Organic Cotton Flannel Sheets

People have become more conscious when shopping and tend to look for organic alternatives when possible. Buying organic food is a no brainer, since we are what we eat. But considering we spend almost 30% of our lives in our beds, organic bedding might be just as important.

What could be more relaxing than jumping into bed with the luxurious feeling of warm flannel cotton bed sheets? Having that warm, fuzzy feeling of flannel and doing something good for the environment.

Here are some of the best reasons to shop for organic cotton flannel sheets. I’ve also included direct links to the most popular organic cotton bedding on Amazon for you to consider.

Good for the Environment

Organic Cotton Flannel Sheets

If you’re doing your part to help the environment, being green has never been so comfortable. Choosing organic cotton for your bedding is a wonderful, eco-safe alternative to other fabrics.

If you think about it, we spend almost 30% of our lives in our beds, surrounded by our bed sheets. How many chemicals and pesticide are we covering ourselves and families with?

There are so many bedding choices in the marketplace, going organic is one way to bring great inspiration to your décor while keeping the environment clean.

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Organic Cotton Reduces Skin Irritation

Pesticides and herbicides aren’t used when growing organic cotton which makes organic sheets perfect for people with sensitive skin. Another reason organic cotton reduces skin irritation is the whitening agent. Hydrogen Peroxide replaces harsh chlorine and other chemicals to whiten organic cotton.

Colored organic cotton is grown on the stem in hues of browns, reddish brown, green, and yellow. Unlike dyed cotton, organic colored cotton won’t lose color over time, but they will actually deepen in color. Using organic cotton that is naturally colored keeps toxins that help adhere dyes to fabrics during manufacturing out of our water and soil.

Flannel Sheets are Always Cozy

Flannel bedding is most popular in the colder months, as the sheets are never cold when you get into bed. With the added softness of cotton, organic flannel sheets are what you should have on your bed for a comfortable night’s sleep during those long cold nights. The nap on organic cotton only gets softer with each washing. To keep bedding looking its best, it is always a good idea to rotate sheets weekly.


Buying organic has become our priority when buying foods and our bedding should be too. The best place to shop for organic bed sheets online is Amazon. Most items qualify for 2-day free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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