clean and can be machine washed on gentle.

  • Helps with shaping a baby’s head
  • Unique cocoon holding effect
  • Breathable and soft material
  • Available in 2 Styles
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Baby’s head can roll off the pillow

11. ModTickles Baby Wedge Sleep Positioner

Baby Wedge Pillow by ModTickles
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At ModTickles, they celebrate every baby. This company strives to provide the absolute best products for your baby, with safety as their top priority so that precious moments can be enjoyed while remaining stress-free.

They help parents enhance their bonding experience by providing high quality products designed with modern aesthetic designs to fit into any lifestyle. Their contemporary designs are of supreme quality, with smart innovations to keep your baby safe, stylish, cozy and happy.

The key to ModTickles success is the commitment to their customers. They offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and expect customers to hold them to the highest level of standards.

The Bassinet Wedge is made of supreme quality and responsibly sourced products. Amazon has ranked it the #1 Best Seller in Cradle Bedding. The wedge is designed to prevent babies with colic, gerd, and acid reflex.

Other baby sleep positioners can have the baby sliding off it, but this product has the proper incline and suitable length to prevent this simple mistake from happening.

The non-suffocation foam is protected by a 100% cotton baby swaddle. Everything is machine washable and the inner pillow is waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

  • Hypoallergenic and easy to clean pillow cover
  • Comes with soft baby swaddle blanket
  • Correct incline and proper width
  • High density memory foam that bounces back immediately
  • Smaller babies may slide down the pillow

12. ClevaMama “Best for Breastfeeding”

Baby Memory Foam Pillow by Clevamamma
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Nothing is better than baby products made by mothers themselves. Sleepless nights, teething troubles, and stress were all too common for working moms Suzanne Browne and Martina Craine.

The two sisters set up their company ClevaMama in 2003. At the time, they had three babies under the age of 2 between them, quickly identifying the needs of parents while raising a child.

ClevaMama became a place to create items that would make the work smarter and less harder. Winning awards for products best for breastfeeding, potty training, and sleep. ClevaMama has risen steadily to the top of the baby care industry and continues to shape the way for working moms and dads around the world.

Their moral principles which they call 3PW stands for: Pride, Pioneering, Professional and Wow! To be purposeful in what they’re doing while making a brand that is honest and pure is the goal of Clevamama.

The ClevaMama foam baby pillow is scientifically proven to prevent flat head syndrome with an easy to clean foam insert. The removable machine washable cover around the foam makes for a simple product to use and care for.

This foam pillow is lower in height to prevent any extreme elevation to the baby’s head and strain of the neck. The material is breathable, hypoallergenic, and draws away moisture from the baby.

This pillow is 15×9 inches and is recommended from ages 0 to 12 months. Its suitable for the crib, cot, and cot beds.

  • Removable Pillowcase Memory Foam Insert
  • Low height to prevent straining the neck
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Absorbs moisture from the baby’s head
  • Not as soft as other pillows

Ultimate Guide to Baby Pillows

Normally, it is not recommended to use pillows for your baby until their shoulders grow to be wider than their heads. Typically, babies will have trouble changing positions on their own if they end up face down in the middle of the night and therefore they run the risk of suffocation. However, in some cases, it is actually essential to use a pillow in preventing those same suffocation problems.

Every child is different in the way that they sleep, and staying in one position when they do can lead to issues in the way that their heads develop and grow. It’s common for babies who spend too much time lying in their crib in the same position to develop a flat head. It can cause some issues with going back to sleep, so a pillow might be the right option.

The flatness of the head with babies who have this issue can make head movement in the 180 degree rang difficult while lying on a flat surface like a bed. Without the proper pillow, the difficulty that your baby may have moving their head from side to side can cause breathing issues during the night. This can be really dangerous and can result in a lack of sufficient oxygen to the brain, so definitely try to prop that head up a bit!

Other than the need for more movement, the other factor with the flat head issue is the distribution of pressure. The concentrated distribution of pressure is how they developed the flat head in the first place, so try to look for a pillow that will support redistributing it. The softness and material will factor into this a lot, so keep that in mind but the shape of the pillow can be just as important!

Everyone knows that those first crucial years in a baby’s life require a lot of sleep because it results in a lot of healthy growth. If your child has any issues sleeping or developing, finding the right pillow could be the answer to your problems. Don’t wait, take the leap and see if you notice a difference in how they get through the night with their new pillow!

Baby Pillow Overall Benefits

Other than the sleep position, there are other factors with your child’s body that can help you pick out the right pillow. Body heat and allergies are two of the most prominent that require very close attention to the materials that are being put into the pillow that you choose.

Provides Comfort: A correctly sized pillow will help your baby rest easy and ensure comfort during the night.

Improves Posture: Pillows also help people keep their spine in a good posture, which is good for a baby or child to have.

Relaxes and Re-energizes: A well-made, comfortable baby pillow will help your baby get a good nights sleep from when they’ve had a stressful day or are suffering from physical exhaustion.

Types of Baby Pillows

Outside of your child’s specific needs, there are factors in pillow manufacturing overall that can contribute to your child’s needs. There are sizes and shapes to infant and toddler pillows that you should be aware of during the various stages of their lives.

Flat Head Prevention Pillows: Yes, these are real! Remember that flat-head issue we mentioned earlier? These pillows look like they have a donut in the center to provide the shape to your baby’s head that they need to reverse the flattening that began.

Head-Shaping Pillows: This is a pillow that looks like a rounded wedge pillow and is often made from memory foam. The shape of the pillow allows for the head to develop with a more natural shape if your baby runs that risk. This pillow simply provides the range of motion and room to move that the baby needs to prevent spending too much time in one position, but without disturbing their sleep.

Large Pillows: This is the most concerning, because it can be an issue for your child throughout his or her life. Because of the difference in weight distribution and muscle strength, a pillow that is too large can cause too much strain on a baby or toddler’s neck and shoulders. Never buy an adult-sized pillow for your child, and don’t be afraid to remove some of the stuffing material to make a pillow smaller if you notice any discomfort in how your child agrees with a pillow that you purchase.

Wool Pillows: It is a very soft material so wool can be used in many pillows. It is also a material that many kids have allergies to, so you have to be careful. It can also generate and retain a lot of heat, so if your child tends to run hot then you might want to think about utilizing something different.

Cotton Pillows: Cotton is even more soft that wool and is normally a favorite for pillow stuffing. Again, some children have allergies but it is more rare than wool so just keep an eye on it. Cotton retains less heat than wool, so temperature shouldn’t be an issue but every child is different so don’t hesitate to try something different if this doesn’t work out for your toddler.

Solid Memory Foam: This is another favorite because it has a good balance of support, and memory foam can often be made with a cooling material. Try out different ones and be sure that this is the case for the one that you buy, because it could be the solution that your little one needs!

Buckwheat Filled: If you suffer from allergies, your child will likely run that risk too and this material is a big winner for those who have this problem! Buckwheat is largely hypoallergenic and it is rare to hear about a consumer having major problems with it. It is also a cooling material that hardly retains any heat at all, so it is highly recommended if your little one has the tendency to run hot at night.

Different Sleep Positions for Babies

Sleep position is the simplest factor to identify in your child’s sleeping habits. Most parents know what their child’s favorite sleeping position is and if you don’t, it simply requires a couple of midnight check-ins to figure it out.

  • Sleeping on their backs: Children who sleep on their back typically need a thin pillow at night. The position that they sleep in makes it easy to get a lot of tilt in one direction with the wrong pillow, so a thin one should prevent their head from tipping too far back or forward while they sleep. This will prevent any challenges to their airways that tilting one direction may cause them.
  • Sleeping on their stomachs: Normally, it is not recommended that children who sleep on their stomachs use a pillow because sleeping in this position already puts their spine and airways at risk. However, every child is different and yours may have trouble sleeping without one so if you must, use an extremely thin pillow that does not lift the head much at all. Pay close attention to your little one’s neck strength and movement at night to determine if a pillow will contribute to or endanger their sleep.
  • Sleeping on their sides: Kids typically have narrow shoulders, so when they sleep on their sides it creates a lot of space between their heads and their shoulders. Using a pillow that creates a decent lift in the head can level out their spine while they sleep. This sleeping position is likely to benefit the most from the use of a pillow, but be cautious of the size and material or you could be making their sleep more stressful on their spine.

Care-Tips and Advice

Yet another item in a child’s life that can be difficult to keep clean! Your child might drool or sweat a lot at night, or just be one of those kids who mysteriously gets jam on their hands while still being miles away from any open jars of jam. Regardless of their methods, kids are dirty and require a lot of washing up – even for their pillows.

Try to use pillow cases for your child’s pillow, it will make it easier to keep clean if the bulk of the filth is on the removable pillow cover. Having multiple pillow covers also buys you a little bit of time because you can switch it out with a fresh one and wait until laundry day to wash the original.

Be careful if you decide to use a washer or dryer machine with these pillows. They are small and tend to be soft to support the delicate skin of babies and toddlers, so they may be delicate to wash in a machine. Make sure to use the gentle cycle and pay close attention to the seams to make sure that the machine didn’t break any holes in the pillow’s material.

Do not go above warm heat with either washing or drying if you decide to use the machine, because it is likely to distort the material in the pillow. Try to dry it with a couple of tennis balls, which might allow the pillow to dry more evenly and will act as a fluffer while it goes through the cycle. You’ll still want to give it a good fluffing when it’s done to make sure that you retain as much of that original shape for as long as possible.

Another issue to pay attention to is the type of detergent that you are using for washing your little one’s pillow. A lot of kids have sensitive skin or develop allergies as they grow, so a detergent that is too fragrant may have chemicals that don’t agree with their bodies. Be aware of the risks and adjust your process accordingly.

Common Questions and Concerns

My baby is 18 to 24 months. What are the signs that they are ready for a pillow?

Once your baby is around one and a half years old, here are some common signs to look for that may indicate that your baby is ready for their first pillow:

  • Your child begins to ball up their covers or put a stuffed animal under their head.
  • They have restless nights due to being uncomfortable.
  • They begin to lay their head on your pillows on your bed or couch.
  • Your child cannot sleep without their head being propped up while they sleep.

If you believe your baby is ready for a pillow of their own, there are some things to keep in mind when shopping for your first baby pillow. Babies and toddlers are shaped differently than adults, so you must buy a pillow that fits their figure. If you buy an adult sized pillow or one that is too big, it could cause even more discomfort to your child and even worse, poor posture.

So where should I start when shopping for a baby pillow?

  • Know what your baby is allergic to. Avoid any pillows with said product in it.
  • Look for hypoallergenic pillows.
  • Make sure the pillow isn’t too firm or too soft. If you press down and the pillow does not regain its shape, it could potentially create a suffocation risk. However, if the pillow is too firm, it could cause discomfort.
  • Know if your baby is a side-sleeper, back-sleeper, etc. to see what kind of infant pillow you should buy.
  • Organic pillow materials are recommended.
  • Finally, you should take some time and research baby pillow reviews.

Should I use a pillow cases on a baby pillow?

Although many baby pillows are machine washable, it’s not a bad idea to have a pillowcase for your baby. Many young children are messy and pillow cases will protect the pillow even better. Here are the advantages of using a pillowcase for a baby pillow:

  • Pillowcases dry faster than the actual pillow.
  • The extra layer prevents odors to the pillow.
  • Buying a soft pillow case may help your child if they have irritation to the pillow surface.

What to do if my baby pillow is too thick?

If your baby or toddler pillow is too thick for your child, you can fix it by yourself rather than throwing it out or buying a new one.

Using small scissors, carefully undo the stitching on the side of the pillow. Then, remove small amounts of stuffing from the pillow until the desired level of thickness has been reached. Resew the pillow and have your baby test it to see if it is more comfortable.

When should I replace my babies pillow?

Pillows can usually last up to two years if taken care of properly. If you see any of the following signs in your baby pillow, it’s probably time to throw it out and buy your child a new pillow.

  • The filling is starting to clump together.
  • The pillow needs regular fluffy to have comfort and support.
  • The pillow does not return to regular size when you push down on it.

Conclusion | How to Find the Best Baby Pillow

You may be thinking that is a strange question, but there are several reasons why an infant or toddler pillow is the best solution for your little one. Children do not have the same proportions or muscle strength as adults do, so the right pillow could relieve a lot of stress on their neck and shoulders. The trick is knowing when to use one, which kind to look for and how to determine if it is effective.

There are many different types of baby or toddler pillows out there for your little one, but the most important part of the pillow search is to know how your child sleeps! The position they sleep in and the unique challenges that they face at night will be big factors in choosing the best pillow for their comfort and needs.

Whether it is the development process, the allergies that your child suffers, the ease of cleaning or any other fun tidbit that you picked up here today, just remember that your child’s needs may be different form the next one’s. You can get advice from your friends or doctor, but your little one is unique and needs something that will work for their specific set of challenges or preferences.

Finally, many infant and toddler pillows offer satisfaction guarantees, so make sure that the one you purchase provides one too. Take it home for 30 to 90 days and try it out for a while, because if it doesn’t fit your child’s needs then you can always take it back within the trial period.