Bed Linen Quality is Important When Choosing Proper Bed Sheets

Nothing beats jumping into a comfortable bed after a hard day’s work for a good night’s sleep. With all the luxury bed linens options available, it is difficult to single out the best bed linens to buy for that perfect rest.

High Quality Bed Linen Care Tips

You get what you pay for in terms of quality. Don’t be misled by sky high thread counts for bed linens. They may or may not translate into beautiful long lasting bed sheeting.

The key is the quality of the cotton used for the bed linens. Fine bed sheets are made of long staple Egyptian cotton. It is durable and the bed sheets feel luxurious to the touch.

While thread count is an important indicator of the quality when it comes to bed linens, it can indeed be misleading. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch on the bed linens. The higher the thread count, the softer and lighter the bed sheets feel.

Bed sheets with a thread count of 200 to 300 will feel crisp and cool on your body compared to luxury bed linens with a 600 thread count, which will be soft and silky.

However, some discount bed sheet manufacturers will make inexpensive high thread count sheets. They do this by splitting the single-ply cotton threads that are not long staple Egyptian cotton. This will double the thread count of the luxury bed linens, but significantly reduce the quality of the bed sheets.

Within a few washings, you will have pilling and the edges will start to fray on the bed linens.

If you purchase 400TC bed sheets for $80, you are likely purchasing inferior quality bed sheets. You may be forced to buy replacement bed linens sooner than expected, because they will simply not last.

High Quality Bed Linen Care Tips

Great quality bed sheeting, if cared for properly, will last for several years.

Taking care of your luxury bed linens is very important in order to keep your bed linens feeling great for years to come.

  • Wash the luxury bed linens with plenty of water on the “delicate” cycle.
  • Use either a detergent made especially for bed linens or a detergent for delicates.
  • Luxury bed linens won’t take very long to dry, so pull them out when they’re slightly damp.
  • Making your bed while they’re still warm will result in your luxury bed linens having fewer wrinkles.

Driscoll also said that it is ideal to give your luxury bed linens a rest, by having two sets and rotating them every week.

If you like soft and silky bed sheets, I recommend sateen finish, high thread count Egyptian cotton luxury bed linens. This type of quality, will cost at least $200 and will increase in price with the increase in thread count in the luxury bed linens.

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