Best Bedwetting Alarms for Adults & Kids

Bedwetting alarms have advanced in the passed few years to include upgraded and more modern features. This article will help you find the best bedwetting alarm for adults or children.

Bed wetting can appear at different points of our lives. Many think it only happens to young boys and girls, but it can also be a problem with adults. The most common cause for adult bed-wetting is old age or illness.

Below, you’ll find the best bed-wetting alarms available on Amazon that help keep adults and children stay dry at night.

Bedwetting Alarms for Adults

Wetting a bed can be a problem in adults due to sickness, old age and various illnesses. As an adult, this becomes more embarrassing and many don’t know what they can do to stop it from happening. A bedwetting alarm for adults can help overcome and avoid these embarrassing moments.

Many are too embarrassed to go shopping for bedwetting sheets and alarms in stores, so we turn to online shopping. And the best place to buy bedwetting products is Amazon.

You’ll find all the best bedwetting products mentioned in this article on Amazon. You can buy special “adult briefs” made to absorb moisture during the day, and the perfect bedwetting alarm to keep you dry at night.

Bedwetting Alarms for Kids

kid sleeping on Bed Wetting SheetsAll children go through a time in life when they have to transition from wearing diapers to being toilet-trained. This also means that they have to start waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom rather than sleeping through the night.

The best bedwetting alarm for kids will help them get passed this learning curve faster.

The transition is usually “over” by the time the child is six years old. However, every child is different, and results may vary by a few years. Sometimes it can be as early as four years or as late as seven years old before they’re consistently dry every night.

Don’t worry! You can use the same bedwetting alarm for boys and girls. Unless your child is fussy and likes to have specific colors, any alarm will work for a boy or a girl.

One of the downsides to this transition is the effect it has on the bedding material. The best way to take care of this is to get one of the top bedwetting alarms or mattress protector

What is a Bedwetting Alarm?

A bedwetting alarm is a sensor that alerts you when it detects moisture while your sleeping. They are used by both adults and children to wake you up at the first sign of moisture. Earlier versions would only give out an alarm (sound) to alert you and wake you up, but many newer devices can also vibrate as well.

Bedwetting alarms come in 2 different types depending on your preference.

Different Features of Bedwetting Alarms

There are a few different features of bedwetting alarms for adults and children available to choose from on Amazon. The main feature is to alert the wearer once the bed-wetting starts.

Here are the most popular features of Bedwetting Alarms:

Sensor Pad- Most bedwetting alarms have a sensor pad that is placed under the fitted sheet. They let out an alarm or vibration as soon as they sense any moisture or liquid (Bedwetting) comes in contact with them.

Briefs Underwear- These types of alarms have detectors that are attached to the underwear and the alarm is strapped to your body.

Bedwetting Alarms for Deep Sleepers- There are some alarms that provide an enhanced feature to wake you up if you’re a deep sleeper. The best ones have a louder alarm and stronger vibration.

The ultimate goal of the alarm is to make you or your child aware of their bladder and stop the flow of urine. It allows them to get to the bathroom to finish before it’s too late.

The Best Bedwetting Alarms to Protect your Mattress

Many companies offer rubber or plastic sheets that are completely waterproof and can protect the mattress from any bedwetting damage. However, bedwetting alarm sheets are less comfortable, and it would be best to use regular sheets along with them.

For example, soft cotton flannel sheets placed on top of a bedwetting sheet can make it much more comfortable for your child. The reason I suggest flannel is that flannel often cleans easier than higher thread count sheets due to its additional durability. It’s important to know how to clean bedding material in case of wetting.

Cleaning Bed Sheets Should Be Thorough After Wetting

embarrassed kid from bedwettingWhile normal laundry detergent is enough for cleaning most sheets, including Egyptian cotton bed sheets, it’s important to pretreat the bedwetting stains to make sure they are lifted out. Also, if the sheets are flannel, a more rigorous wash cycle should be used.

This is why I suggest flannel bed sheets to use, along with a bedwetting alarm, during training. Synthetic bed sheets or a duvet down comforter should be used for covers at night as well for the same reason.

How to: Periodic Deep Cleaning

After the several weeks it usually takes to train a child to wake up during the night, the sheets should be deep cleaned. They should be washed a few extra times on a rigorous cycle to make sure they are clean. They should also be treated for odors in some way.

While most stores offer simple household chemicals that can take the odors out of bedding material, there is a much more effective method available. Ozone air purifiers have been available in recent years, and a little known trick can lift all odors out of a set of sheets using only the air purifier.

The first step is to set any power settings or ozone ratings to their maximum setting. Then, wrap the purifier in the sheet you want to have cleaned. Finally, wrap the entire thing in a very thick, coarse blanket (flannel or some such thing).

Leave it on for several hours (maybe even an entire day, depending on the strength of the purifier’s filter). After that time has elapsed, set the purifier back to ordinary settings and wash the sheets one last time. The ozone purifier causes the odor causing particles to group up against the sheet, and the wash cycle then lifts them right off of it.

The Best Response is Conditioning

Ultimately, bedwetting sheets are a time consuming way to train a child to wake up in the night for the restroom.

Bed wetting alarms and other training methods are now widely available that make it much easier to make the transition. It is advisable to work on training your child immediately after purchasing bed wetting sheets, because the shorter the transition is, the more comfortable your child will be.

Alarm Sheets Can Prevent Bed-wetting

preventing bedwetting in kidsWetting the bed at night, called nocturnal enuresis, is an embarrassing problem that faces a large percentage of children at some point of their development.

Whether your child is training to go without a nighttime diaper or your older child is having difficulty making it to the bathroom at night, alarm bed sheets to prevent bed wetting can help.

Help Your Child Get Control Of Their Life With Alarm Sheets

Bedwetting alarm sheets prevent bed wetting is a tool to help your child get control of their life. No more worrying about not making it to the bathroom. Say goodbye to waking up in soaked bed sheets and blankets.

Toddlers will benefit by not having to wear bulky diapers and decreased diaper rashes. Parents will get more sleep without having to get up in the middle of the night to change their kids bed sheets and doing massive loads of laundry. Prevention is the key with the use of an alarm to wake up the child to get them to the bathroom.

Preserve Your Good Bedding By Using Alarm Sheets

You can buy several different sheet sets to make sure your child gets through the night with a fresh set. Or you can try out a sheet set with an alarm to prevent bed wetting.  This allows you to own more sheets for decorating instead of replacing urine soaked ones. Below are some great bed wetting and Alarms on Amazon with very high reviews…